FIFA 18 VS PES 2018

Football or Soccer fans are amongst the most passionate and boisterous fans of any medium when it comes to showing their support. Fierce rivalries extend to more than just what happens on the pitch and one of the most heated contest revolves around video games and one simple question. Which is the better game, FIFA 18 or PES 2018?

Every year we get a new game in the series. A new game with updates to the player base, their statistics, and slight, sometimes questionable gameplay changes. Over the years these two giants of the football video game world have slogged it out for the title of ‘the best’ and despite FIFA outselling its opponent, this doesn’t always point to the best game.

Here at Beepwee, we have decided to have our very own clash of the titan’s matchup. Analysing both games and giving you low down on what we think takes this year’s footballing crown.

The Football

When it comes to how both of these games perform on the pitch, which is what you will spend most of your time doing, it’s a tough one to call. The way both games play football, the passing, the movement and dribbling can really be down to the player and how they feel when controlling it.

Passes look and feel very different on both games, but for me personally, I love the slick and quick style of PES. FIFA’s footballing gameplay has always felt somewhat robotic like for me, whereas PES feels more natural.

PES is fluid in both its player movement, it’s passing, shooting and dribbling. I also feel like it looks more realistic than FIFA on the pitch, physically. FIFA can have players perform all manner of unrealistic passes. Yes, PES can too slightly, but nowhere near the style in which FIFA does.

Crossing the ball is a big part of what made me prefer PES’s gameplay, as it just looks a lot more realistic. Heading the ball was very overpowered on PES 17 and it’s pleasing to know this has been turned down.

What I would say about FIFA’s gameplay is that dribbling and performing tricks is a lot easier than it is on PES. This can be looked at one of two ways; either that with PES its more realistic that tricks and flicks are harder to do, or that dribbling and tricks are just better on FIFA. I’d possibly go with the latter. Yes, tricks aren’t easy to do in real life, but I’m playing as Ronaldo here, I should be able to skin my opponent left and right.

When it comes to the footballing aspect of the game, I’m giving this one to PES.

PES 1 – FIFA 0

Game Modes

Game modes are where this argument gets a little tricky. Some people out there live and die for FIFA’s ultimate team. In this instance, PES can’t compete with FIFA here.

There seem to be far more popular and different game modes on FIFA than there is on PES and this is in part due to the continuation of FIFA 17 The Journey mode. The inclusion of an interactive RPG style story has been as much as a hit as FIFA Ultimate Team was when it launched, and rightfully so. On the other hand, you have PES unrivaled Master League which allows you to build your own squad of nobodies into world champions and title winners.

The question to ask yourself when comparing the modes available on both of these games is ‘what do you want to play?’ If you’re just looking to play as a random team and win leagues then PES and FIFA offer the same in that regard. If you’re looking to pit yourself against real people on the Internet, then it’s FIFA you should be getting.

FIFA seems to offer a far more boutique experience for football fans, and this extends from its RPG like mode The Journey all the way to having an abundance of licensed football teams, in multiple leagues available to play in. This brings me on to our next point, but for I do this, I think this round goes to FIFA for the sheer options you have over PES.

PES 1 – FIFA 1

The Look

If you’re looking for fully licensed teams, with real kits, some real stadiums and some real football chants then look no further than FIFA 18. This is FIFA’s biggest selling point when comparing it to the PES series I think and it’s something they have always had over the folks at Konami.

FIFA has all the licenses, everything you see is true to club and country and often endorsed by certain clubs themselves. If you’re looking for that genuine experience of kits and players, it’s FIFA you want.

PES offers something a bit different, but with its own charm. Yes, PES does not and probably never will have all the licenses FIFA has. But the character models and the animations of the players themselves are much better than FIFA’s. PES does have the luxury of having a few fully licensed teams in the game and when you see the level of details on both kits and players, it makes you wish the rest of the teams in the game were licensed.

This one was a tough one to call, so I decided to leave it at the stalemate and let you decide for yourself.

Final Score: PES 1 – FIFA 1


As you can see, each game offers a completely different experience but I feel you can sum them up in a few sentences.

If you want to play attractive football, with slick passing and an overall more realistic experience, then you want PES 18 this year. The play on the field is unrivaled in the world of video games and with more and more licenses coming on board, there’s no better time to start playing PES than now.

If you want the fully licensed players, with an abundance of football teams and leagues to choose from then FIFA 18 is the game for you. Its online play and game modes are second to none when it comes to football video games. With almost every mode you’d want in a football game and plenty of players to play them in, FIFA offers you the most genuine football experience.

Now that you’ve heard what we have to say it’s time for you to make your own decision and pick your footballing game of 2017.

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