How Destiny Feels to a First Time Player

I have to admit I paid maybe, 20 minutes of the first Destiny years after it came out. Sure, I had tons of friends who got into the craze, but I also heard a lot of complaints about the initial lack of content. Because of this, I focused more on games like Overwatch for my multiplayer experiences. As Destiny 2 approached, however, everyone I knew who played the game was bugging me to give the game a chance. So, to everyone’s excitement, I finally caved down and spent my money to bring the game home. I can firmly say that this game is completely not what I was expecting after everything I heard.

Playing The First Mission

The first mission I played was pretty solid. I didn’t much understand what exactly was going on and in a way, the story to me wasn’t too inviting to newcomers. Either way, the mission was pretty entertaining to go through. I kind of wish you were giving a quick rundown of the first game before venturing off to fight though. This has made me feel a little out of touch with the rest of my friends who already know what’s going on. It also makes me wonder how this is going to go after the servers of the first game go down in a few years.

So, I get through the first mission and learn the controls pretty easy. Overall, Destiny isn’t anything too difficult to learn. The enemies didn’t give much of a challenge at the beginning and the parts that were supposed to be cinematic seemed well done to me. I did have to ask who was who quite a few times, but still nothing too out there for a newcomer to learn. I was a little surprised to learn that the whole game wasn’t multiplayer based on what I had heard from everyone for years. The first few missions you will have to do completely alone so be ready for that if you have been pestered into the game as well.

During the next few missions, my confusion got worse. I didn’t really understand what was up with the light system and still don’t fully get it. I was told that you had two different levels by friends who play the first, but I don’t feel like the game did the best job with laying this down to me. I also can say that I’m not a huge fan of most of the guns I have received up until now. The one I like the most is the Hand Cannon and that’s not something I would generally use during an FPS match. Overall, I was kind of annoyed I couldn’t just jump in with my friends from the beginning. I feel like Destiny one players probably got more out of the story events than I could have thought.

That being said the mission where you finally get your light back is pretty fun. I did find that I like meleeing opponents far more than I like trying to shoot them. I am currently just going to say I have got a bad draw of guns. The ultimates for each class are a pretty cool input to me. I ended up playing the Warlock class, so the flaming sword you get when unleashing your power made my day pretty fast. I do feel a little sad that there aren’t more classes to choose from though. The way people talked about Destiny 2 I kind of expected some new selections to be available to choose from.

Playing Multiplayer

When I finally got to jump into multiplayer I did start to have a little more fun. A lot of my beginning experience was my friend guiding me around and teaching me about the various activities I could do on the map. I did level up rather fast when I was just running around and participating in events with other players. I was a little sad there is so little communication between everyone. With most games like this, I’m used to a chat log being available to communicate on during cooperative events. I feel like Destiny on the Pc may be a little bit more for me than the console versions at this point.

Next, my friend taught me how to do missions. I thought it would just be a list you could choose from, but was quickly proven wrong. To start missions you have to go up to objects and activate them. These objects apparently free up portions of the map you’re already playing on so you can do them. The first time I was given a mission I just ran in a direction and got stuck because I didn’t quite get how everything worked at the time. The missions are pretty straightforward when you get on board with them though. It’s your basic follow the path of enemies to you reach the item or person you are supposed to save.

The Destiny serves themselves do seem very stable which I was surprised to find out. I experience no lag whatsoever on the joint missions and all enemies moved extremely smoothly. I expected the game to be a lot more unstable since it had just launched a month ago, but Bungie did an amazing job with the server control. Even during high traffic times I haven’t experienced one bit of lag unlike most games get. This has made the learning experience with my friends much easier on all of us.

Some issues I was surprised to find I had about the multiplayer was the lack of people you could take into a mission. I always had pictured Destiny as being this huge open game where you can all your friends could take on everything together. When I got online with four of my friend they had to explain that only three of us could play together at a time. It wasn’t even the normal standard of 4 campaign players at once. This made the game lose some points with me and I honestly can’t understand the reasons for this move.

As for the Crucible that I got to play with my whole party, it was an Ok experience. It’s your normal team vs team arena battle. The only real difference is you take the guns you’ve collected into the arena. This can make it a little unfair for newer players like me who have the Hand Canon as their most reliable gun. Still, my team did pretty well and everything did seem balanced. This was the only place anyone experienced lag in the game though. I can see how this can be fun once you get a lot of different guns, but starting out it was nothing that special for me.

The Community

I feel like Destiny is one of those games that is all about the community. Most of the players I encountered seemed like pretty ok guys. I haven’t got any weird messages on PSN which is nice or any random friend requests. I do wish there were more emote options available from the start with this game. Dance does seem to be everyone’s goes to when trying to communicate with you. This does give the community a unique way of expressing themselves.

One of the biggest issues I feel I have on the other hand going into Destiny is what the community told me. Destiny players built an entirely different game up to me than what it actually is. It seems like the players want to pull in as many friends as they can for their fire team and may leave out the fact that this only consists of 3 people during missions. The game is also described to work a lot different than it actually does when trying to play the missions. Overall, Destiny acts a lot more like an MMO than an FPS to me.

I also am a little confused on everyone’s draw to the game. While this game is fun with friends it doesn’t seem like something I could play entirely on my own. The game seems pretty bare bones to me right now, although the expansions could change this. Usually, I easily get sucked into grinding for levels, but Destiny didn’t exactly show me a reason I wanted to do this. I also just don’t think the game is laid out for solo players who are new to the series. This means if you don’t have friends who already play it may be a waste of money for you.

Finishing Thoughts

This game is one I will continue to play with my friends on our off nights. I still don’t think everything in it is something I would do on my own, but I can see how it’s enjoyable for groups who make this their main multiplayer title. I do want to see what the expansions bring to the table, and hopefully, I will get to see some more classes added in that I can try out!

Jessica has been working with the gaming industry for about two years now. She enjoys playing quirky Japanese games and learning about the newest trivia in the industry. When not working with games you may find her chilling with her naked cat Prince Noko... he's pretty cool we guess.