Game of Thrones S07E01: Dragonstone Recap

WARNING: There are – I repeat – ARE spoilers in this recap, so if you haven’t watched yet, I’d suggest that you read another great article here on BeepWee.

Well, I’m glad I’m not a wine drinker after this opening scene, especially if there’s a chance that Arya might be serving it. We’ve all been trying to wait for the Season 7 premiere for too long and it’s finally here! So, let’s get right into our recap of Game of Thrones: Dragonstone.

Ok, before the premiere even started, I was rocking back and forth on my couch like a crazy person! The opening scene of the episode did not let me down. What could be better than Arya Stark using her faceless powers to become Walder Frey and kill every single one of his family members. I still am laughing at this. She has every Frey ‘worth a damn’ to come to his keep and have a huge feast. In come servant girls with wine, and not just the old cow piss they normally drink, oh no, good wine. (First clue that something’s up, you know, aside from Walder being dead in the last season.) They all raise their drinks in a toast, but Walder tells his young daughter-wife that she can’t have any.

Walder continues his speech about how they were so victorious at the Red Wedding and how great the Freys are. Then as everyone is drinking, he starts to talk about how the Frey’s slaughtered pregnant women by putting a knife in her stomach, slit Kat’s throat, and so on – several crazy things they did to the Starks after inviting them to their home. Gee, suddenly, everyone starts dying. As they finally all are down, Arya takes off the mask of Walder and tells the young girl to let everyone know what she saw there today. And, she struts out of the room with a pretty evil little smile on her face.

We’re then taken to a very icy place up north. Fog is rolling everywhere, but you can see something in the distance. The figure gets closer and closer and… it’s the Night King!! In all his epic, horned, blue-eyed, creepy glory. So glad to see him again, even though it’s pretty ominous. He rides past on his skeletal horse (which for me is a double awesome thing since the skeletal horses in this scene resemble the ones that the Undead ride in World of Warcraft, my all-time favorite game.) The army of the dead lumbers past, showing white walkers, kid walkers, more skeletal horses, more undead and then, the most gnarly thing of all – a giant undead walker. There isn’t even a word that covers how cool this huge guy is.

Now, we move to the wall, where Bran and Meera are being dropped off by Bran’s Uncle Benjin. Benjin tells them that he’ll continue to fight for the living on that side of the wall but they need to get south asap. At the wall, the two wait for the gate to open and who do we see come out to greet them? Jon’s good buddy, and now the Captain of the Night’s Watch, Eddison. He sees that they are wildlings, but Meera tells him that this is Bran Stark. Eddison doesn’t quite believe them until Bran starts telling him about the white walkers, how he’s seen Eddison fight them and so on. He also tells Eddison that he’s seen the massive army marching toward the wall. Quickly the whole group goes inside and shuts the gate.

Back at Winterfell, Jon and Sansa are having a huge meeting with all of the lords of the north there. They talk about how bad the white walkers are going to be and Jon tells them all that the Wall sucks and hasn’t been kept up or managed right for over a century. This actually surprises everyone because somehow they don’t seem to know that there are robbers, murderers, and rapists that are guarding the wall. Ugh. Jon then tells them that they are going to start training every single person over the age of ten – or when they can wipe their arses – to fight. ‘Ole Brianne loves this, especially when Jon says that even the girls have to learn. One of the stuffy lords gets angry and then one of my favorite little characters, Miss Mormont, stands up and tells them to shut the hell up and that she will fight and not let some men fight for her if she’s not willing to do it herself. Jon smiles at her as she just put all of the old stuffy dudes in their places and the matter is then settled.

But, they have to find dragonglass and mine it so they can make the weapons that they need to fight the dead.

Jon puts Tormund, the wildling’s leader, in charge of protecting the Wall and holding it as long as possible when the white walkers and the dead reach it. Then, he talks about what will happen when the first castles in the north start to fall once the dead breach the Wall. Way to really boost confidence in the dude you just put in charge of the wall, Jon. Anyway, Jon goes through the families and make sure that they are all behind him. Sansa gets pissed because he’s not going to take away the castles of the lords that betrayed the Starks to the Bolton’s. Jon says that he’s not holding the children and such liable for the sins of their fathers. He says it’s bad enough that they lost their fathers and leaders on the battlefield in the Battle of the Bastards anyway. The two kids that are in charge now that their double-crossing daddies are gone step up in front of Jon and he makes them swear their oaths to the Stark house again.

After this, Sansa and Jon are walking along the ramparts at Winterfell and Jon jumps her butt for undermining him in front of people. She says that he should listen to her that if he had during the battle with Ramsay Bolton, he may not have lost so many men. But, then she softens up a bit and tells him that he’s a good leader and everyone respects him.

