Game of Thrones S07E03: The Queen’s Justice Theories and Conspiracies

After watching this week’s episode of Game of Thrones, titled ‘The Queen’s Justice’, boy are the theories and conspiracies flying around the web. Let me walk you through a few of my own, as well as some of the other theories floating around after we’ve had time for last night’s episode to sink into our noggins a bit.

MD’s Theory #1: Jon and Daenerys

All along, we’ve seen how Dany loved Daario (even though they switched actors for this character a couple of seasons past, boo on you HBO but he’s still a good actor) and made a big scene of having to make him stay behind so she could possibly marry for alliances. Well, we see the angry sparks fly between Dany and Jon when they meet and immediately I’m thinking: they are going to hook these two up. Enter in the scene on the lookout when Jon comes to talk to Daenerys and she says he can mine the dragonglass there. As he’s walking away, she gives this curious little look which confirms my thinking that they are going to have these two hook up for alliances.

Here’s my issue with this: I’m pretty damn sure that Jon is her half-brother after seeing the flashback from Bran where Ned’s sister begs him to take care of little baby Jon while she lays dying after giving birth. We all heard the story about how the Mad King kidnapped Ned’s sister and got her pregnant before he was killed – so, yeah, Jon is Dany’s half-brother. So, gross HBO writers… I’m hoping it’s not so and that I’m wrong because Jon and Daenerys would be an insane power couple and one that would sweep the lands, killing everything that crossed them.

MD’s Theory #2: Jon Rides a Dragon

Just as I am sure that Jon and Daenerys are siblings, I’m sure that Jon will eventually meet up with one of the dragons face to face and they will love him. I’ll bet that he ends up riding one during the season and probably riding one in a battle against the army of the dead.

MD’s Theory #3: Euron and Cersei

Seeing how I’m enjoying Euron’s barbs at Jaime and the back and forth there, and how he’s made Cersei a very happy woman by dropping someone she truly hates at her feet in chains: I have no doubt that she is going to continue to use Euron as she can. Euron is eating up the glory so he’s going to do everything he can for her in hopes of marrying her. However, we all know what Cersei does to her husbands, so I fully expect that she will use him up, probably marry him and then have him killed or worse.

MD’s Theory #4: Jaime’s Betrayal

Jaime showed a look of severe hurt as Cersei looked right at him (Jaime) and told Euron that he’d have everything his heart desired after the war was won. Add in that Euron throws constant barbs at Jaime and that Cersei is making a show of her and Jaime to the castle servants and that’s not a good recipe. Then consider the words between Jaime and Olenna Tyrell as he’s about to have her drink the poison at the end of this episode: she flat tells him that Cersei will be the end of him and he says ‘possibly’. Olenna also sees that he truly loves her, not just as a brother either, and that she’s a monster. He says that he knows that too. So, I predict that eventually Cersei is going to break Jaime’s heart in her quest for ultimate control and revenge and he is going to flip sides and fight with Tyrion and Daenerys, which is going to infuriate Cersei. I don’t see her getting too upset about it, instead, I see her just burning down everything and everyone she can.

MD’s Theory #5: Jaime Kills Cersei

Note: This isn’t just my theory either so I cannot take credit for it all.

I also think that Jaime may just be the one to put the dagger in his sister’s evil chest eventually. I don’t think he’ll poison her or anything like that, it will be something up close and personal. Maybe he’ll kill her with his one good hand, I don’t know. But I know that the seeds of doubt have been planted in his mind and that he’s eventually going to break and he will do something drastic.

MD’s Theory #6: Sam’s Story

Note: This isn’t just my theory, there are several others who have come to this conclusion as well, so I don’t take credit (completely) for this theory.

In the last episode, the Archmaester is telling Sam that one of the guys is writing a book about all the wars since the Mad King was killed. The guy’s title for the history is terrible and Sam tells him so. The Archmaester asks what Sam thinks that it should be and Sam says, “something more poetic”. So, maybe this is where the “Song of Fire and Ice” will come in and be the title of the history that the maester is writing.

MD’s Theory #7: Olenna Tyrell

After her talk about how she’s done things to protect her family and her house, and how she’s used poisons before – especially on the bombshell at the end of this episode (catch my recap here) – I’m hoping that she has some type of antidote in that huge chest behind her in the last scene and we see her again. I absolutely love her character and while the show isn’t shy about killing off people when you least expect it – I think that this time, it is a slow death that we don’t see, so we don’t truly know if she will die or not. She’s a slippery old gal, so I’m not counting her out just yet.

This would blow my mind. - Ed

MD’s Theory #8: Littlefinger’s Hold

While Sansa keeps rejecting Littlefinger’s advances on her – which is really gross, but hey, it’s Game of Thrones – I think he’s going to continue to do everything he can to turn her against Jon. He’s already doing everything he can to drive a wedge there because he wants to rule the North and eventually the Seven Kingdoms. He can’t do this if he has no strong hold over the North. Sure, they owe him for coming to the rescue in the Battle of the Bastards, but he needs something more substantial. With the way that he has been giving Sansa advice, especially now that she’s the Lady of Winterfell, I see that he’s going to continue his hold and eventually get Sansa on his side and turn her against Jon.

MD’s Theory #9: Theon Finally Grows His Balls

I’m hoping that seeing what his uncle has done to the Greyjoy fleet and thinking that he’s killed Yara, Theon will finally grow his balls back and take action. I believe that if Cersei doesn’t kill Euron eventually, that Theon will find a way to weasel up close to him and kill him. Hopefully, it will be by pushing him off one of the walkways like Euron did to Theon’s father, but who knows, this is Game of Thrones. Or it could be that Theon puts Euron’s head on a pike – since Euron mentioned that several times while talking with Jaime.

MD’s Theory #10: Bran Kills the Night King

I think that there will be a mega epic battle between the army of the dead and the living. I’m torn between Jon killing the Night King and Bran, but with all of the time spent putting Bran in this new state of being and where he can see everything, I’m putting my odd money on the fact that Bran will be the one to kill the Night King. Maybe it will be a battle where Bran is fighting him in his mind, I’m not sure. But I think this would be a more poetic end to this monster than being stabbed through the chest with dragonglass – not a fitting end for this king.

MD’s Theory #11: The Night King Wins

With all of the bickering in the Seven Kingdoms and only the North really knowing what’s coming, this is the one theory that I’m starting to get more and more behind – the Night King will win and will end up taking over the majority of the Seven Kingdoms, turning them to ice. I think that Daenerys will stay alive due to her dragons and will live to fight another day – but I’m worried that the Night King will win and begin to choke off the life in Westeros. The Citadel will manage to keep the history alive for the next generation and in the spinoff of Game of Thrones we’ll see the descendants of these houses fighting to take back the lands from the dead as winter finally retreats.

The Conclusion of My Insane Theories

While there are literally hundreds of different theories out there about where the show is going and what will happen, I personally worry that there are some aspects that are becoming too predictable and that isn’t what the show is known for. It’s known for its realism, its grit and how it makes us squirm uncomfortably. So, I’m hoping that they will make some crazy drastic changes that will leave our hearts hurting for our favorite characters and us sitting on the edge, biting our nails, waiting for that last episode of the season.

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