Once Upon a Time Series Recap

Once Upon a Time is the hit fairy tale based series that airs on ABC. The series is currently on its 7th season and is flipping its formula around for a fresher start. Up until recently OUAT didn’t have that huge of a following but has rapidly been growing in popularity since season 4. That being said if you’re new to the show or just coming in since the reset you may still want to get the basics of the returning characters. One thing to keep in mind is that Disney does have a small hand in the show meaning you will get to see a lot of your favorite characters in more adult roles then found in the movies.

The Dark Curse

The dark curse is any curse that distorts reality used in the series. The first dark curse is what kicks off the show in the beginning. The Evil Queen and Snow White are two main characters in the show. When Snow White and Prince Charming take over the kingdom from the Queen she swears vengeance on them by getting ahold of the most powerful curse ever created. This causes her and everyone in the Enchanted Forest to be brought into our world and forget who they are. This takes the majority of the first season to resolve and is the basis for a lot of the things that happen in following seasons of the show.

The story starts out with the character Emma being confronted by the child she gave up for adoption. The boy’s name is Henry and he has come to bring Henry back with him to his town of Storybrooke. Henry has found an Old Book named Once Upon a Time and believes the stories in the book are true and Emma is the savior who can break the curse on the town. Of course, Emma doesn’t believe him at first and only goes to safely take Henry back to his adopted mother. This of course quickly goes bad when Henry spends all his time and energy trying to convince Emma to stay in the town.

As it also turns out, Regina who is actually the Evil Queen adopted Henry when he was born. Due to her rather rude temperament, it causes Emma to feel like she needs to stay to watch over her son. This slowly leads to a chain of events that makes Emma feel like their just might be more to this town than meets the eye. During this saga, a good portion of the main cast is introduced in their Storybrooke forms. Each episode usually bounces between what is happening in our world and the happenings of the past in the Enchanted Forest.

The story soon introduces a woman named Mary Margaret who is Henry’s teacher. She is the one who originally gave Henry the storybook and helped him search out Emma. As it turns out she is actually Snow White and has been visiting Prince Charming every day. The only problem is that Prince Charming is an unnamed patient who has been comatose since they were transported over. Henry tells Emma that the pair is actually her parents who sent her over in order to save her from the curse. From here on out the first season is all about introducing characters and getting Emma to believe the story Henry is telling her.

Mr. Gold who is the dealer of the Dark Curse is also a prominent character in the series. He is the wealthiest resident of the town and owns a pawn shop full of goods that made their way into our world. He is secretly known as The Dark One or Rumplestilkin in the Enchanted Forest he is the only person other than Regina who knows his true identity. As one of the most powerful characters on the show, he helps Emma get a job as Sheriff in town and is the secret antagonist behind the first few seasons.

The Town Line

In the next season, we see Rumple’s backstory and why Regina was given the dark curse. As it turns out Rumple became the Dark One to help his son. His son named Baelfire rejected him, however, and came through a portal to our world. He did this due to the fact there is barely any magic is father could have used. Rumple got ahold of the curse in a grand scheme to come to our world and find his lost son. The only problem is if anyone crosses the town line then everyone’s memories will once again be erased.

Because of this Rumple make a potion to escape the town. While Rumple is dealing things out Emma and Snow white finally get reunited properly only to fall through a portal to the enchanted forest. It’s here that they meet Mulan and Aurora who help them return home. Emma learns a bit more about where she came from during this and we learn more about the current state of this realm. When she gets back, she gets roped into helping Rumple find his son and goes with him to Manhattan to locate Baelfire.

Baelfire turns out to actually be the man who got Emma pregnant. In this world, he is known as Neal and lives a less than reputable lifestyle. The two had a long-standing relationship when Emma was young that left her pregnant and in jail. Due to this the reunion between the two wasn’t exactly sweet and Rumple was shocked to find out Henry is his grandson. Once the group returns to town they find out Regina is up to her old tricks again only this time with her mother Cora. After a drawn-out battle Snow White crushes Cora’s heart effectively killing her and turning Regina against her even more.

This is when things get even more complicated. As it turns out Tamara Neal’s fiancee is actually not that great of a girl and came with him to destroy the magic in Storybrooke. She has a partner named Greg with her who helps lay down a trigger to effectively suck all the magic from the town. All of the main cast gather to stop her and Greg, as the last result they kidnap Henry to Neverland. Where Emma goes to save Henry only to have Peter Pan enact another curse on the town.

