Game of Thrones S07E05: Eastwatch Recap

At the lake, we see Bronn pulling Jaime from the water. On the shore, Bronn proceeds to tell Jaime what a dumbass he is and asks how he thought charging a dragon would be a good idea. Bronn then tells Jaime that dragons are where their alliance ends. Jaime then realizes that he must go to King’s Landing and tell Cersei. Bronn tells him that he might as well just jump right back in the lake since it would be easier.

On the other side of the lake, Tyrion is walking through the carnage. He comes up to the area where Daenerys has survivors of the attack gathered up. She tells them all bend the knee or die. A few take her up on her offer right away as Drogon sways his tail behind her. He lets out a huge roar and more kneel. Still standing are Lord Tarly and Dickon.

Daenerys tells Lord Tarly to come forward. Tyrion begs Tarly to bend the knee, reminding him that he just switched sides from to Cersei. Tarly tells Tyrion that at least Cersei was born here in Westeros and lived her all her life, not like Daenerys. Tyrion tells Daenerys to make Tarly take the black, but Tarly refuses, saying she’s not his queen. Daenerys says that she respects that he values his honor over his life and sentences him to die. Dickon comes forward and says that she’ll have to kill him too. Lord Tarly tries to get Dickon to step back to save the kid’s life. Tyrion begs Dickon to reconsider but he won’t. Lord Tarly grabs his son’s arm as he comes to stand by him.

Tyrion tells her that she can’t just start cutting off heads, and she says that she’s not beheading anyone. Then Daenerys sentences them to die, she says ‘drakarras’ and the two Tarly men are engulfed in flames from Drogon.

Now to King’s Landing, where Jaime has arrived at the keep. He passes Qyburn and Qyburn starts to ask what happened to him. Cersei is sitting on her bed with an odd look on her face. She goes to her table to pour some wine, asking how many men they lost. Jaime tells her they don’t have a good count. She said they have the Tyrell gold and they’ll just hire mercenaries. Jaime tells her that he just watched the Dothraki fight and they will destroy any mercenaries that they hire. Jaime then tells her how he watched just one dragon obliterate all of their men and supplies, and reminds Cersei that Daenerys has three dragons.

Then Cersei says that maybe their brother, Tyrion, can intercede on their behalf as a way of apologizing for killing their father and their son. Jaime tells her that it wasn’t Tyrion who killed Joffery, that it was Olenna Tyrell. She doesn’t believe him. Jaime asks her who she would have rather had her own daughter marry: Tommin or Joffery. Which one of those two could Margaerey control better? Cersei sees that Olenna was telling the truth and is furious. Jaime reminds her that she wiped out the whole Tyrell name.

Now, Jon is standing on a cliff outside of Dragonstone as Daenerys rides up on Drogon. The dragon slams down on the ground in front of Jon. Drogon stalks right up to Jon, growling. Jon takes off his glove and reaches out his hand. The dragon lets Jon pet him.

Daenerys dismounts and walks over to where Jon is standing. He says that she wasn’t gone too long and asks how it went. She replies that she has fewer enemies today than she had yesterday and he doesn’t seem to like this. When she notices, she asks how many men his army killed taking back Winterfell from the Boltons. He says thousands. Then, she switches the subject and asks about Jon taking a knife in the heart for his people. Jon blows it off.

A group of Dothrakis approaches and tell Daenerys that they have someone who says he’s her friend. Behind the Dothraki leader appears Jorah Mormont. After a few words, she finally hugs the daylights out of him as he looks up at Jon.

At Winterfell, Bran is sitting outside. He gathers up several ravens. As a large group, he sends them out into the north. After flying over some ridges, they come up on the army of the. The ravens fly over the army and to where the Night King and his generals are waiting. The Night King jerks his head up breaks the spell Bran has over them. Bran immediately tells the maester standing there with him that they have to send ravens immediately.

In the Citadel, the Archmaester is sitting around a table with several other master maesters. In comes Sam, carrying manuscripts and scrolls. He sets them down on the table and overhears what the maesters are talking about. The Archmaester tells the others that they have a raven from Winterfell, talking about the three-eyed ravens, the army of the dead and how they need to warn everyone. Sam interrupts them, saying he knows Bran Stark and they should listen to him.

The Archmaester asks what else he has to say. Sam tells him that everyone in Westeros respects the Citadel. He says that if they send out ravens telling people what’s coming, the people will believe them. The Archmaester tells Sam that he will send a raven to Winterfell for clarification. So, Sam takes the manuscripts and leaves.

At Dragonstone, Tyrion and Varys are sitting in the throne room. He tells Varys that he wasn’t the one who burned those men alive, that she makes her own decisions. He then tells Tyrion that he used to tell himself the same thing when he served her father. Then Varys tells Tyrion that he has to find a way to make Dany listen.

