Game of Thrones S07E04: The Spoils of War Recap

Let me start by saying that I am still an emotional wreck after last night’s episode. I go from being crazy excited to upset at the same time while talking about last night’s Game of Thrones episode.

If you haven’t watched it yet, feel free to read something else awesome on our site – because there ARE spoilers ahead. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Since that’s out of the way now, let’s get into the recap of Game of Thrones: The Spoils of War, season 7, episode 4. Hold on to your butts, because here we go.

Our first scene in Westeros is outside of Highgarden. A long line of wagons and soldiers are heading away from the castle. Jaime stops one wagon, pulls out a huge bag of gold and hands it to Bronn. Bronn then tells Jaime that he hasn’t gotten his castle yet and the one behind them is now empty (hint hint). Jaime tells him that he doesn’t want that one, that it’s too close to where Daenerys is with her dragons and she could come at any time. He also tells Bronn that there will be a lot of empty castles after Cersei wins and he can take his pick.

On to King’s Landing, where the Iron Bank rep is meeting with Cersei once again. He is amazed that she’s paying off the crown’s debts in one payment. She lets him know that Jaime is personally bringing the gold to the bank. The rep then tells her that some people will hate this because they love the interest payments. He’s either impressed or scared enough to kind of throw his hat in behind her in the battle for the throne. He says that he’s sure she’ll need a lot of backing and help. She of course says yes and says that she needs some help collecting on old debts.

Flash up to Winterfell, where we see Bran sitting in a wheelchair that the maester had built for him. He’s in a darkened room, with a nice fire, and Littlefinger is sitting there talking to him. Littlefinger presents Bran with the dagger that was supposed to have been used to kill Bran after he fell from the window in the first season. It’s an expensive Valarian steel dagger, the one that Cersei gave the assassin. Littlefinger says that Bran might want it. Then, he goes into some little speech about how he can protect Kat’s kids now even if he couldn’t protect her. He continues to talk about how nice it must be for Bran to be home, but how weird it is to come home to all this chaos. Bran quietly says: “Chaos is a ladder.” Littlefinger freezes since this is something he’s said while causing chaos in Westeros and using it to his benefit.

Enter in Meera and Littlefinger leaves. Bran says he knows she’s leaving and she tells him that when the army of the dead comes, she needs to be with her family. Meera tells Bran that he’s as safe now and doesn’t need her to protect him. He flatly says: “No, I don’t.” Not really a woman’s man, Bran just really hurt poor Meera. She says that her brother and Hodor and several others died for him, that she almost died for him. He just goes: “Thank you.” She looks at him and says that she knows the real Bran died in that cave north of the Wall. Then she leaves without him saying another word.

Outside of Winterfell, Arya is sitting on her horse, looking down at the castle. She heads to the gate and as she approaches, two stupid ass guards pop up. They begin to question her and then make fun of her because Arya Stark is dead and she needs to leave before they beat her up. She asks for the old maester or arms master. They don’t know who that is. She asks for Jon and they tell her he’s gone. When she asks who’s in charge, they smirk and say: “The Lady of Winterfell”. Finally, she tells them she’s getting in one way or another and do they really want to be the ones who turned Arya Stark away? They let her in, tell her to sit and wait and then argue about who is going to get Sansa. When they turn around, she’s gone.

The two dumbasses go to Sansa and start to tell her what happened. Sansa isn’t really listening until they mention who the girl asked for. Then Sansa knows it’s Arya. She tells them that she’ll find her, that she knows where Arya went.

Down in the crypt, Sansa finds Arya staring up at their dad’s statue. After a huge hug that Arya doesn’t seem to be a part of, they talk about how the statue doesn’t look like him. During their little talk in the crypt, Arya’s list of names is brought up and both girls agree that their journeys home haven’t been pleasant. Arya straight up asks if Sansa is the one who killed Jofferey. Sansa says: “I wish.” Arya says: “Me too.” One more huge hug and Sansa tells Arya that Bran is home too.

Out in the garden, Bran is sitting in his wheelchair under the big white tree. He turns slightly when the girls approach. Arya flings herself on him with a huge hug when she sees his face. He tells her that he saw her at the crossroads and she asks how. Sansa tells her that Bran has visions. Bran says that he thought Arya was going to go to King’s Landing and Arya says: “Me too.” Sansa asks why she’d go there and Bran replies that’s where Cersei is, and Cersei is on Arya’s list. Sansa asks who else is on that list and Arya tells her most are dead already. Sansa smiles.

