iOS 11 Security Feature Makes it Hard for the Police to Find User Information

The case between a user’s data security and the police’s access to their information has long been a bone of contention between the law and Apple’s privacy policies. In several stand-offs with the Justice Department, the FBI, and the local police, Apple has been forced several times to provide user information from the devices. Security features of the iOS are encrypted in a such a manner that even Apple itself cannot read them. Read More

Nintendo Reveals Tons of News

Last week was a treasure trove for use pertaining to Nintendo. We have seen several new trailers from upcoming games and lots of new information be released. We have release dates of games like Xenoblade and more information for the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon sequels. On top of that, we have even seen several announcements for new games making their way onto the switch from third-party companies. Read More

The Age of Remakes

Gaming has certainly grown in the past few years with more and more people getting into the hobby. This means that there are more games than ever being released on a weekly basis. This means that at any moment we could have a new smash hit pop up like we did with Bioshock or Mass Effect. The only problem that may slow this down, in fact, is the fact that the major companies seem to be more interested in putting out Hd Ports or Remake of older titles. Read More

Splatoon 2 Review

Splatoon is one of Nintendo’s new IPs that was launched on the Wii U. To almost everyone’s surprise it was an instant hit and really hit it off with casual and hardcore gamers alike. This is because of its unique take on the shooter genre. Instead of spraying bullets into your opponent you are using ink to color the map to victory. The game also puts a lot of its stats into being fashionable instead of customizing a gun you will be customizing your player character for a little extra edge in the arena. Read More

US Government Finally Bans Kaspersky Software after Years of Investigations

Remember the case against Kaspersky? Here’s a quick memory refresher. One of the world’s most popular cyber security software, Kaspersky was recently in hot waters when members of the US Senate believed that it helped Russian espionage in the US. The owner, Eugene Kaspersky’s connection with the Russian government further aggravated these concerns. Back in July, the Senate strongly suggested the US Defense Department and other security agencies refrain from using the software. Read More

How to Stay Safe from Phishing Emails

Ever received a weird lucky draw email from some random company? Or ever read a, ‘Thankyou for signing up,’ email from PayPal but you didn’t sign up for PayPal? That’s called phishing. Although it’s 2017 and we’d like to believe that our anti-viruses or anti-malware systems are pretty efficient, that’s hardly the case. This year alone saw some of the worst malware attacks crumbling global organizations and causing billions in damage. Read More

Humble Bundle Savings For a Cause

You might have noticed that the newest Trend in gaming is mostly PC related. Many gamers who were once console only fans have Incorporated high-powered laptops and desktop computers into their setup. This means platforms like Steam and GOG have seen a huge jump in sales. Many of these new consumers have hopped aboard things like the seasonal Steam sales that offer huge discounts on games during portions of the year. Read More

Why I Still Love Pokemon Go

When Pokemon Go released it was literally everywhere. I couldn’t go to the grocery store, get gas in my car, hell, I couldn’t even be on any social media for 5 minutes without being bombarded with videos. I’ll admit that I was one of the first people downloading it too, not gonna lie. My whole family plays, including extended family, and the majority of us take trips several times a week to hit raids, gyms and just travel around to hit different Pokestops and goof off. Read More

Uber Under Investigation by the FBI for Spying on Lyft

Looks like Uber is making headlines once more with its sensational controversies. The latest controversy to hit bulletins is the company’s use of programs to track Lyft’s customers and potential drivers. Uber built a software program called, ‘Hell,’ that was used to track the activities of Lyft, their one and only major competitor in the ride-hailing industry. Unlike the 19th and 20th century, where competition was less and monopoly of a giant company dictated market terms, the 21st century is different. Read More

Looking Back At Video Game Rentals

I saw a thread on Reddit the other day that was talking about the Nostalgia of walking into a store and renting a video game. This really made me think about the whole Rental process and if stores like this are really as out of date as we think they are. I really wanted to take a look at how old rental store where ran and the benefits they gave us as a society. Read More