Weekly Bite-Sized Entertainment News #1

Like our Weekly Gaming News updates, we decided to branch out on the holidays and bring you something new in the form of a weekly update. Starting this week we will now be running Weekly Entertainment News articles that outline all the news from the week part of all your favorite movies and TV shows. Here you will be able to see what movies and TV shows are released for the week ahead as well as catching up on some of the news you might have missed in the past week. Read More

Yonder Proves Games Don't Need Combat

Every once in awhile a game comes along out of a genre that really makes us realize that a formula can easily be shaken up. Yonder is one of those titles with a pretty interesting take on the questing genre. This game went mostly unnoticed as it released near the summer months and is considered a hidden gem. The game didn’t even retail it full price when it came out. Read More

Weekly Bite-Sized Gaming News #10

Heads up we are changing the name of this column from This Week in Gaming! The new title reflects better what the column is about. Welcome to another week of gaming news. It’s a strange and hectic week in many ways and one of the quietest of the years in many other ways. First of all, there are no notable releases this week, so you can all save your pennies. Read More

EA vs Gamers

EA is a very well known company amongst the gaming community. For years EA has been the joke of many gaming fans as they are known for being one of the worst publishers out there. The company actually has some of the biggest titles in the industry and controls the sports game that is put out every year. With the exception NBA 2K being owned by Sega. So, just what has EA done this time to make the gaming community angry and who is in the right with it? Read More

How to Calibrate Your Computer Monitor

So you spent a bunch of money a new fancy monitor. You joyfully open it up and plug it in. You think it looks good… but does it? You’d be surprised. Why do you want to calibrate your monitor anyways? Most monitors sold today are not properly calibrated. They are typically calibrated a blue color which can look nicer initially as well as hides color imperfections. Over time monitors “drift”. Read More

Geeky Thanksgiving Gifts

As a Brit, I feel I’m not the best for giving gift ideas for Thanksgiving. This is a whole new concept for me, and one that we over the pond are admittedly jealous of. How much time off work do you get again? Even with my lack of Thanksgiving experience, I feel I have some impartial knowledge I can offer those wanting to spoil their loved ones on this special day. Read More

The Top 5 Sonic Games

26 years will pass you in the blink of an eye if you’re as fast as Sonic The Hedgehog. The legendary SEGA mascot was once the face of the company and became so many people’s gateway into gaming. What’s not to like about a super fast hedgehog that saves cute critters from an evil ginger? Some may say that Sonic lived slightly in the shadows of Mario and Nintendo, but for others, he surpassed the plumber at lightning speeds. Read More

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is a new brand you may have seen floating around your favorite stores lately. You’ve probably already wondered just what is an Exploding Kitten? Do they erupt into confetti when you open the package? Maybe, they make annoying exploding sounds constantly? Why are they everywhere I go now and where did these things come from? Is this product for people who love or hate cats? These are all very valid questions as Exploding Kittens is a pretty weird concept. Read More

The Top 5 Mario Games

With the recent success of Super Mario Odyssey, I thought it was a time we looked at some of the best Mario games out there. We all have our favored adventures with the said plumber, but some of his many titles stand head and shoulders above the rest. Mario is unique in video games in that his iconic status is not only legendary but also synonymous with video games. Read More

Old School Runescape’s Unexpected Rise in Popularity

Runescape is a veteran when it comes to MMOs. The 16-year-old game has always been a popular one but lately, there has been a surge in its popularity and suddenly more and more people are picking up the game. Of course, like any hit game, there has forever been a core group of players who have not stopped their adventure online, but it seems like those who have left in the past are returning in numbers, and they’re not coming alone. Read More