The Most Memorable Gaming Deaths

Video games worlds are filled with death. Whether it’s the sprites on screens you devour with your sword or it’s the final boss you punish for making you suffer through the game, death is everywhere.

Some deaths are more memorable than others, and some really hit home. You might remember a death scene because it shocked you, or because it was so shocking you didn’t see it coming. One thing that’s true in all of those special ones is that you don’t forget them.

The chances are you don’t remember the mindless bots you slew in your favorite MMO, but perhaps you do remember these deaths on this list. I’ve picked 5 of my most memorable deaths. For one reason or another these ones stuck with me and often showed me that video games can be more than just fun, they can speak of true conflict with one’s self and challenge your thoughts about what happens when we die.

Let’s have a look my most memorable deaths in gaming, and if you haven’t guessed it already, there are spoilers ahead.

Tidus — Final Fantasy X

The death of Tidus in Final Fantasy X really played with my mind. He is probably my favorite character in all of the Final Fantasy series, despite most of my friends telling me I’m wrong for choosing him. Disagreements aside I don’t think anyone can argue how shocking it was to learn of Tidus’ fate.

Okay, so maybe he didn’t die in the traditional sense, as he was technically already dead. Nonetheless, to hear of his death during the end of the game was tough to take. A dream of love and romance that was doomed to fade in the truest form. It’s not every day a dream can manifest itself into a real human being, only to fall in love and find out he is no longer needed.

Tidus would return in Final Fantasy X-2 if you managed to see that ending, which is by far the least bizarre thing to occur in a Final Fantasy game. Perhaps they should have left the story untouched and as poetic as it was.

Sarah — The Last Of Us

It seems almost ridiculous to think that seeing a character you’ve known for 10 minutes die would affect you so much, but The Last of Us managed to do just that. When Joel’s daughter Sarah dies The Last of Us brought out emotions I didn’t even know where there.

I sat there watching the screen, somber, almost feeling like I couldn’t speak out of disrespect. Watching a father cling on to his daughter praying for signs of life, it was heart-wrenching to watch and I hated every uncomfortable minute of it.

It’s not very often a video game can make you feel like that, and Sarah’s death really set the tone for the rest of the game. This goes down as one of the most memorable openings in video game history and that’s all due to the death of Joel’s daughter Sarah.

Lee Everett — The Walking Dead

The scene that made countless Streamers and YouTubers pretend they had something in their eye, the death of Lee Everett is perhaps one of the saddest in video game history.

Telltale games changed how people perceive point and click adventures when they created The Walking Dead, by mixing the genre with excellent storytelling full of hard choices. Lee Everett’s death is one in particular that everyone remembers. In a story full of tragedy it takes one special moment to stand out above the rest, and this is that moment.

With possibly the toughest choice any of us could make, Clementine has to kill her father figure in an emotional rollercoaster that has made many of us shed at least one tear. Neither the comic book or TV show has come close to matching the shock and heartbreak of this death - The power of video games Ladies and Gentlemen.

John Marston — Red Dead Redemption

Just when it looked like the John Marston was about to finally live the life he always wanted, his past quickly catches up with him as he meets his maker. Having played through the entire game and becoming somewhat attached to John Marston, it’s a particular hurtful death when he eventually meets his demise.

Some may argue that due to his bandit style past he got what he deserved, but not me. My John Marston was a hero and a brilliant gambler. The sad thing about this death is that John couldn’t even go out like the hero he is. Instead, the very men who promised him his freedom gun him down.

If I plan to take anything into the next Red Dead game upon its release, its that Ill never trust a lawman again, even if they are very convincing. This may have been a just death, but it doesn’t mean I had to like it. RIP John Marston.

Aerith — Final Fantasy VII

If you’re of a certain age, you might find that this is one death that defined your youth. It was for me. If you read the headline before reading the article you must have assumed that this death was going to be on here and rightfully so.

Not only is this one of the most talked about deaths of all time, it comes from one of the most beloved RPGs ever. The moment Sephiroth drove that sword into Aerith he became my mortal enemy. Although the graphics might not stand up much in the modern era, the emotion and heart wrench is still there. There isn’t much you can say about this death that hasn’t already been said, but it’s one everyone seems to know about.

With the Final Fantasy VII remake due to be released in the near future, perhaps you can experience this death in a new way if you haven’t before. You could just be like me however and want to punish Sephiroth in glorious HD this time.

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