Then Bran pulls out the dagger that Littlefinger gave him. Both girls are surprised, especially when he tells them who gave it to him. Sansa says that Littlefinger isn’t a generous man, and he’ll expect something in return. Bran tells her it doesn’t matter that he doesn’t want it. He offers it to Arya, who accepts it.

From here, the three Starks go back into the keep. Brienne and Podrick are sparring but stop to watch. Podrick tells her that she should be proud of keeping her oath to Kat Stark about protecting her kids. Brienne starts to say that she didn’t do anything at all, but he tells her that’s bullshit. She finally just says ‘thank you’ to him.

Now we go to Dragonstone. Missandei and Dany are walking down from the keep. Daenerys tells her that the Unsullied will return, that Grey Worm will come back to her. Of course, Missandei says: “He better.” When Daenerys asks what happened, Missandei just says: “Many things.” I laughed out loud here at Daenerys’ look when she repeats what Missandei said.

Jon comes up and interrupts this moment between the gals and takes them into the cave where they are going to mine the dragonglass. He says that he wanted to show them the cave before they start working. I’ll admit that it is absolutely gorgeous and massive. He tells Daenerys that all the dragonglass they’ll ever need is here, but he wants to show her something first.

In the back of the cave, there are amazing carvings in the rock. Daenerys is amazed at how old they are. Jon tells her they were put there by the children of the forest. She says that they have to be extremely old, maybe older than man himself. Jon says no, that men and the children of the forest were there together. When she asks how he knows, he shows her carvings of men and the children together. Daenerys asks if they were fighting each other and Jon says no, that they were fighting together. Then, on the cave wall is a crazy carving of the night king – complete with his blue eyes.

Jon tells Dany that the enemy is real and has always been there. She pauses for a moment and says that he can’t beat the army of the dead without her and her dragons. She then tells him she’ll fight for him and do whatever he needs her to do – if he’ll bend the knee. He tells her that his people in the North chose him to lead them and they won’t accept a southern ruler after what all they have seen. She tells him that they chose him to protect them and isn’t that more important than his pride?

Oh, the sexual tension here… man. I actually thought that they were walking out holding hands from the camera shot – but they weren’t.

Back out on the beach, Varys and Tyrion are walking up. Tyrion tells Daenerys that they took Casterly Rock. However, Euron Greyjoy destroyed most of their ships. Daenerys gets pissed when he tells her that they underestimated their enemies and she says that maybe he just doesn’t want to hurt his family. She says that she’s done screwing around and going to take her dragons to King’s Landing. Tyrion begs her not to.

She turns to Jon and asks what he would do. She tells him she’s at war and losing and wants to know what he would do in her shoes. He tells her that he never thought Dragons would ever be seen again and that she has made something impossible happen. He says that people who follow her believe that she can do impossible things and maybe she can do them. Then he says that if she takes her dragons and grabs the throne by burning and killing, that she is no different than other rulers.

Back in the snowy north, Brienne and Podrick are still training and she’s still beating him up. Arya comes up and interrupts them and asks if she can train with Brienne. When Brienne offers to get the master at arms, Arya says no, that he didn’t beat the Hound. Since Brienne did, Arya wants to train with her. Brienne smiles and tells Podrick to step back. When Arya pulls out Needle, Brienne tells her that she cannot train with that, it’s too small. Arya tells her she’ll try not to cut her.

Above them, Sansa and Littlefinger have stopped their rounds to watch with worried looks. I think at this point, Sansa is starting to become a little scared of her sister. Littlefinger knows that Arya hates him, so he’s worried on a whole different level.

When the two begin to spar, Arya beats Brienne twice, which starts to enrage her while making Podrick smile. Finally, Brienne lands a good kick to Arya’s chest, knocking her to the ground. With an insane badass flip, Arya gets up and holds a crazy position with an even crazier look on her face. Brienne just goes after her and knocks Needle from Arya. Then, in a quick movement, both freeze, with Brienne’s sword right above Arya’s head and Arya’s dagger right at Brienne’s throat. Both grin. Brienne asks who taught Arya to fight like that, and Arya says: “No one.”

Sansa walks away and both girls look up at her. Littlefinger is still on the balcony, and Arya catches his eye and stares him down.

Again, to Dragonstone, where Jon and Davos are walking down to the beach. Davos is teasing Jon about how he’s looking at Daenerys. Jon tells him he doesn’t have time for that crap. He asks Davos how many men they have, about ten thousand? And Davos tells him less than that, but before Jon can ask, they come upon Missandei and Davos jumps into a different conversation. As they look out at the water, Jon notices that a Greyjoy ship is pulling up into the bay.

