Neo Yokia Overview

Netflix is pretty good at making shows that you can binge for hours at a time. Luckily, for us, they have decided to take a deeper dive into the anime side of things in the past few years. This has spawned many great shows and an anime for the game Castlevania. Now, they have made an American anime of their own called Neo Yokia. This show, of course, has a lot of American cultures throws in, but pulls a lot of humor from its anime inspirations to make for an engaging watch. So, just how good is Netflix’s newest show?

The show is only 6 episodes making it one of the shorter seasons the streaming giant has put up. There are a lot of anime references made throughout it, so this may be best watched for someone who is a fan of anime. The main character is also voiced by Jaden Smith who does a pretty good job delivering lines throughout Neo Yokio. This series was officially put out on September 22 for subscribers to watch all the way through.

What is Neo Yokio?

Neo Yokio is based in a city that has become a major player in the world. It is a melting pot of all cultures and is heavily influenced by money, as well as, fashion. The cities only problem is that it has constantly been attacked by demons since it’s creation rendering it hard to live there until the Demon Slayers came along and started to fight back. These hunters now live a ritzy like in Neo Yokio while guarding the city against evil. Other than that there are rivalries between the West and East sides of the city. This rivalry is pretty much summoned up to old and new money themes.

These demon slayers are referred to as magicians and came around during the 19th century. At this point in time, the city is extremely futuristic. There are bubble cars to transport you from place to place and robot butlers to head your every command. Of course, the city is called the greatest city in the world several times throughout the show. You don’t really get to see too much of the city itself or explore its history as most of the show will focus on one of the magicians who is currently protecting the city.

Kaz Khan

Kaz is our protagonist that has the power to exorcise demons from the world. Kaz, however, is very much a melancholy character who is more concerned with his love life than his job. Because of this, we are first introduced to Kaz as he is mourning the end of his long-term relationship with his girlfriend Cathy. The show keeps to the tone of Kaz being an extremely unmotivated character as each episode basically shows him failing at relationships in some way or the other.

One of the big points of this show is a board in the middle of town that ranks the most eligible Bachelors in the city The people of Neo Yokio take this very seriously and your ranking can go up or down depending on your trends or current popularity stunts. It causes a lot of friction between the men in the city and is shown to be the sole reason for a lot of the competition that goes on in the show. Kaz, of course, has just reappeared on the Bachelor board due to his relationship with his girlfriend falling through, he is less than thrilled with his ranking, but becomes more of it as time goes on in the show. He also is shown to be highly concerned with his looks and social events. While it’s not said exactly how old Kaz is he is out of high school and is shown consuming alcohol in public.

A major thorn in Kaz’s side is his Aunt Agatha who constantly signs him up for exorcist work at the most inopportune times. This leads to the first job we see in the show when the city’s top fashion blogger Helena is possessed by a demon hiding in a suit she was given as a gift. Kaz reluctantly accepts the job only to find out he can’t focus enough to finish it. This causes his bachelor board ranking to drop, but he is soon inspired and figures out how to free Helena. After this exchange he asks her out, making her become one of the members of the main cast of Neo Yokio.

Helena does turn out to be completely against the city’s way of life after recovering from her attack. She constantly gets into Kaz’s way by pulling stunts to discredit the city through the series. Kaz also has two best friends Lexy and Gottlieb who give him advice and help drag him into trouble. They are high class as well but have a more street like appearance than Kaz. The other major character is Archangelo Kaz’s rival on the bachelor board who constantly finds a way to mock him. This leads to a few funny situations and helps further the later plot of the show.

Lastly, Kaz also has his robot butler Charles who is his common sense throughout most scenarios. Charles may be one of the most enjoyable parts of the show with his dry and respectful humor. Each episode features different characters that are either visiting or are a part of Neo Yokoi’s culture. This gives the fewer a really good look at Kaz’s everyday life and shows that the city is much more concerned about its social status than much else around it.

It Was Ok

The show didn’t really do anything groundbreaking with its development. Some scenes felt pretty awkward, but overall it’s a decent watch. One of my major problems with the show is the fact it’s only 6 episodes. It feels like Netflix should have expanded more on this series to create a better understanding of the world. The show itself seems to be going for a very elegant look at first, but it’s forgotten for the sake of comedy at times. This is especially shown when literally any character but Kaz or Arcangelo enter the screen. To top it off I feel like some of the jokes are lost on most viewers

The show constantly tried to make a joke out of Toblerone chocolate. I’m going to be honest and admit I didn’t even know this was a real chocolate brand or that they had giant chocolate bars. I feel like they wanted to make this a staple of the series kind of like other popular characters obsession with items like tacos. This is one of the best examples of comedy partly sticking. The show seemed to want to build itself up as a franchise but honestly didn’t have enough time to do so.

Another misses point was the comedy. I understand that Kaz’s whole character is supposed to be melancholy. At times though it kind of clashed with some of the events going on. The show also tried to push a serious point about high society being fake. This of course kind of got lost with everything else going on. It felt like the story was heavily trying to push this point at times and at other we totally forget that it’s even a thing.

At one point in the show, the ranking board gets destroyed making the whole city friendly towards each other. This is meant to be funny, but just kind of feels a little out of place. Everyone in the show literally just seems to go along with whatever and most characters aren’t even that developed. The animation in the show also tended to look cheap at times It feels like this show just wasn’t give the budget it needed to really flourish. Some scenes even looked like cheap Adult Swim shows that were made purely for the purpose of a quick laugh.

Lastly, the music in the show often times didn’t fit in. They used a lot of different tracks that didn’t fit what was going on in these scenes. This made the show a little bit harder to take in and lost the quality of some of the more serious scenes. I wish they would have just gone with an overall music theme instead of having mismatched tracks from all the genres.

Should it Have a Second Season?

I wouldn’t be opposed to giving this show a second season. It did have some pretty good tongue in cheap pokes at anime at times and the actors weren’t horrible. I hope that if this show does get a season 2 Netflix will give them a little bit more of a budget to work with. That being said the show is worth a watch if you’re bored and have some downtime. Just don’t expect it to be like one of their bigger hits or you will be in for a disappointment. The episodes are all pretty short clocking in at just 22 minutes before skipping the opening. This is something you could easily take in while winding down for the evening.

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