5 of the Best VR Games

Virtual Reality games are becoming ever more present in the gaming industry. You may have seen recent adverts on your TV for things like Skyrim VR and other such titles. As the market grows so does the quality of the games we have to choose from.

There are now quite a few great titles that you can play today if you’re lucky enough to own one of these VR systems. Whether you have this on PS4 or PC you have a wealth of great titles to choose from. A lot of focus for VR development seems to be recreating existing games to fit a VR system, but there is also plenty of original IPs too.

So if you have your VR headset ready to go check out our list below of 5 of the Best VR Games:

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

I feel like this is the most obvious choice on our list and there is a reason for that. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is one of the scariest and high-intensity games you can play today. Now put yourself in that environment, but with a VR headset and you’ve got one truly horrifying experience.

Not only are the graphics amazing in this game, but when you’re literally face to face with a creepy family, tied up like you’re in a horror flick – it’s a whole different kind of experience.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is not for the faint of heart or those with weaker stomachs. It’s gruesome and holds all your worst nightmares and throws them in your face. Not only does this offer everything fans want from a horror game, but it’s also a great Resident Evil game and follows a great narrative.

This is the quintessential game for any horror fans who happen to own a VR. Give it a try, if you dare.

Batman Arkham VR

Batman Arkham VR is not the typical Batman game we may have been expecting. Although it belongs to the same franchise as the Rocksteady’s game it is by far the most different. In Batman Arkham VR you play the more detective side of Batman. It’s a self-contained story that literally puts you in the mind of our favorite caped crusader.

Who doesn’t want to be Batman for a day? I know I do and with Batman Arkham VR it’s the perfect opportunity. The game is relatively short and sweet at around 90 minutes, but its cost appropriately. You might not be knocking baddies unconscious, but you have a great time unraveling the narrative in this game.

For any fans of Batman or the Arkham series, this is definitely worth your time. You can finally stop pretending to be Batman and actually step into his shoes and experience the Bat cave in all its glory.

Surgeon Simulator 2013

Surgeon Simulator 2013 offers you a barrel of laughs at the bare minimum. It may not be the best-looking game, and it can be buggy and awkward in places, but that’s all part of the charm.

Performing delicate and advanced procedures like heart transplants all whilst proudly showing your incompetence is where you get your kicks in Surgeon Simulator 2013. Surgeries are all performed on an Alien corpse and it’s awful to say, but there’s nothing quite like using the wrong tools to hack away at some ribs.

Play the doctor or the mad surgeon you’ve always wanted and save or end someone’s life. Surgeon Simulator 2013 is probably the most fun I’ve had in a VR game. It’s full of plenty of laughs out loud moments and it’s a great time with friends. Not to mention, it’s free on Steam!

Lone Echo

Lone Echo has the best navigation system in a VR game I’m yet to encounter. Most VR games are struggling to overcome the motion sickness rife with certain games; Lone Echo embraces that and takes the issue head-on.

Set on a space station that’s going through something of a disaster, you play an android named JACK. Lone Echo is all about navigation. You make your way around the space station in low-g with your wrist-mounted thrusters, grabbing onto a ledge after ledge and even a few colleagues to hurl you through the ship. The experience is only made better by the highly realistic graphics that keep you right in the action.

I love the sense of weightlessness you get from this game as you attempt to haul yourself around the failing ship. This is one of the first games I played on VR and it changed my whole view on the system. Lone Echo is a story-based game, which actually has a decent length. It might not be an award-winning script, but the fun in Lone Echo comes from its movement.

EVE: Valkyrie - Warzone

If you are unable to deal with the motion sickness associated with many of the VR games out there then EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone is your solution. It’s a simple to use, straight and forward combat space simulator, where players pilot a spaceship and fight amongst the stars.

Not only does EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone look and sound every bit the Sci-Fi adventure of your dreams, but it also plays like one too. Granted this game can get a little old after awhile as there is slightly limited replayability, but your first stint amongst the stars is an unforgettable one.

EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone is fast and responsive and handles extremely well. Between this game and Elite Dangerous, there are no better ways to experience life in a spaceship. The game has multiplayer, progression in the form of unlockable ships and weapons and it even has the option for a non-VR mode – but that’s not why you’re here.

EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone offers a realistic approach to space combat and you’ll struggle to find a game in the genre that looks this good on VR and aside from all the interstellar carnage you’re likely to see, it’s actually a really fun game.

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