Sony’s Announcements at Paris Games Week

Sony’s Conference at Paris Games Week is over and what’s left in its wake is a wealth of hype and expectation. The conference began and ended with a bang and the many reveals and trailers announced have done nothing but bring promise to Sony’s 2018 releases.

I was already excited for some of Sony’s up and coming projects, but the conference last night only solidified my hopes. The brand new trailers and announcements from both Sony and its third-party studios covered both PS4 and VR games.

If there is anything such as an early Christmas present, this is it. We still have a couple of months left in 2017, but after seeing yesterday’s conference I can no longer wait for 2018.

Here is the breakdown of some of the announcements from Sony yesterday. Check out the trailers and perhaps you’ll want 2018 to come as soon as possible.

Marvels Spider-Man

My personal favorite and a subject I’m very precious about. There have been far too few good Spider-Man games and when I first heard that Insomniac where developing a new Spider-Man game, I allowed myself to be quietly optimistic.

During E3 this year we got our first real glimpse of what this game could be like and I allowed myself to become even more optimistic. Now, with this latest trailer, I’m more certain that I’ve ever been that we will finally have the Spider-Man game we’ve always wanted.

This latest title looks fast-paced, with what looks to be an interesting story that explores the worlds of both Peter and Spider-Man and how that’s balanced. Spider-Man fans have been crying out for a quality produced product like this and all the roads we have seen so far look positive. Here’s hoping I’m not proved wrong.

The Last of Us 2

Naughty Dog has a knack for creating amazing games with expertly crafted stories and that’s showcase nowhere better than in The Last of Us. As we wait for our second installment in the series we get drips of teasers and trailers. This latest edition shows just how Naughty Dog looks to continue the dark and gritty theme from the last game.

The cinematic trailer from yesterday shows no gameplay, but it introduces some new characters that could play a major part in the story to come. The mood has clearly been set and death, torture and of course the clickers are littered throughout. The only thing missing from this latest trailer is our beloved Joel and Ellie.

Shadow of the Colossus

There’s an easy way to describe this trailer – stunning. Shadow of the Colossus also preview at Paris Games Week and following on from the E3 details we saw earlier in the year this looks to be one huge game.

The improved visuals will almost instantly draw you in and the grandiose landscapes do nothing short of making your jaw drop. This could well be one of the most beautiful games we have ever seen.

We also got a release date along with the trailer and the good news is that you won’t have to wait too long for this one. In fact, February 6, 2018, is the date you can finally get your hands on this title.

Detroit: Become Human

The reveal for Detroit: Become Human did not disappoint in any way. The Heavy Rain inspired title looks to be as emotional and as dark as we hoped it would. I love seeing new IPs and I love it, even more, when they look this good.

The gameplay trailer shown at Paris Games Week really gives me hope that this will be another excellent title in PlayStations roster. Expect to face difficult choices and to unravel a deep and meaningful story.

Detroit: Become Human didn’t reveal a concrete release date, but the trailer did state it was coming in 2018. I know I’ll be lining up for my copy and I’m sure my quest for seeing all the endings will be one I’ll remember.

God of War

We have already seen little bits of God of War, but nothing quite like this latest gameplay trailer. Everything is shaping up for God of War to be one of the biggest PlayStation titles ever and from this latest footage, you can see why.

Showing off the combat system seems to be the main focus of this trailer and we get sneak peaks to how Kratos’s son will also interact with the game during fights. Hacking and slashing your way through hordes of enemies never looked better.

I really like how this game is looking and the design choices the developers have made make this world seem more real than ever. There’s nothing quite like seeing Kratos fight in the show, turning the white underneath his feet red.

Again, there is no concrete release date on God of War, but the trailer did state that the game was coming in early 2018. I’d bet that we have this title in our hands well before E3 2018.

Monster Hunter Worlds

I’ve never actually played a Monster Hunter game so when I first saw this announcement at E3 2017 my interest peaked. Due to be released in January 2018, I’m already looking forward to my first Monster Hunter experience.

The trailer is a surprisingly long one and also has a nice little tie in at the end, exclusive to PlayStation players. I won’t spoil it here, but you should watch the trailer to see what I mean.

I’m eagerly anticipating my first journey to a world of Monsters and the gameplay I saw looks like there will be some pretty hefty ones to fight with too. The exact release date of this title is January 26, 2018. We’ve had an early Christmas present and Monster Hunter Worlds is the perfect excuse for a late one.

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