Game of Thrones S07E07: The Dragon and The Wolf — Recap

While not as action-packed as last week’s episode, the season finale of Game of Thrones still leaves us so much to ponder over as we wait almost a year for the next and final season. So, let’s dive into the recap of Game of Thrones: The Dragon and The Wolf, season 7, episode 7.

The episode starts at King’s Landing, where we see the Unsullied standing in their perfect formations around the castle walls. Bronn and Jaime are getting ready for an attack, even though Daenerys is just there for the meeting with Cersei. In come the Dothraki, riding between the Unsullied and showing off. Out in the harbor, Euron Greyjoy’s fleet is just overwhelming the bay with its show of force while Tyrion, Jon and everyone else but Daenerys sails in on four small ships.

Once they land on shore, the group is led to the ancient colosseum where the Targaryens kept their dragons later on. They meet up with Bronn and his small band of soldiers, who also have Brienne and Podrick with them. Tyrion and Podrick say hello after all this time. Bronn and Tyrion have some fun back and forth. And then we have Brienne and the Hound, who both seem to be a little happy to see the other and the Hound is happy that Arya is ok and back at Winterfell.

In the arena, tents have been set up for everyone to sit at to discuss crap. Bronn tells Podrick that they should go “so the fancy people can talk” and they head off. Tyrion and the Hound stand nervously, looking at all the Lannister soldiers around them. Finally, Cersei and her group come in. Brienne says hi to Jaime and the Hound sees his brother for the first time in a very long time. After they are all seated, Cersei is pretty irritated that Daenerys isn’t there yet. The Hound steps right out in front of everyone and approaches where Cersei is sitting. The Mountain comes out to face him. The Hound tells him he’s pretty damn ugly now and asks what they did to him.

Then comes in Daenerys on her massive dragon. She makes a huge entrance, but the show makes it clear that there are only two dragons flying around. She gets off her dragon and comes to sit in the chair saved for her. Cersei gets pissy that she’s late, and Daenerys apologizes. Then, Tyrion steps out to start the ball rolling. Before he can get very far, Euron stands up and pokes fun at his size. Then Euron tells Theon that he needs to submit to him right then or Yara is dead. Theon doesn’t answer. Cersei tells Euron to sit back down and shut up. Tyrion tries to talk a bit more but Cersei isn’t really letting him. So Jon finally gets up and talks.

As he’s talking, the Hound brings in the box with their hard-earned prize. It takes him a moment to get all of the latches and such undone, and when the thing doesn’t come out, he kicks the box over. The walker launches out and scream-runs straight for Cersei. The Hound manages to grab its chain and pull it back just before it reaches her. The look on her face is one we never see – fear. The thing runs back toward the Hound, who cuts it in half. It keeps moving and everyone who hasn’t seen these guys yet is just amazed. Jon slices off its hand and shows them that they can’t be killed or hurt normally. Qyburn comes out to inspect the hand since he’s a fan of zombifying people anyway. Jon shows them you can burn them or you can use dragonglass to kill them.

Daenerys then tells them there’s an army of these things coming down from the north. Jaime asks how many and she says at least one hundred thousand. His face shows a major shock and fear as well. Then Euron gets up and tells them this is more than asked for and asks if they can swim. When Jon says no, Euron says he’s sailing out with his ships to the islands. He then tells Daenerys that she should go back to her island too and stay there and then they’ll be the only two alive once this is over. He leaves and Cersei tells Daenerys that she’ll agree to the truce since there’s a bigger threat. Then she says that she’ll pull her armies back if Jon agrees not to take sides. He tells her he can’t lie and that he’s already pledged his loyalty to Daenerys. This pisses her off and she tells them to screw that, she’s out and she won’t honor the truce now. She leaves. Brienne tries to get Jaime to talk to Cersei. Daenerys is a bit mad at Jon for not lying just a little. And Tyrion makes the decision to go talk to his sister.

The Mountain leads Tyrion back to his sister’s chamber where Jaime is waiting. Jaime tells him that she kicked him out for trying to talk to her about it. Tyrion goes in and she’s just hateful to him. After they talk about how he ruined their family and he tells her to go ahead and have the Mountain kill him, he realizes that she’s pregnant and manages to talk to her about more important things.

At the meeting area, the others are waiting. Daenerys and Jon talk about the dragons and what they used to do in the arena. Daenerys again mentions that she can’t have kids and Jon asks why she believes the old witch who told her that. Then Tyrion comes back in, with Cersei and her crew behind him. Cersei tells him that she will honor the truce but she won’t pull her armies back – instead, she’ll have them march north to help with the real threat. (Remember a couple of episodes ago when Cersei said she’ll befriend Daenerys and then stab her in the back? I do.)

