Stranger Things Season 3 Theories.

This season of Stranger Things resolved pretty nicely. There weren’t all that many loose threads hanging around and if the series needed to they could have ended on this note. A lot of people may even be wondering what could possibly be explored for season 3. I noticed quite a few things that I think are going to make their way back for the next season. While things were closed off nicely there is a lot of room left open for expanding the story. So, what could possibly be next for the not so quiet town of Hawkins for Netflix series?


You may have noticed that with the introduction of one of our newest characters there are a few things missing. Kali Has a tattoo on her that designates her as the 8th experiment from the lab.We all know that Eleven was the 11th experiment from the lab. So I think the question is going to be what happened to the numbers before Kali and even more important what happened to the numbers in between her and Eleven. So far the show isn’t one for just teasing something and letting it stay in the shadows.I think we will definitely see something about the other kids that were housed in the laboratory when these two girls were. I’m not sure if it’s going to be part of the third season or not but this is a topic that we would have to come up at some point.

Also, the fact that Kali and Eleven have totally different types of powers is pretty interesting. That could mean that the laboratory was experimenting with creating at least eleven different types of superhuman. I have a feeling that a lot of these children didn’t make it out alive, but I do feel like we’ll see something for numbers nine and ten.It does seem they stopped at Eleven as they got the abilities they wanted most out of her. While Kali’s power is really cool there’s not much that the last could have done with the ability to alter what you see. I think this also proves that the children or not being made as weapons. So you have to wonder what the purpose the of the development of the project was. Also if it was to access the upside down, how did the scientists know about it when only Eleven could access it.

Also, we now have confirmation that papa is still alive. I doubt that the girls can just let him wander around doing as he pleases. I also doubt the papa will go off and leave a peaceful life after everything he’s done. I feel like creators left him alive because he is the key to finding the other numbers and the true motivations of the lab. I feel as though the show will try to bring him back in if things start to get out of hand again. Kind of like a last-ditch effort to the upside down. Either way fans of the show will be very happy to finally see him get what he deserves. I don’t think we’ll see either of the girls kill him, but I would put my money on some creatures from the upside down having a midnight snack. That is of course after he tells us everything.

Kali is another part of the show that I think we will have to come back to.You have wonder why Eleven doesn’t really remember Kali. It seems as though the two spent quite some time together while confined. Also, I have a hard time believing that the creators will just leave her to run around with criminals forever. Sooner or later she probably will show up at Hawkins to look for her sister. I kind of get the feeling that by the end of it all that sheriff Hopper may end up adopting her as well. I don’t think the two girls will be kept apart for too much longer. I also don’t think that her whole role in the show it was just going to be the show Eleven how to use her powers. Another question we need to be answered is there any of the other kids may have known about the upside down and what was in it.

Billy the Bully

The new bully of the show was named Billy and is Max’s stepbrother. As seen in the last few episodes all is not well in the home. I feel like Max and Billy’s personal life will be touched on much more in the third season. I also I believe that Billy will stay as a horrible character for long. It is shown that he is the victim of abuse and I have a slight theory that it may be because he’s gay. The boy seems to be going to live a lifestyle in order to compensate for the pain. He also isn’t shown really interacting with the female members of the cast. On top of that, it seems like he has a fear of other males.

Likewise, I doubt that Max isn’t affected by the clearly abusive father in the household. I think the situation in their household will grow even worse in season 3. The mom already seems to be rethinking her choice with the dad. She obviously does not like the way that he treats the children and even tries to calm him down while he’s yelling at Billy. I think one of the major themes of season 3 could very well be child abuse. There’s no good way to redeem the dad at this point and I have a feeling that the mom may end up adopting both children by the end of the season. I’m also if I really see Billy staying around the show much past season 3. Unless they give him some major character development I think he will be part of the plot of season 3 and then move away for the next season.

I think we will see a lot of character development for Max. This season mostly focused on her learning about the truth behind everything surrounding will. She hasn’t even really Interacted with the group outside of Lucas and Dustin. On top of that, it is apparent that Eleven doesn’t really seem to like Max. I also I’m kind of curious if she’ll stay with Lucas or eventually move on to Dustin. I can’t say that I’ve been the biggest fan of Lucas or Dustin’s character as they seem to cause a lot of problems each season that can be easily avoided. Either way though we are going to see more of Max and hopefully, it will be an interesting story surrounding her.

Jonathan and Nancy

I don’t hate Steve, but I don’t feel like he was ever the best choice for Nancy. When Jonathan and Nancy got together this season I felt a huge sigh of relief. Steve is not the type of person to take charge and responsibility for a lot of things. Jonathan, on the other hand, is a type of guy that tries to solve every problem that pops up in front of him no matter what it is. Nancy is a very strong-willed female in the show and wanted justice for her friend. Now that she’s got it I kind of wonder where they’re going to leave the two characters.

Steve also doesn’t seem to quite be over Nancy yet. I kind of wonder what trouble this is going to cause when the 3 return to school. I also wonder how Steve is going to interact with Billy from now on out. I do like that Steve is now being put is a mentor for Dustin who obviously needs a father figure to support him. Also, if the show has a year time skip, then that will mean that Steve has graduated from high school. He said at the beginning of the season that he wanted to stick around for Nancy.I kind of wonder if this will still ring true or if it will focus more on Billy in Steve’s place.

The Main Focus

I feel like the main focus of season three will be based on the revenge of the upside down against Eleven. It has not yet been shown just how much the upside down can affect our world. Going on the fact Will could mess with lights and a monster was seen popping out of a wall it is possible the shadow monster can affect more than just that. The creature has an army under his control and is watching the kids from the other world. I kind of doubt he just wants to thank them for trapping him back in his dimension.

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