Nintendo Announces They Want Adult Content on The Switch

In a surprising announcement, Nintendo has reportedly announced they want more adult geared content on the Switch. This completely has taken many in the industry by surprise as the company has always pushed the family-friendly agenda. Nintendo themselves have barely made any games over the rating of E. Even with some of the darker themes in their games, they still make it so a child can interrupt the world’s more playful light. Read More

5 Games That Will Test Your PC’s Specifications

Games are looking better than ever today, but with that high graphical quality comes high demand from your machine. Any PC gamer will know the cost of putting together a high spec rig is vast and that every couple of years, you’ll probably need to spend a fair bit of money to keep up with the latest and greatest. For those of you lucky enough to have a high spec gaming rig, you might find you can pretty much run any game you like in ultra quality. Read More

Geeky Movies I’m Looking Forward to in 2018

2018 looks like it could be the year of nerdy movies and I’m already looking forward to a number of them. We’ve had some great geek flicks this year and as a huge Spider-Man fan, it’s going to take a lot to pip 2017. I’m both a lover and hater of trailers. I find that trailers today either spoil a vast majority of the story or they overhype something too ridiculous levels. Read More

Use Apps to Try out Tattoos Before You Commit

Apps are some of the most useful features a smartphone can have. They can do pretty much everything for us including virtual decoration. This can help us determine what type of furniture I a good or bad fit in our home. It seems though that some app inventors have to take a note from the interior decorators. We now have gotten to the age where apps can help you try on tattoos. Read More

5 Games Under $5

We could all use a little extra cash from time to time. Saving money is important as we never quite know what lies around the financial corner. With that said, we could all use a little fun in our life as well. Sometimes on a Friday evening, I love nothing more than to dive into a new video game. That’s great and all, but who can afford to spend $50 or so on a brand new game every weekend, I hear you ask. Read More

5 of The Best Video Game Soundtracks

Just like the movies, Video games have a long history of creating undeniably catchy theme tunes that have you annoying your coworkers by humming all day. Whether it was last nights late gaming session or just something you heard on YouTube, some themes you just can’t get out of your head. But what are the best themes tunes in video games? And what makes one so catchy? Read More

What You Need to Know About the KRACK Attack

A few days ago, security experts were shaken with a flaw in the security protocol of Wi-Fi devices which included everything from mobile phones to kitchen appliances that work on an IoT framework. For the uninitiated, KRACK stands for Key Reinstallation Attack and is a flaw that exposes the vulnerability of WPA2, a security protocol used in wireless networks. Hackers could use this flaw to decrypt network traffic and hijack connections or inject malware into the network stream. Read More

Why You Should Play Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

Harvest Moon is one of the most long-standing simulation franchises in gaming. The series has seen several popular entries released across the years and even some spin offs. The thing about this series is that it has an extremely addictive formula made out of a simple idea of running a farm. While we haven’t had any home console releases for the series in a few years Sony has decided to put two of the games on the PlayStation Store. Read More

South Park The Fractured But Whole Review

South Park The Fractured But Whole is Ubisoft’s second game set in the quiet mountain town and the result is possibly one of the funniest RPGs ever. This time we are swapping the fantasy Lord of the Rings style setting in favor of a Superhero one. What’s presented is a parody-filled adventure; with plenty of gags taking obvious swings at the Hollywood’s oversaturation of the Superhero movie market. Read More

The Best Games to Play with Your Partner

What happens when you don't let her win at Mario Kart. Whether you and your partner are just looking for a date night in or your other half doesn’t quite get video games, there’s something that everyone can enjoy in gaming. There seems to be a stigma and fantasy around so-called ‘gamer girls’. My girlfriend isn’t a video gamer by any means. She enjoys the occasion Sims session now and then, but by and large, she is not an avid video gamer. Read More