5 of the Best Video Game Bugs/Glitches

Bugs and glitches are unfortunately part of the nature of video games, or maybe not. For all the developers’ hard work, the complexity of video game inevitability means there will be bugs.

You could have hundreds of testers working on a video game and the end user will always do something a little different, thus making it very difficult to test all possible outcomes.

That said, sometimes we are thankful for the bugs and glitches we find in games. Providing these aren’t game breaking, yes that means you, Batman Arkham Knight, some of these issues can actually provide a laugh or two.

Perhaps you’ve already seen some of these bugs in our list, but if you haven’t and you own some of these games, I think they’re all worth a luck - even if that’s just for a giggle or two.

Pokémon Red – MissingNo

One of the more famous bugs on our list MissingNo was every Pokémon Red owners dream. MissingNo stands for ‘Missing Number’ and was an error that occurred when the game tried to access data from a non-existing Pokémon.

Players had to speak to the Old man in Viridian City and then instantly fly to Cinnabar Island and swim up and down the east coast. You would eventually encounter a Pokémon called MissingNo who was shown as a really strange looking barcode. If players captured this Pokémon it would give them 99 of the sixth item in their inventory.

What this meant for me growing up was that I was able to get 99 rare candy, which when given to Pokémon increases their level by 1. This was great for my Charizard, who shot up to levels and defeated foes with a single ember attack.

MissingNo has become one of the most famous bugs of all time. Even if it is a bit of a cheat – we still love you MissingNo.

The Sims 3 – Babies

This glitch borders on being both funny and really disturbing. Seemingly there was no way to reproduce this issue every time, but when it did happen you both laughed and screamed.

On occasions when Sims had babies in The Sims 3 everything would appear normal. You baby was sleeping in a cot, being fed and crying a lot – normal baby stuff. But when they grew to the point where they started crawling, it turned into something of a horror movie.

Babies with monstrously long arms, two heads, and even some adult parts would crawl around your home. My Sim didn’t seem to notice at all, cuddling and loving this octopus-like abomination, it was definitely love.

Some of these creations are just hilarious to look at and so unnatural that it’s okay to laugh. The Sims is a game full of any glitches, but this one is by far the funniest and most disturbing of all. If you can somehow reproduce this today, it’s always worth a good laugh.

Super Mario World – Minus World

Who can ever forget the first time they found Minus World in Super Mario World. This bug blew my mind growing up and I felt like I entered another dimension, a secret world where I was to be rewarded for my exploration.

I reality, it’s an unbeatable level where you can only simply swim about as Mario until you inevitably die and trust me, you will. I think this bug holds something special to me personally as it was the first one I ever found. Stumbling across these kinds of issues back in the SNES days was a special occasion, one filled with wonder.

This might not be the most fun or even the most terrifying bug on our list, but it’s legendary and since then gamers have searched every Mario game for another Minus World.

Assassin Creed Unity – Demonic Faces

If you thought the bug in The Sims 3 was horrifying, then you haven’t seen anything yet. Assassin Creed Unity had one of the most disturbing graphical bugs you can see in a game. It’s so bad that I have even seen people hilariously cosplay as this bug.

Assassin Creed Unity had an issue where NPCs and other characters faces didn’t render correctly. The result was a partially constructed face that only showed characters eyes and mouth. The result is something straight out of your worst nightmare.

It’s a curious looking creature that occurred during this error and has become famously tied to the series. The issue has largely been fixed now so it’s unfortunate that you’ll struggle to recreate this. If you can however, you’re going to get more than a few laughs out of it, promptly followed by plenty of screams. Halloween may be over this year, but I know my costume for next time around.

Battlefield 3 – Long Neck

There seems to be a lot of graphical bugs in our list, but I find them the most interesting. Nothing quite beats seeing humans transformed into horrific looking monsters. Battlefield 3 is no different in that regard – enter the long neck bug.

This is an issue that could occur when a player went prone. The result was a hilarious glitch that stretched the player’s neck to something akin to a giraffe. I think I must have cried with laughter the first time I encountered this issue and Battlefield 3 wasn’t the only game to report this issue.

The Long Neck bug supposedly turned up in Battlefield: Hardline as well, but I was unfortunately not to encounter it. One thing I know for sure is that other bugs on our list bordered on the mentally disturbed. This issue was just outright funny. There are plenty of ways to have a good old laugh with your friends, but there’s nothing quite like seeing their neck stretch to ungodly lengths.

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