5 Games You Can Play in Your Browser

Most people would associate playing games on your Internet browser with either people in school, people bored at work or people who play Runescape. That may be true in some ways but there are far more browser games under the surface you’re likely yet to discover.

The internet is full of great, free games that are easy to pick up and play when you want some downtime. Perhaps the wealth of options on Steam isn’t quite taking your fancy one day and you’re looking for something a little different.

Open up a new tab and get ready to play some classic and rather inventive games as we look at 5 Games You Can Play in Your Browser:


Coma has a unique and interesting art style that can be compared to the likes of classic indie game Limbo. In it, you play a stick like a person searching for their lost sister. The gameplay is swift a smooth and has players follow a simple narrative whilst listening to the clam and relaxing background music.

I really enjoyed this game, much because of the art style and sound, granted. It’s simple and it’s not trying to be something it’s not. Coma is something you should play if you have the opinion that video games are indeed art.

The quick story will only take you around 30 minutes and it keeps the tale short and sweet. As you make your way through the game, you’ll solve puzzles to unlock different areas in the game. For a free game you play on your lunch break, it’s a great and calming experience everyone should enjoy.

You can play Coma here: http://www.comagame.net/coma-game.html

King’s Road

For anyone who loves RPG game like Diablo then you will feel right at home with King’s Road. Of course, King’s Road will not match the complexity and depth that Diablo offers, but then again, you’re paying for this game.

King’s Road offers players a really fun point and click adventure where you can play as a Knight, a Wizard or an Archer. The UI is really simple and familiar and the world of Alderstone, which is the setting for King’s Road is actually really pretty.

Hack and slash your way through multiple enemies and unlock new skills and abilities as you go. If anything King’s Road is just a really fun and simple time and although it can feel somewhat repetitive at times, there’s no other browser game that even comes as close to Diablo as this one does.

You can play King’s Road here: https://www.rumblegames.com/kingsroad/signin


Need I say much about this game? We all know what Doom is, but what you all probably didn’t know is that you can play it for free on your browser. Doom is a game that has the title of a classic for a reason. Seen as a pioneer in gaming, this classic is still just as good over 20 years after its release.

If this is your first forte into Hell on Mars then you’ll love your first stint as the legendary Doomguy. Complete with all the classic facial animations and armor pickups you can hope for, Doom is the quintessential first-person shooter.

I hadn’t played this games in years, so when I finally picked it back up in my browser I was so glad to see it kept all of its charms. The graphics are really outdated now, but that doesn’t take away from its core gameplay.

The series is still ongoing so if this is your first Doom adventure, then it’s great to know that a new game was released in 2016 and is just as good.

You can play Doom here: http://www.kongregate.com/games/mike_id/doom-1


Who doesn’t like a spot of mini-golf every now and then? Well, forget going out into the cold, open up your browser and play some Wonderputt. This wacky browser game is so addictive it’s not even fair. Wonderputt is mini-golf on acid, with all kinds of crazy and seemingly impossible courses to complete.

For those of you looking for something to stretch your brain a bit then Wonderputt is the resolution. The levels get a lot harder as your progress through the game and even go as far as not showing you where the hole is.

Wonderputt is a game anyone can pick up and play. It’s simple to understand the goal and the control system makes it accessible too, as long as you aim in the right direction, of course. The art style is just as colorful as the game itself and if nothing else, it’s worth a look just to see that alone.

Enjoy the crazy world the developers have created and see how many holes in ones you can get. My guess, not that many.

You can play Wonderputt here: http://www.kongregate.com/games/dampgnat/wonderputt


You might have heard your friends talk about this hit indie game in the past. The good news is you can now join in on those conversations by playing this post-apocalyptic game on your chrome browser.

Bastion is an action role-playing game, similar to a JRPG. It’s a fun and colorful adventure in a unique and imaginative world. Full of brilliant narration and an excellent soundtrack, you’ll soon see why this game received so much acclaim.

The prologue for this game is free to play on the web, so you can enjoy the start of it without any financial pressures. If you like it and want to see more, then there’s the option to purchase the full version and continue the adventure on your browser. The good news is that the game saves your progress so you can continue your game on any computer.

This is a really great fable and much of the subject matter rings true to today’s society. It’s a game full of consequences to people’s actions and the fact you can play this game on any computer with access to chrome and continue your adventure makes it all the more special.

You can play Bastion here: https://www.supergiantgames.com/games/bastion/

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