Game of Thrones S07E06: Beyond the Wall — Recap

Wow, if you weren’t traumatized a little by last night’s episode, I’m not sure you’re a true Game of Thrones fan. Here’s your recap of Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall.

We start out with our heroic group headed into the snowy north. The guys all laugh and joke about how the north and south are different and how the wildlings keep warm. Then Jon and Tormund have a deeper conversation about how this battle will end if Daenerys doesn’t help them with the Night King. Tormund tells Jon that the King Beyond the Wall never kneeled either and look how many people had to die for his pride. Then Thoros picks on poor Gendry, asking if he’s still mad they sold him. Gendry is mad still and then whines a little. The Hound calls him out on his whining, which is pretty funny, and finally Thoros gives Gendry a swig of his flask and they move on.

Jon and Jorah talk about their fathers. Jon tells Jorah the first time he came north of the wall was with the elder Mormont, who was the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Jorah asked if Jon was there when he died, and Jon tells him no, but everyone that had a part in it finally got what they deserved. Jorah tells Jon that his father, Ned, was a good man, even if he wanted to execute Jorah. Then they pause and Jon tries to give Longclaw (his sword) back to Jorah since it was in the Mormont family for generations. Jorah tells him that his father gave it to Jon and he needs to keep it.

Down at Winterfell, Arya is looking out over the courtyard when Sansa comes up behind her. They talk about their father and how Arya always wanted to train with the boys. She tells Sansa about Ned secretly watching her shooting Bran’s bow one time and clapping for her when she hit the bullseye finally. Then they talk about how Arya has the scroll Sansa was forced to write, basically telling Rob Stark that their dad was a traitor. Sansa says that she was forced to write it but Arya won’t listen. She tells Sansa how she saw how dressed up she was when they beheaded Ned, and Sansa is amazed that Arya was there. Sansa then turns it on Arya and asks why she didn’t do anything. Arya tells her at least she didn’t betray her whole family. Sansa then gets worried about what Arya will do with the scroll. Arya realizes that she’s not worried about Jon seeing it, Sansa is worried about the Lords of the North seeing it and going home.

Back beyond the wall and our group is moving still. This part cracked me up with the Hound and Tormund going back and forth a little. The Hound tells Tormund that he hates gingers, and Tormund replies that they are fire-kissed, just like the Hound. Then Tormund tells the Hound that he hopes he gets out of here so he can return to his woman, then starts to describe Brienne. Of course, the Hound knows her and laughs that Tormund is in love with her. Tormund says that he wants to make giant babies that will take over the world with her. Jon and Beric have a discussion about what the Lord of Light wants from them since he brought them both back from the dead. Then, the arrowhead mountain that the Hound saw in his vision comes into view and they know they’re close.

Then we go to Dragonstone, where Dany is telling Tyrion that she is tired of heroes who run off and do stupid things. Tyrion calls her out on having feelings for Jon, which she denies. Then they talk about meeting Cersei, Cersei laying traps and so on. Tyrion then tells Daenerys that he’s worried about what will happen after she’s gone and she takes it that he’s already planning her death. She tells him they’ll worry about who succeeds her when she wears the crown.

Now to a seriously crazy part beyond the wall. The group is caught in a crazy blizzard and sends a scout ahead. In the distance, a bear-shape appears. As it approaches, Gendry sees it has blue eyes. Then the bear attacks. World of Warcraft players, here is the real life version of your undead bears – seriously. They even set it on fire. It’s epic. It takes out a lot of their extra guys and then ends up getting Thoros. They cauterize his wounds and then get him up and going again.

At Winterfell, Sansa is telling Littlefinger about the scroll and Arya. He’s pretending he has no idea what she’s talking about and then puts more of a wedge between her and Arya by giving Sansa the idea Arya could hurt her. He tells her that Brienne could end up intervening if either girl tried to hurt the other.

Beyond the wall, the group is still walking and joking. Tormund stops them and then he and Jon creep up to peek over an outcropping of rocks. Right down below is a small group of walkers led by one of the knights. The group sets up a trap by placing a fire to distract them. When the walkers stop, the group ambushes them. However, it’s not as easy as they thought. Jon finally slices the knight in half and all of the walkers but one dies. They then realize that if they kill the leader who made the walkers, they will all die. The tag and bag the only one left alive, but not before it lets out a horrendous scream. The group pauses to look up and sees the horde of the dead bearing down on them.