Now, we’re brought to the Red Keep and to a floor that I really need in my house. Cersei is having someone paint the whole map of the Seven Kingdoms on a large courtyard floor and she’s walking around, looking at the work as he’s doing it. Jaime comes in and starts to talk about how she’s not been really nice to him at all since he got back. She asks him if he’s scared of her and of course, he says “should I be?” Then they go through how all of their kids are now dead, how their dear old daddy knew how to summon allies to him and that now they have no allies since Cersei pretty much pissed them all off. She tells him that she does know how to get allies.

Down on the balcony overlooking the bay, we get to see Euron Greyjoy’s armada pulling up to King’s Landing. Jaime asks what the hell Euron wants in return and Cersei says bluntly that dude wants a wife.

In the throne room, I fall in love with Euron Greyjoy. Not because he’s just drop dead gorgeous, but because his character is just downright crazy funny. He tries to get Cersei to marry him by talking about how big and bad his armada is. He then flings some absolutely hilarious barbs at Jaime, which really pisses Jaime off. The best one is him telling Cersei that she should try killing her own brother sometime. Then, Cersei refuses his marriage proposal and he tells her that he’s going to bring her a priceless gift to win her heart. One can only assume who it will be at this point, since Cersei has so many enemies that could be dropped at her feet.

Now, we get to see poor Sam at the Citadel. I swear, this scene made me want to vomit more than once. It’s just a montage of Sam emptying chamber pots (including showing everything in the pots, even the poo), pouring food onto trays that looks like said poo, scrubbing chamber pots, putting away dusty old books and trying not to gag. EW. Of course, as he’s putting these old books away, he sees the ‘restricted area’ (like the one at Hogwarts I guess) and starts to think about getting in there to see what secrets are locked away.

Then we see Sam talking to the Archmaester about letting him into the restricted area. Sam tells the man that he’s the only one who has seen a white walker and actually killed one. They have a bit of a back and forth about the matter and then the Archmaester tells Sam that he does believe that he saw and killed one, because only someone who has truly seen something like that would be that obsessed with them. Oh, and they have this talk over the dead body of another maester that they are performing an autopsy on. Nothing like a little conversation over a dead guy.

Sam ends up stealing the keys off another maester and then steals a few books from the restricted section. Back at home, he and Gilly are reading through these books until he finds information about where the dragonglass is found – right under Dragonstone. He sends a raven with the information to Winterfell to Jon. Then as he’s making rounds the next day giving food to people in locked rooms, we see a hand covered in greyscale reach out and try to grab him. The man asks if Daenerys has come to Westeros yet. Sam says no. I’m completely thrilled to see that this is Jorah Mormont!

Back up at Winterfell, Brienne is training poor Podrick by beating him up, lol. Tormund, the wildling leader, stands and watches for a moment, giving the googly eyes to Brienne when she turns around and sees him watching. I see a love connection there between the two of them! Sansa is watching Brienne train Podrick and Littlefinger comes up behind her. Without being so direct, he tells Sansa that he wants to marry her again and she blows him off as Brienne comes up the stairs.

Somewhere south of Winterfell, we see Arya Stark riding her horse toward King’s Landing. She comes upon a group of Lannister soldiers who are sitting around a campfire singing and eating. Mr. Ed Sheerhan is singing a little tune about how great women are. They see her and invite her to sit with them and eat. One of them asks where she’s going, and she says “King’s Landing”. When they ask why, she says: “To kill the queen.” They all erupt in laughter and she finally laughs with them.

Flash to a group of men and our favorite one to have a love-hate relationship with, the Hound. He’s still with the group of men who worship the Lord of Light. They come up on the house where Arya and he stayed with the man and his little girl – the ones that the Hound robbed. The Hound tries to get them to go somewhere else, but the leader of the group goes to the house anyway seeing that there’s no fire. They go inside and find the man and little girl dead.

As they are eating and sitting around the fireplace later, the Hound asks the leader why he’s still alive since he’s such a piece of crap – lol. The guy tells the house he has no idea. Another guy tells him to look into the fire. The Hound does and finally sees something. He tells the other guys that he sees the Wall, the castles at the edge of the Wall falling and the white walkers being the ones who are taking over and killing everyone at those castles. He says that he also sees an island that’s shaped like an arrowhead (I assume this is Dragonstone). Then is shows everyone else asleep, but the Hound is outside burying the man and the little girl. The man who told him to look into the fire comes out and helps him bury the two.

Finally, we’re taken to Dragonstone, where Daenerys is arriving at her family’s castle. The slow walk up to the castle is really cool, then inside, she tears down the Baratheon banner from when Stannis was there. She goes into the huge throne room with the weirdly gorgeous dragonglass throne, and then they go to her ready room, looking over the table, the dragons on the wall, and so on. She stops at the head of the table and looks up at everyone and says “Shall we begin?”

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