Elvira Launches Her Own Clothing Line and It’s Epic

For us 70’s babies, we grew up watching Elvira in the 80’s with corny movies like “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”. She was everywhere during the 80’s. While it might seem that her popularity isn’t as grand as it was then, she’s still kept her iconic status in the horror world after all these years. Now, she’s finally broke the internet and launched her own clothing line. Curious? I thought so. Here’s the scoop on the Mistress of the Dark’s new line:

After making her way into Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and launching new comic books this year, Elvira has not been sitting back and taking her time off. Instead, she’s been working with the CEO of Pinup Girl, Laura Byrnes, and built a gorgeous new line of clothing inspired by Elvira’s iconic look. The new line is called ‘Elvira for Couture For Every Body’ and it even carries Elvira’s seal of approval.

The dresses are all obviously cleavage-flaunting pieces, or they wouldn’t be true Elvira style, right? And they all are done in an extremely classy way that they can be worn as a formal gown or just out on the town. One of the things that my inner horror nerd loves the most is that they aren’t just created for super tiny models – instead, they come in sizes ranging from XS (extra small) to 4X.

The new clothing line just launched over the August 26-27th weekend in California and already has been getting great reviews – especially from those in the horror fields and those that love the 80’s icon herself. The dresses range in price right now from $130 to $190 during the launch sale. The Pinup Girl Clothing site also has listings for several different Elvira styled hair pieces and promises more designs coming soon. So, if you’re an Elvira fan, or just need a super sexy Elvira inspired gown, here is your chance to channel your inner horror movie icon.

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