Jon tells Gendry he has to run back to the wall and send a raven to Daenerys to come asap with her dragons, that she’s their only hope. Gendry takes off at full speed toward the wall while the others scoop up their prize and lead the horde the other way. They run across a frozen area until they start to hear the ice crack beneath their weight. They pause until they realize the horde isn’t stopping. So they book it to an outcropping of rocks in the middle of the frozen lake. The horde starts to circle around as they come closer. Finally, one of the extras that is with the group lags behind too far and is jumped on by a couple of walkers. That’s all that’s needed to break the ice. The whole front line of the horde goes down into the icy water. This freezes the rest of the horde in place and our group is safe for now.

Now we see Gendry running at a crazy speed still, headed toward the wall. About the time he can’t go any further, he sees the wall and keeps going just a little further. Finally, he gives out and falls and we hear the comforting sound of the gate opening. Davos is out and grabbing Gendry off the ice asking where the others are. Gendry manages to tell them they need to send a raven now.

Night falls and our group is stuck on the rocks without heat. In the morning, they find that Thoros is dead and use his liquor and the brotherhood’s flaming swords to burn his body. Jon tells Beric that Daenerys is their only chance now but Beric says that if they can kill the Night King, that will kill all the rest. Of course, Beric doesn’t know that they have to bring a walker back to show Cersei either.

At Winterfell, Sansa has gotten a raven with an invitation to King’s Landing. Instead of going, she makes Brienne go – which is what Littlefinger wants. Brienne doesn’t want to leave Sansa there without protection. However, Sansa is really just hateful to her and makes her go.

On Dragonstone, we see Daenerys has gotten the raven and is headed for her dragons. Tyrion is begging her not to go. She tells him she won’t sit and do nothing this time. She takes off, leaving him standing there on the cliff.

Back beyond the wall, the Hound gets bored and starts chunking rocks at the horde. The first rock smacks a particularly nasty looking guy in the jaw and knocks his jaw off. The second rock lands a little short and slides in front of that same guy. The ice doesn’t crack. Now he’s let the horde know they can come get them. I really wanted to just punch the Hound for this move. Now our group is locked in an epic battle with the walkers, one that is too similar to the Battle of the Bastards where they are just getting overrun. Tormund goes down but manages to get back up. Jon ends up standing there, watching everything in slow motion again, just like the Bastard battle.

Just in time, Daenerys flies over with her dragons, just obliterating everything around the group. As two continue to fly over and kill everything, she lands Drogon where our group is. They start to load up, but Jon has to fight off some walkers. He gets separated from them and yells for them to go. Then the Night King is handed a spear by one of his knights and he throws it – hitting one of the dragons and killing it. It crashes into the icy lake and sinks. The look on Daenerys’ face is just heartbreaking. Jon gets pulled under the ice and Dany takes off as the Night King has another spear and is about to throw it. He barely misses Drogon as they take off and they almost lose Jorah. If the Hound hadn’t caught him, they would have.

Jon comes up out of the ice as the walkers are headed away. One of them sees him and they turn around to head back. Just as they are about to run him down, Benjen comes out of nowhere and saves him. He throws Jon on his horse and tells him to go, then Benjen disappears into the horde.

At the wall, Daenerys and Jorah are standing in one of the lookouts. He tells her they need to go and she insists on waiting a bit longer. As they finally turn away, the horn sounds and a horse appears below. They put Jon on the boat and start to take off, back to Dragonstone. They crack Jon’s frozen clothing off and Daenerys sees all of the stab wounds from when the Night’s Watch killed him.

Again to Winterfell and we see Sansa in Arya’s room, searching for the scroll. Instead, she finds a bag of faces under Arya’s bed, including Walder Frey’s face. Arya comes in and Sansa demands to know what they are. Arya tries to play the game of faces with her but Sansa keeps insisting on knowing what they are. So Arya tells her. Then she tells her that all she needs is Sansa’s face to walk around Winterfell as her. Sansa tries to threaten her that there are men here who will protect her. Arya walks over to her with a dagger, but then hands it to Sansa and leaves.

On the boat, Jon wakes up to Dany sitting next to him. He tells her he is so sorry and wishes he could take it all back and never ask her to come. She says that if she hadn’t come, she wouldn’t have seen the walkers. He tells her he’d bend the knee for her now but kind of can’t.

One last time beyond the wall and we see the walkers pulling the dragon out of the water with huge chains. The Night King walks over and kneels in front of it. He touches it with his hand and as the camera pans around, it’s eye opens a bright blue.

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