Game of Thrones S07E04: The Spoils of War Theories and Predictions

Now that we’ve all had a few hours to recover from last night’s episode of Game of Thrones, I’ve also had time to mull over something things rolling around in the noggin. Last week, I laid out some predictions and theories after “The Queen’s Justice”. So, this week, I’m going to throw out some other ones, and edit one from last week.

MD’s Theory #1 – Part 1: Arya and that Dagger

This theory is a two-parter because I’m torn on which way this will go. We obviously know that dagger Littlefinger gave Bran is important and it’s even more important because Bran gave it to Arya. Arya has a list of names and is just a little badass now. Since the dagger came from Cersei, part one of this theory is that Arya will use the dagger to kill Cersei. I’m hoping she’ll use Jaime’s face to do so, as that would be an epic betrayal and one that Arya could easily use to torture Cersei as she’s dying. Plus, it would also work on my theory that Jaime will kill Cersei. I think that Arya deserves to kill her – but in true Game of Thrones style, I’m not going to hold my breath.

MD’s Theory #1 – Part 2: The Night King and the Dagger

Being that the dagger is vital to the story line now, and that it’s Valarian steel (one of the few things that can kill white walkers), I’m assuming that it has a role to play in killing the Night King. It’s a very personal type of weapon, and one that has to be used extremely close up. So, it could be that Arya uses it to kill the Night King after he kills someone she loves or something similar.

MD’s Theory #2: Bran and the Dagger

I’m also going to add in a bit of a change from one of my predictions last week, my #10: Bran Kills the Night King. Here’s why: I can see that the dagger is important to the story line and I also noticed that several people told Bran the dagger was meant to kill him. So, I can see this being the death of him as well. However, I can also see this going a couple of ways. Either Bran uses the dagger to kill the Night King and is pierced by it himself, or the Night King manages to get the dagger and kill Bran with it. No matter if I’m completely wrong about the dagger and the Night King, I really think that dagger will be the death of Bran.

MD’s Theory #3: Jon’s Background

Jon is supposed to be the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Of course, we don’t know what name Lyanna actually gave Jon, hopefully we’ll find out one day. But, here’s where this theory gets weird. What if Jon isn’t actually a bastard? What if Rhaegar and Lyanna were actually married? According to the Wiki and the books, the Targaryen’s had polygamous marriages so what if Rhaegar married Lyanna – even if he forced her to. Then, Jon isn’t a bastard after all.

What is weird is that he will still be related to Daenerys as a first cousin. While not quite as Star Wars-esque as it is seeming now and not as gross as Jaime and Cersei, it’s still pretty weird. It might also mean that Jon has a better claim to the throne than Daenerys does since he’s a dude.

I am hoping that maybe Jon is actually the son of Robert Baratheon instead of Rhaegar, even if Lyanna was raped by Rhaegar or whatever. She could have easily have had a fling with Robert before that. Besides, the Targaryens have been known for their white hair and blue eyes, not the dark hair and dark eyes that Jon has. Lyanna had dark hair too, but if you look at Robert’s other bastards, they all had dark hair and eyes.

It’s obvious that Jon’s background will come into play as the season moves on, especially with his blossoming love for Daenerys. (We all see it, come on now.) I guess that I just love the idea of Jon and Daenerys that I’m hoping the writers for the show are going to pull some twist that only Bran can reveal and show who Jon really is without him being related to Dany.

MD’s Theory #4: The Children of the Forest

We saw these little weird cuties beyond the Wall and since they are now a part of the lore and stories from the cave, I’m betting they appear again to help. I know that they fought against the white walkers and the Night King so Bran could escape. However, I can’t go as far as to believe that they all were there at that one battle and all wiped out. Just can’t do it. So, I’m predicting that they will come back up and help fight against the white walkers and the army of the dead.

MD’s Theory #5: Tyrion Will Flip Sides… Again

Watching Tyrion’s face as he’s watching Jaime ride to his death against a dragon, I instantly saw that Tyrion is about to have a crisis of faith. He is totally devoted to Daenerys sure, and he absolutely hates Cersei with a purple passion – however, he loves Jaime. Jaime also loves him enough to help him escape after Tyrion killed their father. Blood is thicker than water – right? So, I’m betting that Tyrion will somehow flip sides a bit and help Jaime escape or he will completely flip after Jaime is killed. I think that Tyrion wants revenge against Cersei, but not Jaime.

MD’s Theory #6: Daenerys Will Kill Varys

Remember when Melisandrei told Varys that she had to come back to Westeros one more time to die – and that he would die on this continent too? Now, remember when Daenerys threatened Varys that she’d burn him alive if she found he betrayed her? Yeah. I see that happening. I think that Varys never stopped playing his games, he’s too set in those habits. He’s in it for the people, sure, but he’s also in it to stay alive. I can see him continuing to do everything he can to gather dirt on people, even Daenerys, and to use that dirt to his own advantage. I see bad things in store for our little spider.

