BTS the New Sensation

BTS Award Show, By AJEONG_JM, via Wikimedia Commons
BTS Award Show, By AJEONG_JM, via Wikimedia Commons

If you like catchy music combined with stylish clothes then we just might have your new favorite band. BTS is the new boy band on the scene who has become a growing internet sensation. This means if you have a girlfriend in your life you may have already heard some about these cute Korean boys that can sing likes angels. If you aren’t into cute Korean boy though then you may be passing up some pretty sweet music. Who knows, we may even convince you to go out and buy all their Cd’s by the end of this article. Let’s get you caught up on the newest craze in music!

Those Boys Can Dance

The number one thing to know about this group is that their choreography is simply amazing. In most of their songs, every member of the band is completely on point when dancing. Even if you can’t get into the music the sheer work they put into syncing their dance moves is extremely impressive. The band all come from different parts of the art world meaning that before they got famous they had interests in dance and song. This helps further them in their now professional career.

The music in the videos combines pop with R&B and rap for an addictive sing along. The band also uses a lot of English words in their song making it easier for a wider array of people to join in the fun. The band has even made Japanese versions of their popular songs to further their reach. The boy band is more than setting itself up to become an international phenomenon and it looks like it’s going to be a fun ride for both them and their dedicated fan base.

The best part of all of this is that they do all of this while keeping their clothes on. There are very few pictures of the band shirtless making it a lot easier for guys to watch along too. The band is very tasteful with their image and it’s great. They use pure talent instead of just looks like a lot of the more recent pop stars do. This is a great relief to anybody who gets tired of oversexualized stars trying to grab attention any way they can.

Korean Style

The band is very big into Korean fashion meaning all their appearances in public have them wearing fashion-forward outfits. At times their fashion can even be part of the show they put on. The band always looks clean cut and youthful despite their actual ages. Korea has a huge obsession with looking young and BTS helps put forth this idea in their band. Even their hair is completely perfect, so perfect in fact that many female fans ask them for tips on how to keep theirs that way.

If that doesn’t appear to people enough these guys make some adorable love songs. You just can’t have a band of cute boys without talking about romance, can you? That being said the lyrics of the song are all pretty tasteful when you translate them and even I can get behind the meaning of most of the songs. The lyrics may not be the deepest thing ever, but they are better than a lot of the normal pop songs we hear on the radio every day.

Moving on, their music videos are all extremely interesting to watch. Each one is different from the last and the dance in them is always very fresh. This makes the band fun to watch even if you aren’t a fan. In my favorite video, they have a lot of gothic scenes and the video follows the story of what seems to be a fallen angel. The camera work is also quite good and sure to make cinematography fans appreciate the videos.

Lastly, the band’s merchandise is going to be a little bit expensive to buy in the states. This is because it costs quite a bit to import things from Korea. Your best plan of action is to buy their music digitally off of Amazon. The only place you can usually check out the merchandise in person is anime cons sadly. Most fans that aren’t generally into Manga or Anime tend to just buy everything digitally and pay the extra bit for shipping on shirts.

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