5 of the Worst Video Games Ever Made

There have been some truly awful games over the years. For all the good video gaming has brought us, it definitely has its fair share of bad. When you look through the history of gaming you can indeed find some beautiful pieces of art, but there is also plenty of the good, the bad and the damn right ugly.

When you’re looking for a new game to play, maybe something a bit different, it’s always good to have a reference point on what’s best to avoid; so, here it is. Unless you want a really good laugh then I dare you to pick up and play these titles. If they’re good for anything it’s a reference point of what not to do when making a video game.


A game that’s famous for more than being just a terrible video game, E.T is a case of being so bad that it’s actually a sort of cult classic. When this game flopped during its release in 1982 rumors circulated that the remaining cartridges not sold were dumped and buried alive in New Mexico desert. Sounds almost made up, right?

Well, it turned out to be true and they were indeed buried in a desert. You may struggle to get your hands on one of the original copies, but if you get the chance to play this game in other ways, you’ll see why they were dumped.

Unsurprisingly the development process during its creation was full of cut corners and poor timing. Due to strict deadlines and bad planning, the game was created in just five weeks by Programmer Scott Warshaw, which clearly had a huge impact on the final product.

E.T turned out to be a buggy, broken pixelated mess. E.T didn’t even look like E.T and it was all just so wrong. Not only was the game poor, but also E.T was seen as a big contributor to the video game crash in 83. Go home E.T.

Superman: The New Adventures

First of all, has there ever been a good Superman game? Perhaps, but the majority of them are really bad, but Superman: The New Adventures takes the biscuit for me. Video game adaptions of the legendary superheroes adventures tend to be his kryptonite and when the N64 released this game that trend was never going to break.

With its clunky and awful control system, poor visuals and a whole heap of other frustrating bugs and blockers to guide you through the skies. The game largely consisted of flying Superman through hoops and then saving various citizens of a certain pixelated death.

Despite even the most loyal of Superman fans hating on the game, it actually sold really well and became the third best selling N64 title at one point. It’s crazy to think that a game so bad, sold so well.

Ride To Hell: Retribution

If you thought E.T went through development hell, then you haven’t seen anything yet. It’s almost laughable to think that a game this bad had 6-year long development cycle. It’s hard to tell what really went on behind the scenes but when we finally got our hands on this game, most of us would have paid to have it taken away.

Ride To Hell: Retribution was released on the PS3 in 2013 but it actually looked like it should have been released on the PS2. I’m not kidding either, it really looked that bad, but you can forgive a game sometimes if the gameplay makes up for the aesthetic look. Nope, Ride To Hell: Retribution failed miserably on that part too.

The controls were laughable and awkward and the soundtrack consisted of only guitar solos that drove you mad after about 30 minutes of playing. The writing and dialogue were like something out of the cheesiest porn movie you could find on the Internet. Ride To Hell: Retribution is a game that failed at almost every turn and has become somewhat famous for doing so. I beg you now, please don’t put yourself through it.

Custer’s Revenge

When you hear of this game’s premise it’s almost too shocking and crazy to not believe it, but trust me, every part of this is 100% true. Custer’s Revenge has you play a naked General Custer. Your task is to make your way through the desert, dodging arrows all in pursuit of raping a native woman on the other side of the screen. It’s disgusting idiocy at its height and one game to definitely avoid.

I played with the thought of putting this game on my list purely because it stands for everything I’m against, but I think people should know that there is a dark side to video gaming and this is it. It’s racists, misogynistic and it has no place in society today. Avoid this one at all costs.

The Guy Game

The Guy Game is a trivia game that is just bad from start to finish. Players answer questions and are then rewarded with videos of girls on spring break taking off their clothes. If you could picture the most perverted version of Family Fortunes, then this is it.

This was clearly a game created for men who want to live in a sort of misogynist paradise, but what most people don’t know is that it actually featured contestants that were underage at the time.

The result of this game and its legacy turned out to be a lawsuit against the developers by the said underage contestant. The Guy Game was promptly removed from store shelves never to see the light of day again – amen to that. It’s safe to say we won’t ever be seeing The Guy Game 2.

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