Due to this curse, Regina reverses it and causes Henry and Emma to leave town together living a peaceful life in Manhattan. After a year has passed Emma is now seeing a man named Walsh and is about to marry him. As it turns out Walsh is actually the Wizard of Oz and tries to kill Emma. Emma then regains her memories thanks to Captain Hook showing up at her door and forcing her to drink a memory potion. It’s at this point that they return to Storybrooke and find out that Zelena has taken things over.

Zelena is Regina’s sister who their mother Cora abandoned in order to marry a kind and be rich. Zelena is jealous of Regina and wants to destroy anything that brings her happiness as revenge to her sister. This includes her new found love, Robin Hood. As it turns out for the rest of the cast, they spent a year in the Enchanted Forest. During this time they somewhat resumed their roles and formed all new relationships with different characters. Rumple, on the other hand, has his son Neal trapped in their body and Belle his girlfriend is trying to help save them.

As the story goes, however, Emma has to end up killing Neal to free Rumple. This lets them have the tools they need to fight back Zelena. Zelena robbed Emma of her powers making her have to go back in time to the past Enchanted Forest. Here she finds Marian who Emma brings to the future to save her from death. This causes Regina to hate the Snow White family once again as it turns out that this is Robin’s dead wife and the two of them leave with their son to lead a normal life. Belle and Rumple also get married at the end of this season, as well as, Emma and Hook becoming an official couple.

Even Frozen

The next two seasons focus on the villains turning over a new leaf and join the good guys. This time around we found the girls from Frozen entering our world. Elsa who is looking for her sister Anna has erected a wall around the time preventing the citizens from leaving once again. As it turns out the new enemy in town is the Snow Queen. Who was at one point Emma’s adopted mother. The Snow Queen has gotten rid of Anna in order to make Emma and Elsa her new sisters.

This story focuses on Else teaching Emma how to control and use her powers. The Snow Queen also kills herself resolving the whole ark. As it turns out all her rage was connected to her not believing her sister truly loved her. The plot is best summoned up to the fact she wanted a family. Regina then decides to go on a search for the Arthur who is in control of their stories to give her a happy ending. After this, we learn that Robin is going to have a baby, but the girl Emma brought back was actually Zelena in disguise and not his long-lost wife.

At this point, we see Ursula, Cruella, and Maleficent team up to try and control the author. He is, however, not the greatest of guys and even had a relationship with Cruella. The trio is soon torn apart as they all wanted their happy endings and the main cast helped them realize those. Well, except for Cruella who was killed by Emma. This arc reveals that Emma’s childhood best friend was Maleficent’s stolen child. After the two are reunited they go off to live a happy life together. Regina and Robin are also back together with Zelena locked up and pregnant.

Things get more complicated when Rumple tries to sacrifice Hook in order to free himself from the dagger. By doing this it means that he would gain ultimate power and be uncontrollable. This fails and Emma ends up absorbing Rumple’s darkness making her the new Dark One. To try and get around this the cast travels to Camelot by using Zelena’s wand. It’s here that a new curse is enacted and Camelot if brought back with the confused main cast to Storybrooke. It’s here that they find out Emma has fully embraced becoming the dark one.

As the story goes, Rumple has to help defeat Emma without any powers. He does this by using the sword of Camelot and becoming a hero. We learn that the reason Emma became the Dark One in the first place was to save Hook’s life who was actually killed there. Because of her losing her power Hook actually ends up dying and is taken to Hades where the cast ends up following in order to bring him back. This where Hades comes into the picture and becomes Zelena’s boyfriend.

In this stint, Hades has made an imaginary Storybrooke and the cast work to help rid him from the world. In the end, they do end up saving Hook, but Hades is also freed into their realm. It’s here that Hades kills off Robin for good and Zelena has to help kill her boyfriend. Rumple also has regained the power of the dark one by this point and is back up to meddling in things behind the scenes much to his wife’s dismay. It is also revealed that Henry is now the author and is learning about his new powers as he goes.

The End of an Era

The last season sees the show come to an end as we know it. Here Emma is said to be killed in the upcoming final battle and Belle is pregnant with Rumple’s child. The majority of this season revolves around Rumple and Belle’s son Gideon being the antagonist. As it turns out he is the final battle Emma will have to fight. This was all set up by Rumple’s mother who is the Dark Fairy and made the original curse that started the series off. Of course, the cast wins by figuring out a way to save everyone and Henry comments that the book is completed. The last scene shows a now married Hook and Emma along with the rest of the main cast eating dinner together.

The show begins airing season 7 on October 6, 2017.

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