MD’s Theory #7: Arya and Littlefinger

Littlefinger is on Arya’s list and now they are together at Winterfell. Arya has to be careful because Littlefinger is trying to woo Sansa and constantly in her ear. However, she hates the man and he knows it. After watching her spar with Brienne, Littlefinger is worried too. I expect that Arya will kill Littlefinger eventually, maybe by taking on Sansa’s face or something and stabbing him with that dagger.

MD’s Theory #8: Theon’s Death

Last week, I made the prediction that Theon would finally grow some balls back and rescue his sister. He is looking a little more tough this week as he steps off the boat on Dragonstone. I’m doubling-down on my theory that he will finally get back some of that mojo cockiness he had before and rescue Yara. However, in Game of Thrones style, I also think that he’s going to get killed trying to save her. I think he will rescue her, but he will die in the process. Maybe both he and Euron will go over the bridge together, I’m not sure.

MD’s Theory #9: Bronn Dies

I love Bronn. I really do. He’s hilarious, he doesn’t take shit from anyone and he doesn’t back down. However, he saved Jaime (hopefully) from the dragon at the end of this episode and it only showed Jaime sinking in the water. I hope that Bronn will pull Jaime from the water this next week, but I’m worried that he’s got some serious burns and injuries that will kill him. He barely escaped death with the Dothraki battle – which is still going on around them – and he lost his gold. I’m worried that he’s not going to survive much longer.

MD’s Theory #10: The Iron Bank

Right now, the Iron Bank seems to be betting on Cersei and the show is making a big deal of it. I think that after the news of Daenerys’ dragon attack, the Iron Bank is going to reconsider. The majority of the Lannister army is going to be wiped out at this point, as well as their supplies they were bringing from Highgarden. Without the food and resources they plundered, they are going to have a hard time feeding their people and their army. I think that the Iron Bank is going to see this as a sign of weakness on Cersei’s part because she was finally dealt a huge blow. They may throw some backing behind Daenerys now, giving her a boost that she needs.

MD’s Theory #11: Dickon Tarly

I think that poor Dickon has seen his share of battles and he’s done. I actually expected him to run when the battle started this time. He was already really shaken from that last battle, where he had to kill his friends in Highgarden. Now, there’s a crazy horde rushing toward them and a dragon? I was surprised that he saved Jaime and didn’t bolt. So, I think that after this, he’s done. I think he’s already upset that his dad betrayed the Tyrells and he just isn’t cut out for war. I’m not sure where he’s going to go, but I’m betting he has hit the road.

MD’s Theory #12: Drogon, Daenerys’ Favorite Dragon

We all knew it was coming. One of the dragons, most likely Daenerys’ favorite Drogon, was going to get hit. I swear I didn’t want to watch Bronn fire the launcher at him, because I knew he was going to kill him. I’m glad that it just hit Drogon in the shoulder, however, I can see this being a huge problem. With his shoulder injured, he can’t fly right. How is he getting Daenerys and himself out of the battle? I’m worried also that the spear is tipped with something, or that it causes a bad wound that can’t be healed. I’m hoping that they get the spear out and that the wound heals up. However, this is Game of Thrones. So, I’m not holding my breath.

MD’s Theory #13: Jaime’s Not Dead

If they didn’t let Jaime get toasted to a crisp in an epic charge against a dragon, they aren’t going to let him die in the water. Someone is going to pull him out, whether it’s Bronn or Daenerys or Dickon. Plus, there is too much at stake, too much that Jaime still needs to do when it comes to his sister. I don’t see them killing Jaime off by drowning him.

MD’s Theory #14: Tyrion and Jaime Reunited

Following up with theory #13 there, I’m going to say that it will be Daenerys or one of her Dothraki that rescues Jaime. He will end up a prisoner, again, and come face to face with Tyrion. I’m betting that Daenerys will use Jaime to get close to Cersei or to really hurt her. Maybe his death will come in a Walking Dead Hershel-style moment with Cersei watching, I don’t know. I do know that I don’t see him just making it out of the water on his own right now but I also don’t see many of his soldiers around to help him. I could be wrong, and Daenerys could just get Drogon back up and out of the area to save him, allowing Bronn or someone else to save Jaime. But, I’m betting that Jaime ends up in the hands of Daenerys.

This means that Tyrion will now face a huge dilemma: does he let Jaime go, like Jaime did for him, or does he keep Jaime a prisoner. Either way, Tyrion is going to suffer horribly.

Next Week

I hope that you have some theories of your own to go with this week’s episode. Make sure that you share them below and check back in next week for the recap of the 5th episode and my theories and predictions after the show.

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