Comic Series for Newcomers

If you’ve ever walked into a comic book sure not looking for something specific you can be forgiven for feeling a little intimidated by the sheer amount of books on offer. The same can be said for someone looking to get into reading comics for the first time.

 There are tons of comic series out there, all very different from one another and some aimed at a specific niche. But how do you know which comic is right for you if you’ve never read one? I’m glad you asked.

 I’ve compiled a list of 5 comic series I think are great for newcomers. Whether you’re just looking to get your superhero fix until the next Marvel movie is launched, or you’re looking for a new and interesting journey to go on – I’ve got you covered.

 One of the best things about comic books is that it’s not all just heroes and villains. There really is something for everyone in the vast and diverse world of comic books. Let’s have a look the best comic series for newcomers.



At its core Saga is a story about families and doing everything you can to protect the one you love. On the outside, it’s so much more than that.

 Saga is a Fantasy/Space Opera comic book set in a strange but intriguing world that fascinates you from page to page. As a forewarning, this is not a comic book for children. Filled with swear words, graphic and sexual scenes, it really is one of the most gritty and real pieces of art I’ve ever read.

 I’ve never read something that contains robot people with TVs for heads, or ghostly teenage girls with half their body missing that made feel so much. It takes a great writer and a great artist to make some people overlook that kind of stuff.

 The series is still ongoing and is not currently finished, so there is no better time than now to get involved and see for yourself why this comic book has become so popular. If I could recommend any series above the rest on this list, it would be Saga.



The comic series the recent Captain America movie was based on is one of my favorite Marvel stories ever. The movie is vastly different to the comic book, but this works in the comic’s favor.

If you’ve never read any Marvel comics before the Civil War is a great place to start. Not only does it have a large cast of superheroes in it, but there is plenty of material to get through too.

 The main storyline can be purchased in one anthology issue, but the great thing about Civil War is that there are plenty of spin-off series that follow each character or group of characters through their arch in the Civil War.

 It’s a series that explores one story from many different angles and when you finally piece together the whole puzzle, you ask yourself why they didn’t make this a movie instead of the one we got.

 You’ve probably seen heroes fighting villains a lot, but heroes fighting heroes offers you’re a different kind of emotion. One where you’re not really sure who to root for. Pick a side and see what all the fuss is about.



Rat Queens is a series for all your D&D lovers out there. It’s a series set in a fantasy world where you follow a pack of booze guzzling, death-dealing battle maidens-for-hire. Their attitude and skill do more than just charm you, it keeps you hooked from issue to issue.

 This a dark and comedic tale that will have you pick a favorite in no time, but secretly loving all of the characters on offer. When I first picked up Rat Queens I found I spent a full day reading through as much as I could, it’s that addictive.

 If you’re fond of traditional fantasy, you’ll find a lot of love for this series. The first volume aptly named Sass and Sorcery was rightfully nominated for a Hugo Award in 2015. The writing is true and brings out all kinds of emotions and the artwork is too die for.

 Rat Queens is a must read for anyone looking to join the world of comic books.



The Watchmen may not be for everyone. It’s strange and it’s very different to most pieces of art and literature. If the movie put you off ever picking this thing up, don’t let it. This graphic novel is its own entity and there’s a reason why it’s considered one of the best pieces of literature of all time.

 The story chronicles the fall from grace of a group of super-heroes plagued by all-too-human failings. It’s a tale filled with some of the most interesting characters of any superhero genre. It seems strange to say this, but the characters feel like real heroes. They’re all grey characters, with their own thoughts, emotions and ultimately, downfalls.

 Even if you’re not a fan of the comic, but just love reading books, then Watchmen will offer you nothing more than a must-read story. This is one groundbreaking series every pop culture lover should read.



DC is in the midst of trying to rival the film franchise Marvel have and if you’re wanting to join them on that journey, why not check out the source material behind it.

 With Batman Vs. Superman out of the way, Wonder Woman becoming the hit that it is and the Justice League movie right around the corner, there seems no better time than now to start reading some DC comics.

 Justice League is a series, like Marvel’s Civil War, that includes a lot of different and unique characters to read about. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to the world the folks at DC have created and perhaps find out who your favorite character is.

 The New 52 is a relaunch of the Justice League series and is a great place for newcomers to start and not feel like they are too far behind an already established series.

 This is a light read, with plenty of ups and downs that are just perfect for a chilled out Sunday read.

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