5 Great Podcasts to Listen to at Work

We all have those stressful and sometimes busy days in the office where all we want to do is put our headphones on, drown out the office rabble and get down to business. I find one of the best ways to do that is by listening to a Podcast.

Thankfully, podcasts are on the ascendency and there are now more quality podcasts than ever. There truly is something for everyone when you’re looking to take a break from listening to music. If you’re a fan of comedy, no problem, you have plenty to choose from. Want your true crime fix? Step right up; there are lots on offer.

2017 have you almost spoilt for choice for podcast’s and if you’re not sure what to listen to on your commute or in the office, don’t sweat, we at Beepwee have you covered. I’m something of a podcast connoisseur, so I thought id put together a list of 5 Great Podcast to Listen to at Work. I say ‘at work’, but really you can listen to these wherever you like.

Get out your headphones and check out these Great Podcasts to Listen to at Work:

My Dad Wrote A Porno

If there is any podcast on this list that is oh so very slightly not suitable for work, it’s My Dad Wrote A Porno, so maybe turn down the volume. As the name suggests, this is a podcast about a rather dreadful, but hilarious attempt at an erotic novel written by Jamie Morton’s father who goes by the pen name Rocky Flintstone.

There’s no other way to describe this podcast than truly hilarious. The writing is so bad and cringey that it’s actually become funny, but that’s part of the charm. Jamie Morton and his two friends read through his father’s novel titled “Belinda Blinked” and take you on a journey full of howling laugh out loud moments.

Follow the story of Belinda herself, a pots and pans sales representative as she embarks on a hilarious tale that will have you in stitches for sure. I listened to this podcast both to work and on long car journeys with my girlfriend and it had us both gasping for air.

The My Dad Wrote a Porno podcast is available on iTunes with a catalog of 83 episodes.


So you might have already heard of Serial, but there’s a good reason for that. This is the podcast that actually got me into podcasts.  Serial showcases how to be an investigative journalist in the finest way. Present by Sarah Koenig, the first season investigates the possible wrongful conviction of a murder in 2000. The second season focuses on a US soldier’s desertion from this post in Afghanistan and subsequent capture by Taliban forces.

If you’ve seen documentary series like Making a Murderer, then this one’s for you. Serial unravels a story in your ears and leaves you shocked and wanting to know more. It will have you frantically googling after each season, leaving a lasting impression on you.

The Serial podcast is available on iTunes with a catalog of 28 episodes. This podcast has had over 100 million downloads, so jump on the bandwagon and see why it’s become so popular. It’s never too late to start.


S-Town, like Serial, is a podcast series from the This American Life team. Hosted by Brian Reed S-Town follows the story of a man named John, who really hates where he lives in Alabama. The S in S-Town standing for Shit tells you everything you need to know.

Unfortunately, you can’t talk about S-Town too much without giving away some heavy spoilers. So I’ll need to keep this brief and spoiler free. After exchanging a bunch of emails, John asks Brian to investigate a man who’s been bragging to the town how he got away with murder.

The series explores themes like mental health and how two people from completely different lives can form a meaningful friendship, even after a short period. S-Town has both sad and funny moments, but ultimately what unfolds it’s a thriller like a story that’s hard to predict.

The S-Town podcast is available on iTunes with a catalog of 7 episodes.

The Nerdist Podcast

The Nerdist Podcast is a light-hearted and often funny podcast created and hosted by Chris Hardwick. Hardwick invites many celebrities and other guests onto his show for a conversation. That’s what I like about this podcast and why I feel the model is so much more fluid than your typical talk show.

What Chris Hardwick manages to do is to put the celebrities or guest at ease. The result is a genuine human conversation where many themes are explored as opposed to your normal press tour from an actor promoting his or her new movie.

The Nerdist Podcast often lets you see another side to celebrities you hadn’t seen and with over 100 episode, you’re bound to find your favorite faces in there somewhere. Guests in the past have included Wil Wheaton to Daniel Radcliffe. The Nerdist Podcast is a relaxing podcast that doesn’t require your utmost attention and is perfect for work.

The Nerdist Podcast is available on iTunes with a catalog of 300 episodes!

They Walk Among Us

The last podcast on our list features a series of true crime stories that can be quite shocking at times. Pretend by husband and wife team Benjamin and Rosie They Walk Among Us explores true British Crime stories that are infamous and horrific. This podcast focuses on the forensic evidence found and paints the perfect picture of how the case was solved.

As a fairly new podcast, They Walk Among Us is one of the breakout stars of 2017 and its listener base is forever growing. Some of the crimes told are shocking and some of them are very unusual, such as the case of John Darwin, who faked his own death.

They Walk Among Us lays out the facts in front of you and presents both modern and historic cases. Benjamin’s mysterious narrating voice only adds to the tension in some of the cases, but don’t be fooled by that, these are still sinister stories that often unfold in a surreal way.

They Walk Among Us is available on iTunes and currently has a catalog of 19 episodes for you to indulge in.

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