Super Mario Odyssey Review

Super Mario Odyssey is as good a Mario game as you’ll find today. The world’s favorite plumbers latest adventure blew me away at almost every turn and I found myself unable to stop smiling after I’d finished the game.

Even when you finish the main storyline Super Mario Odyssey still has so much you can do. The inventive mechanics will continue to impress throughout and you’ll struggle to find a better-designed game this year.

Complete with the very Mario soundtrack you’ve probably been hoping for, this game has an endless amount of wit and charm. It’s a refined Mario adventure that keeps you smiling throughout.

With lots of new worlds and kingdoms to explore, the big environments on offer are not only rewarding, they’re interesting too. Everything you see and do seems to be justified in a game that would have been easy to get so wrong.

In typical Mario style, Super Mario Odyssey has you on a quest to once again save Princess Peach from Bowser. It’s a tired and overused trope, yes, but Nintendo has gone so far as to try and include a slight twist in the normal plotline this time.

Super Mario Odyssey is also a hunt from Power Moons as much as it is a Princess. Power Moons are Super Mario Odyssey version of stars and are rewarded to you for many different things. They can be collected in the straightforward platforming sense, answering trivia questions and even with some creative exploration.

Boss battles or even simple mistakes that make you stumble onto an area you otherwise wouldn’t have an all yield Power Moons and because there are so many in the game, you’re probably never too far away from one.

With so much to see and lot’s to do in this world, it’s good to know that Mario has some company. Cappy is Mario’s latest sidekick. A living hat with a unique set of mechanics attached to it.

Cappy and Mario are essential on the same quest as Cappy is out to rescue his sister, who happens to be a crown. The very crown Princess Peach was wearing when Bowser captured her.

Cappy not only looks great atop Mario’s head, but he can allow posses and control 52 living creatures in the world. This latest mechanical addition allows for some of the most fun I’ve ever had in a Mario game. Possessing other creatures isn’t just for fun though; it has a much greater purpose. It allows you to call upon their abilities to overcome challenges Mario otherwise wouldn’t be able to. It’s a really interesting addition to the series and it’s done for the right reasons and not just for something a bit different.

Controlling T-Rex’s and Tanks aren’t the only tricks Cappy can offer though. He can also be thrown to collect coins and the boomerang back to you and he also serves as a trampoline to allow Mario to bounce over or up those extended gaps.

The combination between Mario and Cappy, added with the useful and interesting mechanics make this game so easy to admire. For fans of the retro Mario titles, this is likely to be even more admired when they stumble upon the excellently included 8bit retro sections.

The sections fit seamlessly into the world, even when they’re found on things like skyscrapers and ocean floors. They’re smart sections that weren’t nearly as long as I wanted.

Dressing up Mario also seems to be a huge part of Super Mario Odyssey. You can pretty much find any outfit you’d want from past games and even odd cosplay ones. Some costumes even have in-game benefits such as granting access to certain areas easily, but these are rare.

You can purchase costumes at shops throughout the game. Each kingdom will have two shops within them. One of them will take a special currency in coins that are only found within that kingdom. The other shop will take generic coins, which are found in all of the kingdoms.

You might find that some of the costumes you want are locked by the number of Power Moons you have - this where Mario’s replayability is showcased. There are so many Power Moons to collect in Super Mario Odyssey is almost daunting, but this does allow for greater exploration and experimenting with areas.

Power Moons can also unlock challenges towards the end game and when I say challenges, I mean it. These are fun but quite difficult sections that in some cases will have you restart the entire level if you die.

Not only are the mechanics inventive but also controlling Mario himself feels better than ever. He’s responsive and fluid like never before and when you paint him on the backdrop of a beautiful looking game, it all adds up to one fantastic experience.

Super Mario Odyssey has managed to retain its classic appeal that has suited it so well over the years, but this time it’s added a wealth of new mechanics and sidekicks that have further improved its legacy.

This was a bold attempt by Nintendo and I’m so pleased to see it pay off in such a way. Nintendo is really pulling out all the stops with the Switch and Super Mario Odyssey is another fantastic example that their console can compete with any.

Super Mario Odyssey is a shining example in video gaming and it’s one of my favorite Mario adventures yet.

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