In Daenerys’ ready room, Tyrion, Davos, Jon, Varys and now Jorah are meeting about the raven Jon got from Winterfell. He tells them about the army of the dead marching toward Eastwatch. He says that he has to leave and gather up his army in the north to fight them. She tells him that if she leaves, Cersei will swoop right in and take over. Tyrion says maybe they can make her believe the dead are coming. He says that he needs to talk to Jaime. They decide that the only way Cersei will listen is if they have proof. Jon then says that they will have to go beyond the wall to catch one to show Cersei. Jorah says that he’ll go. Then Jon tells her that he should go too. She hasn’t said he could leave yet and he tells her that he doesn’t need her permission. Jon tells her that he came here on her invitation, knowing she could kill him or imprison him, but he trusted her. Then, he tells her that he needs her to trust him.

At Winterfell, Arya walks into the great hall and hears the lords all yelling about how Jon is failing them and how they came to serve Sansa. Sansa finally tells the lords to stop it, that Jon is king. After this, the sisters are walking down the hallway to Sansa’s chambers.

Back to the south and the beaches below King’s Landing, where Tyrion and Davos are pulling up on a small boat. As Tyrion is amazed that Davos was going to leave their boat unattended. Davos tells him he has business of his own there and they better hurry so no one steals it.

Under the Red Keep, Bronn and Jaime are walking among the huge dragon heads. Jaime asks why Bronn wants to come all the way down here to train and Bronn asks him if he wants people to see how bad he is with that golden hand. As they get to the back of the crypt, Bronn stops and Tyrion appears. Bronn tells Jaime that he’s going to leave the two alone to talk. Jaime threatens to cut Tyrion in half with his sword, and Tyrion tells him that will be hard with just a sparring sword. After some heated words, Jaime finally cuts him off and asks what he wants.

Back in the city, Davos is walking through the blacksmithing shops. Finally, we get Gendry back! Davos begins to tell Gendry it’s time to go, and Gendry is ready, which is not what Davos was expecting. Davos tells him to grab a sword, but Gendry instead grabs a crazy hammer instead.

At the boat, they are loading stuff up when two guards wander down. Davos pays them off. Then, they want to inspect the boat. Gendry gets nervous, but Davos is prepared. He shows them huge vats of fermented crab, which is supposed to be like Viagra. They turn to leave and end up running into Tyrion. The guards ask him about his scar on his face. Davos tries to pay them off again, but they tell him Cersei will pay way more than he will. Gendry pulls out his hammer and smashes both their faces in.

Up above, Jaime is heading into Cersei’s chambers. Qyburn is sitting with her, offering to give her something. Jaime tells her that he met with Tyrion. Cersei laughs at the idea of an undead army. Cersei tells Jaime that she will consider Daenerys’ offer. She tells him that she knows they can’t win at this point and can stab her in the back later. She also tells him that anything they come up against they can beat, for their name, their house and “this”. Cersei then puts her hands on her belly. Since Jaime isn’t dumb, he realizes quickly that she’s telling him she’s pregnant and tears up. She tells him to never to betray her again.

At Dragonstone, Davos is taking Gendry to meet Jon. Gendry tells Jon that their fathers were friends and they should be as well. Jon says that he grew up with stories about their dad’s together. Gendry says he only knew that they fought together and won. Gendry tells him that Davos has already told him where Jon is going and wants to go with him.

On the beach outside, Tyrion is watching Jorah load stuff into a boat. He pulls out a coin that the slaver gave the two of them. He gives the coin to Jorah as Daenerys is walking up. She tells Jorah that they should be better at goodbyes but is interrupted by Jon’s approach. Jon jokingly tells her that if he doesn’t make it back, she won’t have the King in the North to worry about anymore.

Back at Old Town, Gilly is reading through some books. She starts telling Sam useless trivia that an old maester recorded, like how many steps are in the Citadel. She asks what an annulment is and starts to tell him that there is a recorded entry of Rhaegar Targaryen having his marriage annulled and being remarried to Lyanna Stark. Sam is already pissed off from earlier and cuts her off, ignoring what she just said. He gets up and heads to the Citadel. Stealing several books, he heads back to their home and loads them all up. They head out of Old Town for the north.

Back at Winterfell, Arya is watching Littlefinger sneak around. While following him, she sees the maester give Littlefinger a copy of a scroll. Then Littlefinger retreats into his room. After he reappears and leaves, Arya breaks into his room. She finds the scroll and reads it.

“Robb, I write to you with a heavy heart. Our good king Robert is dead, killed from wounds he took in a boar hunt. Father has been charged with treason. He conspired with Robert’s brothers against my beloved Joffrey and tried to steal his throne. The Lannisters are treating me very well and provide me with every comfort. I beg you: come to King’s Landing, swear fealty to King Joffrey and prevent any strife between the great houses of Lannister and Stark.” This is the note from way back in season 2. Sansa was forced to write it to stay alive. - Ed

When Arya leaves his room, Littlefinger is hiding around the corner watching and smiling.

Now, to Eastwatch, where Jon, Davos, Jorah and Gendry are meeting with Tormund. Tormund tells them there’s a group of men that they caught that were also trying to go north of the wall. Down in the dungeon, they find the Hound and the Brotherhood. Thoros tells Jon that it doesn’t matter why they all think they are going north, that they are all going for the same reasons.

Finally, we are at the gate that opens underneath the Wall. Our group is standing there with Jon at the head. The gate opens to a fierce cold, snowy wind and Jon looks back at everyone. Without a word, they walk out into the insane storm.

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