Game of Thrones S07E03: The Queen’s Justice Recap

The bombshell in this episode was just one of those insane things that make you go “OOOOOOOOOOOOO” out loud in your living room like a crazed UFC fan during the knockout of the night.

WARNING: There are – I repeat – ARE spoilers in this recap, so if you haven’t watched yet, I’d suggest that you read another great article here on BeepWee, like the Game of Thrones Theories.

Ok, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, hold on to your butts because here we go with the recap of Game of Thrones: The Queen’s Justice.

The episode starts with a gorgeous isolated beach, beautiful waves rolling along the shore, ancient rock formations – oh, and a small group of soldiers on the beach, waiting for a group to disembark from a small boat. We see that the group waiting on the shore is led by Tyrion and Missandei with some Dothraki guards. If you watched the last episode then you know it’s Jon Snow and Davos that are on the ship. Jon and his group step onto the shore, where he and Tyrion exchange some awesome ‘bastard’ humor – which we desperately needed this season and something I really missed from season 1. Before they can go up to the keep where Daenerys waits, they must give over their weapons – something they do begrudgingly.

As they walk up to the keep, one of the dragons buzz them, making Jon, Davos and their men hit the ground. Tyrion tells him that he’d like to say you get used to the dragons, “but you don’t”. How I missed Tyrion and Jon’s back and forths.

On a cliff above the scene, Melisandre the Red Lady is watching. Varys appears behind her, mocking her for hiding from Jon and Davos as she is the one who told Daenerys to bring them here.

She tells Varys that she left on bad terms due to ‘mistakes’ from the past – nothing about, oh, hey, I burnt a kid alive. Varys tells her that she probably should leave here too and never return, seeming to know all about her past, which I’m sure he does by now. She says that she will leave but will also return one more time because she’s supposed to die here – just like he is. This actually wipes the smirk off his face.

We’re taken to Dragonstone, where Daenerys is sitting on her dragonglass throne, looking like a tiny child on that humongous thing. However, it does look wicked cool and I think it’s just as epic as the Iron Throne. Missandrei begins to go through the huge list of Daenerys’ accomplishments, i.e. Breaker of Chains, Mother of Dragons, the Unburnt, etc. Davos just goes “This is Jon Snow”, which was awesome. Now comes the pissing contest between Jon and Dany. She tells him that his ancestor swore an undying oath to her house, then he says that her granddad burnt his granddad alive. The back and forth goes on until Dany comes down off her throne to face Jon and Davos finally have enough. He goes into a long spiel about how Jon was the Commander of the Night’s Watch, how he brought wildings and northerners together, how he killed walkers and then Jon stops him when he says that Jon took a sword in the heart for his people. This is finally interrupted by Varys who comes in and whispers news to Dany. She then has Jon and his group taken to their rooms and given dinner. Jon asks if he’s a prisoner, and she says, “Not yet.”

Varys then tells her about the defeat of Yara’s armada at the hands of her uncle, Euron. He also tells her that Yara is dead and the Dornish leader is captured.

Flash to someone being pulled out of the water: Theon Greyjoy. He’s yanked up onto a ship from their destroyed fleet and told his sister is dead. Theon says that he tried to save her but the captain says bullshit, if you did, you’d be dead too. Then they all leave him there on the deck and walk off.

Speaking of Yara and Euron, we now get to see Euron riding his horse through King’s Landing with Yara, Ellaria Sand and Tyene Sand in chains. At this point, I have to say that Euron is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters in the show just because he’s funny as hell and the actor playing him does it perfectly. So, he’s leading them through a cheering crowd, who is spitting on the ladies, throwing food at them and calling them whores and such. Ellaria spits back at them, poor Tyene just tried to shield her face from falling veggies but Yara holds her head high.

At the Red Keep, Euron just rides his horse right on into the throne room. (Funny note here: I read that this scene was just supposed to be short and sweet, but was changed to him riding through the city and riding his horse into the throne room, which added days onto the filming and added hundreds of extras to the scenes.) He rides right up to where Cersei is sitting on the throne with Jaime watching. Ellaria sees the Mountain and you can see she wants to kill him right there.

Euron makes a huge flourishing scene, presenting his ‘gift’ of the Dornish women to Cersei. She tells him that when the war is won, he’ll have his heart’s desires – which Jaime doesn’t like one bit. Cersei gives a speech about how she’ll make sure to protect the kingdom and whatnot, which Euron throws a few seriously funny but mean barbs at Jaime, and almost gets him to throw a punch. Finally, he heads out with Yara in tow, leaving Ellaria and Tyene with Cersei.

