Talking Kitty Cat

Who doesn’t love finding a good new Youtube channel to waste their time binge-watching? Youtube is quick and easily accessible from just around anywhere you can get a cell signal. The best part of this just might be the huge variety of cute animals available at your fingertips. No matter what type of animals you love there are sure to be several videos of them just doing things to make you go Awwww. This time around we are going to go for the internet’s favorite animal the cat. Only this time we are throwing the most of the cuteness out in exchange for a slightly deranged black cat that just wants to kill his housemates.

The Storyline

The videos all follow a storyline that started about 9 years ago when the owner of the channel decided to film his cat, Sylvester. The cat was given a voice over created by Steve and became an internet sensation as a slightly evil cat that just wants the house to himself. As the series went on new animals got adopted and added into the show, further fueling the plot and Sylvester’s irritation towards his life. So, far there have been 3 other animals and a pack of kittens that have come to live with Sylvester.

The story is drug alone in two different forms the main videos and the ones depicting Sylvester’s diary entries. The diary entries recap the episodes from Sylvester’s point of view. These diaries reveal more about Sylvester’s backstory as well, and even details how he escaped from hell to be reborn twice. The main videos are uploaded about once a month and show how life has been going in the animal’s home. While these videos aren’t frequent they are up to about 58 episode plus the diary entries now giving you a perfect excuse to go ahead and binge the series.

Going back to Sylvest he has quite a few defining character traits. One of the biggest is his love for wet food and catnip. Sylvester loves to get high on catnip and has even overdosed himself in a past life. Because of his severe addiction, Steven has had to hide his stash from him and uses it only when he needs to bribe Sylvester for information. Sylvester is also highly attached to his diary which looks like scribbles to everyone else but him. If anything happens to it he becomes incredibly angry and starts writing on post-it notes.

Next, the storyline has an antagonist named Todd who was Sylvester’s previous owner. Todd is called in when Sylvester is trying to get the other animals in the house killed. It is stated that Todd was Sylvester’s favorite owner because he would give the cat whatever he wanted whenever he asked for it. The other cat’s in the house are shown to tremble at the mention of Todd’s name.

The Other Characters

Stever is the owner of the house and the slave to the animals. Although he may not know he is their slave yet, he answers to their wishes. He is very protective over the other animal and often argues with Sylvester about his wrongdoings. Steve also is the one who keeps bringing in other animals causing more chaos to ensue in the house. He is known to make deals with Sylvester frequently much to his own dismay.

Gibson is the first cat to walk into Sylvester’s life. This cat can only say the words “help” and “Todd.” He is a fluffy cat who later fathered children in the show. He is shown to be terrified of most things and is one of the most innocent characters on the show. Sadly, Gibson is only around to the upper 30’s in the episodes.

Shelby Gurl doesn’t do all the much in the show. She isn’t able to talk about the cats and mostly does dog-like things. Sylvester still hates her and wants her gone with a passion. At the time Steve has tried to use her to get rich on Youtube.

Random Kitty showed up in the backyard one day and wouldn’t leave. She was Gibson’s mate and had a litter of kitten by him. She doesn’t really speak all that well and is known to just make random noises. She is the weirdest animal out of the bunch and had to be hidden from Sylvester’s when she was first found by Steve.

Gibbyson is the Gibson’s son. He was born after Steve forgot to neuter Gibson and brought Random Kitty into the household. Gibbyson seems to be more towards the evil side of things and is currently learning to talk. Steve is pushing Sylvester to be a good role model towards him, which has caused some interesting problems to pop up.

Jessica has been working with the gaming industry for about two years now. She enjoys playing quirky Japanese games and learning about the newest trivia in the industry. When not working with games you may find her chilling with her naked cat Prince Noko... he's pretty cool we guess.