Anyway, back up at Winterfell, Littlefinger is pushing Sansa once more to get Arya out of here. He’s giving her a lesson about figuring out people’s motives, telling her he always imagines the worst motives possible that someone could have. Then he tries to convince Sansa that Arya is there to kill her and become the Lady of Winterfell.

At Dragonstone, Daenerys and the others are talking about going north. Jon wants Daenerys to sail with him to show that they are a united front. Jorah thinks this is a horrible idea and that she should fly there, above the reach of arrows. Jon manages to convince her to sail with him. After the meeting, Theon talks to Jon and tells him he is sorry for everything. Jon says that he forgives him and Theon tells him he has to go save Yara.

Down at the beach, Theon finds the remainder of the fleet that Yara brought with them to meet with Daenerys. The captain makes fun of Theon and tells him to go away. Instead, Theon keeps telling them they have to go save Yara. After a pretty good fight where Theon just gets pummeled, the captain tells him to stay down or he’ll kill him. Theon keeps getting up. He goes to tackle the captain, who catches him and tries to knee him in the nuts. Theon is sporting no goods there anymore, so he kind of laughs and then turns the tables. He beats the captain unconscious and the men finally decide to follow him to save Yara.

Back at Winterfell, Sansa is standing on the snowy ramparts and tells a guard there to have Arya brought to the great hall. In the great hall, Sansa and Bran are sitting at the head of the table, with knights all around the room. Littlefinger is standing to the side, as normal, pleased with himself at what he’s managed to do. Arya comes in and is pretty smug about why they are there. Sansa begins to read a list of charges including murder and treason. Then, she says that they are charges against Littlefinger – not Arya. He is amazed and begins to try to talk his way out of it. When Sansa won’t listen and turns all his words back on him, he orders the knights of the Vale to take him out of there. They refuse. Sansa sentences him to death and Arya just walks up and slits his throat. He dies right there on the floor of the great hall.

In King’s Landing, Jaime is meeting with his commanders to get ready to march north. Cersei comes in and tells them she has to talk to Jaime. After they leave, she begins to accuse Jaime of betraying her. She tells him she has no intention of going north, that she’s going to let all the monsters fight it out and then deal with what’s left. Jaime tells her that if they don’t help, there won’t be anything left. She says that she bought an army with the gold from Highgarden and that Euron didn’t leave because he was a coward. He left to go pick up her army and bring them here, that he still wants his queen. This really hurts Jaime. He tells her that if she really thinks he betrayed her, to go ahead and have him killed. She even nods to the Mountain who pulls his sword. Jaime walks right past him and tells her “I don’t believe you”. She just watches him go.

While Jaime is riding out of the city, snow starts to fall.

We finally get to see Sam and Gilly, who are arriving at Winterfell. Sam goes to meet with Bran. Both men have information about Jon’s heritage, Sam knows that Jon is a true Targaryen and Bran knows his true name: Aegon. Aegon was the first Targaryen king and the name given to the most powerful Targaryen men.

Sailing toward the north, Jon goes to Daenerys’ room on the ship. She opens the door and he goes in. They have a pretty good little sex scene here. While it’s something everyone has been waiting for, it’s still a little gross since they are aunt and nephew. Tyrion is watching Jon go into her room from down the hall with a weird look on his face.

On the ramparts of Winterfell, Arya and Sansa are talking. Arya tells her that she did the right thing and that she’s always been the better Lady. Then they talk about how they miss Ned, and quote some of the things he used to say about how the lone wolf dies in the winter but the pack survives.

Now we see Bran out under the tree, using ravens to see the Wall. Tormund and Beric are on a lookout when they see the undead army begin to appear in the trees below. The horn sounds. The undead march out to a certain spot and then just stop. A crazy sound makes Tormund and Beric look up and they see the Night King on his new undead dragon mount. Tormund screams at everyone to run. The Night King has his dragon shoot out insane blue flames at the wall and begins to just demolish it. Men are falling off the wall everywhere. We see Tormund and Beric jump to the side as a huge bolt of blue flames bears down on them.

The Night King then focuses fire on one area and blows a hole through the wall. The whole end of the wall crumbles and crashes to the ground. After everything settles, the undead army just casually walks on through the hole as the Night King flies overhead.

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