Cersei doesn’t waste a second putting the ladies in the dungeon. She has them chained to the walls, facing each other in a cell. She goes through all the different ways that she thought about having Ellaria killed, such as having the Mountain crush her daughter’s head in front of her, but then she stops talking and kisses Tyene on the lips. If you’ve watched the show, you know exactly what just happened – she poisoned Ellaria’s daughter the same way that Ellaria poisoned Cersei’s daughter. Cersei wipes the horrid pink lipstick off and takes an antidote. She tells Ellaria that her minion master, Qyburn, found the exact poison that Ellaria used and now she’ll get to watch her own daughter die. Cersei tells her that she’ll make sure she lives long enough to watch her daughter die, her face cave in and rot down to bones.

What episode of Game of Thrones would be complete without something really gross, so enter the bedroom scene between Cersei and Jaime – with a good shot of Jaime’s butt. After a romp, someone knocks at the door and Cersei says that she doesn’t give a crap who sees them in bed together because she’s queen and she’ll do what she wants. The poor girl at the door looks surprised, telling Cersei that the Iron Bank representative is there to see her.

Cersei gets all dressed up in her normal black dress with silver shoulders and goes to meet him. The meeting is short and sweet, with him reminding her that the crown owes a ton of money to the bank. He also tells her that they are trying to decide who to bet on, Cersei or Daenerys, since Dany has three full-grown dragons but they know Cersei better and what she’s capable of.

And now we go back to Dragonstone, where Jon is standing on one of the cliffs, staring out over the amazing view. Tyrion approaches and they talk about Jon not really being a prisoner, but he can’t leave, and about the white walkers and the legends that go with them. Jon asks Tyrion if he believes him. Tyrion tells him that he believes an honest man’s eyes over legends any day. Then he asks if there is something reasonable that Jon can ask of Daenerys, something that she can tangibly see instead of asking for blind faith in someone she doesn’t know.

Flash over to Daenerys’ read room with the awesome map table, and Tyrion convinces her to let Jon mine the dragonglass as a gesture to bring him in as an ally instead of as an enemy. She agrees after Tyrion speaks very highly of Jon. She also asks if Tyrion caught that Davos said that Jon had taken a sword through the heart and wonders what that meant.

Then we go to Daenerys standing on a lookout, watching her dragons play in the skies over the harbor. Jon approaches and they have a little chat. She tells him he can mine the dragonglass which surprises him, and he asks if she believes him about the white walkers. She doesn’t really answer, but tells him that anything he needs to mine the glass he can have, just to let her know. As he walks away, she gives a slight look in his direction which made a little lightbulb go off in my head. (You can read more about my theory here.)

Back at Winterfell, Sansa is ruling with a firm leather gloved fist. She’s getting briefed on the fact that they won’t have enough food if the whole northern army has to come to Winterfell or if people have to flee from the army of the dead. She orders her maester to have cities begin shipping grain to Winterfell for the army and since people won’t be able to grab their cartloads of grain if the dead arrive. As the small group is walking, she notices that the blacksmiths aren’t putting the leather on the armor and has someone take care of that. Now, she and Littlefinger are walking alone, and he turns to her and gives her some advice that you can tell is his personal philosophy on life. He tells her that she has to start seeing every possible outcome, every choice and where it leads, seeing everyone as a friend and an enemy at the same time, so absolutely nothing surprises you.

He’s interrupted before he can start to drive a wedge between her and Jon as someone arrives at the gates for Sansa. When they get down to the gate, we finally see that Bran has come home after all these years on the run in the north. Sansa loses her beautiful stoic look and cries as she hugs him.

Then the two Starks are sitting under the red leaf tree and she says that he’s the Lord of Winterfell now and he says no, he’s the three-eyed raven. She is like wtf is that, and he proceeds to tell her he can see everything. Tells her how he’s so sorry for what happened to her here in their home and how beautiful she looked in her white wedding dress. She starts to cry and leaves him there.

At the Citadel, we see that Jorah Mormon is now cured of greyscale. The archmaester tells him he can go and tells Sam he wants to see him in his chamber later. Sam goes to the archmaester and doesn’t get booted from the Citadel, but has to instead copy some rotting manuscripts.

Now to Casterly Rock, where the Unsullied are attacking. Tyrion is telling how they are attacking to Daenerys, Varys and Missandrei as the Unsullied attack. The Unsullied are able to get into Casterly Rock through tunnels that Tyrion had built to bring in his whores, and they take the castle but find the army is gone. As Grey Worm looks over the ramparts, he sees that Euron’s army is destroying the ships in the harbor and the Unsullied who are still aboard.

She's a crafy one.
She's a crafy one.

The final scene of the show is Jaime leading the Lannister army. We see Lord Tarly, Sam’s father, with him and Bronn. They march on a keep and take it, and then we find out its Olenna Tyrell who is sitting waiting in a reading room for Jaime. They have a talk and he tells her how Cersei wanted to kill her but he talked her out of it. He instead pours a whole vial of poison in her wine cup in front of her and slides it over. She gulps it down and then tells him that she is the one who poisoned Joffery BOMBSHELL that had me cheering!! I love this woman!!! and you can see that Jaime wants to chop her down – but he doesn’t.

The episode ends with him leaving the room and her sitting there.

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