Game of Thrones S07E06: Beyond the Wall — Theories and Predictions

After episode 6 last Sunday, I have to admit that I’m feeling a bit better about some predictions I’ve made and I’m really curious how the finale will go. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait. So, let’s see what predictions we can cross off the list from last week and new ones that have come up:

My previous theories

MD’s theory from last week: Jon Will Be King

Another one I’m leaving alone and I’ll expand on why in another theory below. However, I am still firmly set that he will end up on the throne and events and dialogue from this last episode has only cemented this in my head.

MD’s theory from last week: Jon and the Dragons

Now that we are down to only two dragons, the likelihood of Jon riding the other one is pretty high. I’m going to leave this prediction alone for now because I’m about 100% sure this will happen at some point. I don’t think that it will be this season however, I’m assuming that it will be season 8 when this finally happens.

MD’s theory from last week: Jorah Dies in the North

WRONG Thank goodness I was wrong about this. I was really worried, especially after Jon tried to give him back his father’s sword. Then we almost lost him off the dragon as they took off from the lake – I held my breath for too long there. I’m so glad that I was wrong about this one because why go through all the effort of Sam saving him to kill him like that. But, this is Game of Thrones.

MD’s theory from episode 4: Arya and Littlefinger

While I see the rift that he’s putting between Sansa and Arya, I can also see that Arya isn’t dumb. She hates the man and he’s on her list. She’s watched him whispering in the ears of those in Winterfell. She found the scroll in his room. I think it’s only a matter of time before she puts his treachery together and realizes that it’s not Sansa she needs to hate – it’s Littlefinger. I’m still firmly believing that Arya is going to kill him with that dagger, however, I’d love to see Sansa do it.

Theories from this week

Now let’s get into some new theories after this last episode and there is SO much to go through.

MD’s Theory: Dragon Battle

Ok, let’s start with the obvious one: we’re going to bear witness to an epic dragon battle in the sky. You know it, I know it. However, I’m truly hoping that we see two things here: Jon on the other dragon and no more dragon deaths. No lie, killing the dragon this past weekend just hurt my heart. I cannot wait to see the Night King on his new dragon mount and I cannot wait to see the dragon battle that will surely come. The downside of this is that I’m worried my next prediction will happen with this battle.

MD’s Theory: We Lose Daenerys

Yes. I said it. There was WAY too much talk this episode about losing her and her never being able to bear children. Game of Thrones is going to kill our Khaleesi and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it. I also think that this will come while she’s on the back of her favorite baby. With this past week’s episode, I’m going to put my money on her dying during the battle with the Night King, not with Cersei. I just hope that we don’t lose another dragon out of it. This theory also plays into my theory from last week: Jon Will Be King. I think that we’ll learn about Jon’s background and he’ll ride a dragon before we lose our beloved Dany, but Jon will end up being king.

MD’s Theory: The Night King’s Death

I’m going to revise a theory here about who kills the Night King. While I’d love to see him die in an epic dragon battle, I think the dude is too tough and too smart. What I don’t think he’s going to expect is Beric. There’s too much talk in episode 6 about Beric and Jon being brought back for a reason. There’s also the scene where we see that all the walkers made by a knight will die if the knight dies. So, if the Night King dies, then it stands to reason that they would all die. Beric has figured this out and has that badass flaming sword to go along with it. I’m putting my money on Beric killing the Night King at this point. However, I think Beric’s going to die doing it.

MD’s Theory: Sansa and Arya

I’m beginning to get worried that Littlefinger has put too big a rift between our beloved Stark sisters. Both are tough in their own rights, and now that Sansa has made Brienne leave Winterfell, there is no one to stop them from fighting. I’m not sure that Arya would ever betray her sister, but she also feels that Sansa has betrayed their entire family, so that may negate Arya’s loyalties. Here’s what I’m worried about and I could see this happening in our wonderful Game of Thrones: Arya kills Sansa and then wears her face to kill Littlefinger. I don’t think they would do this, however, it’s a probable theory.

MD’S Theory: Littlefinger and Sansa

I think that Littlefinger has put enough of a rift between the Stark sisters and he has been showing Sansa that she has weak spots long enough. Without Brienne there to guide her and Arya not willing to help, I’m really worried Littlefinger is going to get what he wants: a marriage to Sansa. He wants to rule Winterfell and the lords under it to add to the Vale and all the lords that he’s over there. That would be two houses under his rule and give him a pretty large army to march against anyone on the throne.

MD’s Theory: Tormund and Brienne

Oh man, is this one that I’d love to see! I’ve already made the prediction about these two, especially with the way that he looks at her. After hearing how he’s just head over heels for her, I truly hope that they do get to make giant babies at some point. I love both of these characters to pieces, and seeing this crazy giant super fighter romance would be awesome.

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