At the beach, a small boat is pulling ashore. Theon and the captain who pulled him out of the water are there. Jon freezes when he sees Theon. Theon tries to say hi to Jon, but Jon rushes up and snatches Theon. He tells Theon that the only reason he isn’t killing him is because of what he did for Sansa. Theon tells Jon that Euron has Yara and he’s there to ask Daenerys to help him get her back. Jon tells him she’s not there. Theon asks where she’s gone…

Flash to the beginning of one of the absolute best battle scenes in the series so far – and there have been a lot of them.

Spoilers ahead… really big spoilers. You have been warned!

Bronn and Jaime are sitting on their horses, watching the huge snake that is the Lannister army and its spoils from Highgarden. Lord Tarly comes up and tells Jaime that they have to get the whole of the army across the river before nightfall. He says that if the army is caught cut in half like it is, the head can be ambushed and the tail can’t reinforce. Jaime agrees. Tarly offers to flog any stragglers, and Jaime says no, just warn them about the flogging. Tarly rides off to take care of the problem.

Jaime and Bronn start riding down into the lines and come upon Dickon. After some childish, but funny, barbs about his name and his “fancy knight school”, Jaime asks what’s wrong. Dickon says that some of the men that he fought and killed at Highgarden were his friends. Jaime tells him they didn’t have to die but they fought for the wrong side. Dickon tells him that he didn’t expect it to smell like that. Bronn tells him that he learned that men shit themselves when they died when he was only 5.

Before they can go any further, Bronn stops them as he hears something in the distance. It sounds like crazy thunder and there are some storm clouds over the hill. But as they begin to yell for the soldiers to get into formations, here comes a massive wave of Dothraki on horseback. The soldiers are getting ready – visibly shaking – and trying to form lines. Bronn tells Jaime that he needs to leave, that he needs to get to King’s Landing asap. Jaime says heck no, he’s not leaving his men.

Then, over the hill comes Daenerys on her favorite dragon.

The dragon sails over the Dothraki horde below and flies right up to the lines. Daenerys gives the command and he incinerates a massive patch of the line. As flaming soldiers are running everywhere, the Dothraki just ride right through the flames and then smack into the Lannister line as a whole, causing chaos. The Dothraki are just slaughtering the soldiers, Daenerys is scorching the whole of their supply lines and Jaime is watching, helplessly.

The badass Dothraki are even standing up on horseback, firing arrows – I mean, come on, that’s just freaking awesome.

In the battle, Bronn tells Jaime that the huge launcher that Qyburn had them bring is in the wagons. Jaime says he can’t shoot it with one hand. Bronn goes to get it, only to encounter a crazed Dothraki. After a quick fight that Bronn starts to lose, (I was terrified that they were going to kill Bronn right then, and I absolutely love his character), Bronn gets away and find the wagon. As the Dothraki opens the curtain, Bronn fires the launcher and shoots the guy across the field with a spear in his chest.

Then Bronn gets the launcher ready to fire again and I’m now sitting on the edge of the couch, covering my face – but still peeking out from between my fingers. I mentioned in my predictions last week that they were going to shoot and probably kill a dragon, and it would most likely be Daenerys’ favorite. So, you can tell what’s coming.

Tyrion and other Dothraki appear on top the ridge, watching the battle below. He sees Jaime and Daenerys and is worried about them both. He keeps telling Jaime to run, but knows Jaime won’t.

Jaime pulls his archers together and tries to fire at the dragon. The arrows just bounce off. Daenerys’ dragon turns them all to a pile of ashes while Jaime watches. I think at this point, Jaime is in disbelief that his army is being wiped out so easily and he can’t do a thing to stop it.

Tyrion is still watching, and helpless to do anything for his brother or his Queen.

Bronn fires at the dragon and barely misses Daenerys. She turns the dragon and comes right for Bronn, who manages to get a shot off before the dragon incinerates the launcher. Bronn leaps to safety but the spear hits the dragon in the shoulder. At first, I thought it got him in the chest, thankfully I was wrong. Daenerys lands the dragon by the water, and tries to pull out the spear.

Jaime sees a spear close by and Tyrion immediately knows that he’s going to try and kill Daenerys. He yells at Jaime not to do it, to run. But Jaime rides to the spear and then heads straight for Dany. She’s still trying to pull out the spear.

The dragon lets Jaime get pretty close, then turns and lets out a massive ball of fire.

Just as Bronn leaps off his horse and flings him and Jaime out of the way, into the water.

Somehow, this little river is crazy deep and the last thing we see is Jaime sinking lifelessly down into the water as the flames go overhead.

Ooooooooooo. The chills. Seriously. I’ve already rewatched the episode once. What really surprised me is that this was the shortest episode this season, yet so much happened that it’s insane.

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