Will Hacked Game of Thrones Leaks Damage the Show?

If you haven’t heard already, there has been a huge cyber attack at HBO and Game of Thrones scripts have been ripped from their iron safes and released. Some GoT lovers don’t want to know and want to be surprised when they watch the show tonight (and the next couple of episodes). However, others, have already scoured through the scripts and released them online in several different places that have lit up like ‘wildfire’ around the web. However, it got me to consider the possibility of how these leaks might affect the show if the surprise is taken away. Isn’t that one of the main reasons that we love the show in the first place?

I know what you’re thinking: ‘oh, other shows have had scripts and scenes hacked and they did ok’. Yes, you’re right, however, they were not the powerhouse that Game of Thrones is. They also didn’t build their whole reputation on the craziness of slaughtering people at the drop of a hat and the insane changes that keep us on the edge of our seats. So, my question is legit and truthfully, a bit worrisome.

Being a huge Game of Thrones fan, I worry what these leaks will do to the remainder of the season. Suddenly all of the surprise is gone, the wind stolen from the show’s sails, and it steals the magic of the show for those that have read the scripts. That element of ‘what the hell will happen’ is now gone, cheapening the show to the level that others sit at currently. A level that Game of Thrones has flown so far above I personally never thought it would falter.

However, my worry for this season is only shadowed by my worry for next season. If the scripts were to be leaked for season 8 – would there be any point in watching it? We all love to speculate, from theories, revise said theories and create whole other tales of fan fiction and more from the show. If we already know what’s going to happen, will it be as great as it is now? I mean, even those of us that read the books still had surprises when they made variations from the story line – even if it did piss us off at times. Now, we are firmly flung off the cliff without the books to prop us up and everything is new.

Here is what really makes me angry: what is the point of hacking and then releasing the scripts? Just to be cool? Just for the hits on their websites or channels? I did see where the hackers are threatening to release more if they aren’t paid a ransom. Seriously? I guess that I just don’t see the purpose of hacking HBO and ruining the magic spell that they’ve cast over the world.

Truthfully, I was torn between checking out some of the leaks and ignoring them. In the end, curiosity won out and I ended up checking out the leaked scenes for Episode 5. Mainly I wanted to see if the leaks were true after I watch the episode tonight. However, as I started to watch a video that went through a complete rundown of what the script includes, I got past the first small part, (mainly seeing if Jaime lives or dies – I’ve already said in my theories here on BeepWee that I don’t think they’ll kill him off yet), I had to stop.

I decided that I don’t want to know. I don’t want to cheapen the show I love so much just because of my curiosity. I don’t want that controlling part of me to win out and ruin everything for the rest of me. I hope that you do the same. However, if you don’t and you have to know, there is no shortage of sites offering up the scripts. I don’t want to promote them ruining the show, so I’m not going to post any here.

I truly hope that these leaks will not damage the show, but I have to admit that I can already see a little of it. Those of us that post theories about the show now have people that will be able to instantly tell us if we’re wrong or not versus letting us find out for ourselves. Those that have made a huge deal of the leaks have ruined parts of the show by revealing mega secrets. They’ve taken away the thunder of those insane battles, backstabbing, deaths and more by releasing them early, instead of letting them come out with the show which then almost breaks the internet.

It’s like the Dothraki army screaming toward the Lannister army without that huge dragon soaring over them.

Trying not to melt away in the heat of Oklahoma, MD Weems has been a writer and artist for over 20 years. Her written works over all types of gaming have been used in college level game design textbooks as well as in US Patents over virtual character design. She has worked with gaming companies all over the world and is even cool enough to have her own Korean cartoon character.