Best Time to Buy Games For The Holidays

Holidays are always a trying time for gift shoppers everywhere. This is because getting everybody’s presents and making sure they’re right can be a pain all on its own. If you happen to be somebody who isn’t in tune with the latest happenings in video game culture, shopping can be a nightmare. You may even be surprised to find how much video game hardware and software can cost in comparison to other things. This is because gaming can be one of the most expensive hobbies to fund. Even scarier, there are thousands of games out there to choose from and several different types of systems of the games will only play on.

It’s too high!!!

If you’re like many people new to the gaming scene, then you are probably wondering why these little discs cost so much. In fact, if you’re shopping anytime before November for any video game-related gifts, you’re paying way too much. This is because Fall is generally the season that you see many popular video games releases. That means if you shop too early you could be coming in on the day the game comes out when it’s at its highest price. Game launches are not holiday shopper friendly or even really made for you to buy from. These launches are for hardcore fans of the series or people who have been waiting to get into it. Not for those of us looking to start her Christmas trees with pretty packages.

Don’t pass out quite yet. These games will come down in price, you just have to wait for a little bit to do all your game-related shopping. During the month of November, up until the last weeks before Christmas, you will see a lot of these titles go on sale. Instead of paying $63.99 most games will go halfsies with their price. This means your holiday shopping list will get a lot cheaper for the gamer in your life. Even better if you have on your list games that have been out for a while, they will be more likely to fall in price too!

Also, don’t just stop at once or to check out the prices. Games are one of the most competitive holiday items retailers try to outdo each other on. This means that the game prices can be different for every chain retailer you go to. By just restricting yourself to the one place you may be throwing away money that you could have saved, some retailers will even have special bonuses for picking up the game if you do decide to get it on release day instead of waiting. If you’re buying a harder to find a game like a Japanese title, pre-ordering it may be your best bet. Just make sure you go to the store that offers you the most for pre-ordering the title.

When to buy

The best time to buy games starts about now. This is when the newer titles will slowly start to sink in price and you can score them for less than market value. From now until Christmas, you can expect to see deep discounts on all the titles on your list. This is when we have to split this list into two different subjects, are you shopping for a console or games themselves? Also, we need to know if what you were shopping for is either a retro system or current gen system. These two selections will greatly change how and where you should get the items on your list. Older generation stuff is going to be more expensive and harder to find unless you know where to look. Likewise, the newer and stuff will be in abundance but you will need to know where to look to get the cheapest deals.

Whatever you do don’t buy from anyone trying to sell you a game personally. Games can easily be damaged and having a return policy behind you is a better deal than a random seller can offer you. A lot of the time you may not even know if a game is legitimate or not as around the holidays a lot of counterfeits leak their way into the market. Gaming is an expensive hobby and even with sales going on, it can add up quickly, stay patient and we promise we can give you some valuable tips on saving money!

Console shopping

Consoles this year are probably going to make their way onto a lot of different Christmas list thanks to the release of the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch just released back in March meaning that it will probably see the smallest price decrease out of the consoles. It also means that this may be the most in-demand gaming item of the year. In this case, if you find a Nintendo Switch, you may want to scoop one up. Well, it’s very probable that the Switch will go on sale sometime around Black Friday or you’ll get a free game by buying one on Black Friday. This is probably the one in gaming console you don’t want to wait on.

Now, if you’re trying to get any of the other consoles like an Xbox One or PS4 then you should wait till sales go up. All through the holidays, you will be seeing deals or you can buy these consoles and get a new game with them or gift card. That means that you can save more money by choosing a game that your giftee he wants without actually paying for it. These sales are made to bring consumers in and get them to buy even more goods in the store throughout the season. Both Microsoft and Sony are well known for pushing their consoles with a sell. If you’re looking for the 3DS, then wait till around the Black Friday weekend for special bundles that will come with popular games included in the box.

If you’re interested in buying one of the older consoles like the Xbox 360 or the PS3, then you’re only looking to buy pre-owned. These consoles have stopped being made and you format and no new games are currently being made for them. I would not suggest picking one of these up over the newer gen consoles unless you’re trying to get a young child into gaming. Even then I would recommend a 3DS or a 2DS over these consoles as they have a lot of mature games with them. For the most part though, their prices are going to stay pretty stable throughout the season.

Now if you’re looking for one of the retro consoles or one of the consoles made before the PS3 or Xbox 360 era, things are going to be a little different. These consoles can only reliably be found from classic video games shops and Since these are older consoles, I don’t generally thank you should page you purchase them from a pawn shop as I can have a lot of issues. Same thing with eBay and with them being shipped, the more of these pieces of hardware moved around the higher, the chances of them messing up. While things like the Nintendo 64 may be a little bit more sturdy, disc-based systems can easily have their disc drives messed up in transit.

Game shopping

Shopping for games may seem like a much easier process than shopping for consoles, but it can get complicated pretty quickly. For starters, you need to make sure which version of the game you need. Generally, games are made for multiple consoles meaning that the different versions can have different price points and they won’t play on the opposite system. Once you know what your giftee is playing on or which specific edition of the game they want, we can get started shopping.

Games will literally be all over the place in price points for the holiday season. If you see a deal that you feel is good on the game and go ahead and get it. Most of the time you will not see games go below half off the normal price. The most you can expect to see them discounted to is around $29.99. Games that came out later in the year but not in the Fall season you can expect to hit around $19.99 and even older titles you’re going to be looking at anywhere from $4.99 to $14.99 for the lowest possible price points.

If you’re buying older games then wait for Gamestop’s retro store to have a buy one get one free sale. This is the best way to stock up on retro titles for cheap. It’s also easier than searching for them in retro shops or looking through overpriced eBay ads. There are certain games that can cost about $100 easily. Make sure your giftee isn’t trying to take you for a ride and check the price of rarer titles before you promise to buy them. If it sounds particularly Japanese, then there is a chance it could be a pricier game.

Jessica has been working with the gaming industry for about two years now. She enjoys playing quirky Japanese games and learning about the newest trivia in the industry. When not working with games you may find her chilling with her naked cat Prince Noko... he's pretty cool we guess.