Game of Thrones S07E05: Eastwatch Theories and Predictions

After last night’s episode, I had a few of my theories confirmed and a couple others cemented that they will happen. Let’s dive into these theories starting with the ones that were confirmed and move on from there to new ones.

Theories from last week

MD’s Theory from Last Week: Jaime’s Not Dead

I think we probably all knew that they wouldn’t kill Jaime off, but this is GoT. Anything can happen in this show and no one is safe. I’m glad he didn’t get killed off the show as I feel he has a bigger part to play.

MD’s Theory from Last Week: Jon’s Background

We found out that Rhaegar and Lyanna actually were married – meaning that yes, Jon is a legitimate Targaryen. Of course, this also means that Daenerys is Jon’s aunt. Unsure how I feel about that.

MD’s Theory from Last Week: Tyrion and Jaime Reunited

Well, Tyrion ended up getting smuggled into the castle to meet with Jaime about the army of the dead. While Jaime wanted to kill him right away, he did listen and take the info back to Cersei.

MD’s Theory from Last Week: Dickon Tarly

I have to admit that seeing poor Dickon roasted this week made me a little sad. I feel bad that the kid really hadn’t been in battle much and he did save Jaime’s life. But, he was trying to impress his dad, and I think he could have easily kneeled and then plotted against Dany after seeing his dad roasted.

MD’s Theory from Last Week: Drogon, Daenerys’ Favorite Dragon

Thank god I was wrong about this one. I didn’t want to see them kill off or seriously hurt any of the dragons. I know they will again, but I’m so glad this one is still here.

MD’s Theory from Last Week: Arya and Littlefinger

I believe that this theory is now firmly cemented as we saw her following him around and him playing her like a violin. I still believe that Arya will end up killing him in the end, but not before he causes some major problems between her and Sansa. In my Episode 3 theories, I listed that Littlefinger’s hold on Sansa will grow and this seems to be cemented in this episode.

MD’s Theory from Last Week: Tyrion Will Flip Sides

You could see it all over his face the majority of the episode when he’s pleading with Dany for the lives of the captured Lannister soldiers. You can also see it when he’s trying to get Jaime to help convince their sister something worse than Dany is coming. I think that everything that happened this episode only cements this theory that he will flip sides again, I just hope that it doesn’t lead to Daenerys’ death.

New theories from this week

MD’s Theory #1: Jon and the Dragons

Now that we’ve seen Drogon let Jon pet him, I think it is only a matter of time until Jon is soaring across the sky on one. I think it will cement him in Dany’s heart and scare her at the same time until his lineage is revealed. However, I think that this is a certainty that he will end up riding one more than likely to defeat the Night King or at least fight him. I put this as a new theory even though I had done it for episode 3 as well, only because it’s just been further cemented.

MD’s Theory #2: Jon Will Be King of Westeros

Here is my big theory for the rest of the show: I believe that Jon will end up being King of the whole Seven Kingdoms. I can see where things are going with him being a legitimate Targaryen and I can also see where GoT could easily twist some major characters. I mean, we’ve seen them killed off before right? So, what’s to say that they don’t kill off Daenerys?

MD’s Theory #3: Jorah and Tyrion

While Tyrion made a show of giving Jorah the coin for luck this time, I have this sinking feeling in my gut that this friendship may not last long. I can see Tyrion flipping sides and I can easily see Jorah killing him for it. Jorah is still firmly in love with Daenerys, and I don’t see him allowing her to get hurt if he can help it. If Jorah doesn’t kill Tyrion, it may be the other way around. However, I see these two on some type of collision course if Jorah makes it back.

MD’s Theory #4: Jorah Dies in the North

On the other side of that coin, I can also see Jorah not returning from beyond the Wall. They made too big a deal of that coin, so I can see something happening where he is turned into a walker. Of course, this would suck since he just managed to get cured of greyscale. However, I can see someone having to bring the coin home to Tyrion.

MD’s Theory #5: Gendry and Jon

I can easily see these two becoming great friends like their fathers were. I see them doing some major damage in the north and beyond. However, I see the tables flipping and Jon ruling with Gendry as his hand instead of how their fathers’ set up was.

MD’s Theory #6: Cersei’s Baby

Since the old witch told her she’d have 3 kids and they’d all die, I don’t see this one being born or at least being born healthy. I can see her losing the baby or it being born a dwarf or with some other problems that she’s always hated Tyrion for. No happiness for the queen of the cold heart.

MD’s Theory #7: Sam Will Find Out Too Much

I think that with Gilly reading and finding information, Sam will have almost too much help in finding out too much about Jon and the Night King. Hopefully, it will help them defeat the latter and help Jon realize that he really isn’t a bastard after all before it’s too late.

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