Dangers of Stitting at Work All Day

Too much of anything can be bad for you and this include sitting for long periods of time. Sadly, most of us can’t really help this when it’s the age of office jobs. Sure, some jobs will give you cool things like standing desks, but that’s simply not that common. Most of us may not even be aware of the dangers we face by sitting at desks all day. This can cause a variety of health problems we don’t even think about with are a busy day to day lives. So, what are the reasons we should try and have a more active lifestyle with an office job?

You’re Gaining Weight

This one is probably the most obvious thing everyone who sits all day may notice. Without being that active you are gaining more weight. Your body starts burning less and fewer calories the longer you sit. This means that the normal 1,800 calorie diet may, in fact, be bad for you due to your lack of activity while doing work. This can quickly add on the pounds from the extra calories you aren’t burning. This also explains why people who never gained weight before putting on pounds after they start working full time.

Weight brings other risks with it. A person who is mostly immobile may have poor health conditions. They will quickly lose muscle in their body after a while. This will make getting back in a healthy workout habit even harder as time goes on. That muscle that was once there will turn into fat even further making the process of losing weight harder. On top of this sitting for exaggerated periods of time at a desk can lead to back problems in the future.

People who tend to sit for long periods of time will find themselves in unnatural positions. You will find that a lot of workers will slump most of the day instead of sitting up straight. Over time this will weaken the bones and muscles in your back. This can be why you feel so stiff after a long day at work. Sitting is literally deteriorating the healthy bones you have been growing your whole life and making you weaker with each passing day. Many people will just ignore the pain or take pills to get through the day. This in itself can lead to problems as painkillers aren’t meant to be a substitute for a healthy lifestyle.

Processing is Slower

Sitting is putting your body in a lower working setting. This means that your body is also not processing all of what it needs as fast. This can lead to irregular bathroom habits or make you feel like you need to take in sugary snacks to get an energy spike. Many people try to fuel themselves during their jobs and end up doing more damage to their bodies in the long term. Even more, people know that reaching for a candy bar is bad for them, but have talked themselves into needing it to get through the day.

This, in turn, can affect life outside of work as your body isn’t up to standards during nonwork times. This can lead to an increase in stress which can pretty much destroy your body and make you get sick much more often. Many people will find themselves in a cycle of trying to overcome the cycle on the weekends and then sink back into the same habits on Monday mornings. This will only increase the stress the person is feeling eventually leading to a burn out within a few months.

You may even find that you just want to go to bed once you get home. This is because your body will slowly start to become slower at all times outside of your work schedule. Working out may not even wake you up. Office jobs are some of the biggest culprits of making otherwise young adults lose their youthful spirits quickly.

How To Combat this

The best way to combat this is to be a little weird. Stand when you can at your desk and if it against the rules do things like rolling your stomach. By doing simple sitting type exercises you are telling your body that you are still active and increasing the amount of energy being used each second. Make sure to replace your candy bar stash with things like fruit for when you need a sugar spike. Fruits can give you natural sugars that are a lot more healthy than what they put in a chocolate bar.

Next, always take advantage of your lunch. Find somewhere to walk around during lunch and don’t sit down more. By being more active during your breaks you can give your body wake up calls during parts of your day. If your co-workers are cool try to get them in for some mid-day exercises with you. As for your basic food intake reduce your calories to around 1,400 to make sure you’re not overeating.

Talk to your boss about providing your own standing desk. This can be a great way for you to turn your whole office into a healthier place. Standing desks don’t always have to be expensive and most companies would jump at the chance to say they are for a healthier work environment. On top of that if an employer disagrees talk to your doctor to help get a specialize note allowing you to find a healthier alternative to sitting all day.

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