Black Friday Cyber Monday Gifts

It’s the time of year where we start breaking out our wallets and giving our money away to get the best gifts we can for those we love. This list incorporates some of the best deals you can take advantage of for that gamer in your life. From cheap home consoles to a stellar deal on some Pokemon games we have a little something for everyone listed below. This season is looking to be one of the best in years in terms of saving and the deals below only further help push this point!

PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR Headset
PlayStation VR Headset

The PlayStation VR will put your giftee right in the game this holiday season. If you have never seen Sword Art Online or heard anything about VR then we are here to help. VR is a monitor that you stick on your head to put you in the game. By using the camera that comes with it the unit can track your motions and determine which way to make your character look. The VR is an incredible experience that anyone with a PlayStation 4 is set to love.

Make sure that you buy a camera if you buy the base headset as it needs it to properly function. The VR system is on special for $200 and a camera can be picked up pre-owned for about $39.99. If you want to grab a bundle with a game then you can pick up the Gran Turismo bundle for 299.99 or the new Skyrim VR bundle for 349.99. Either way, you are set to have a grand adventure when you start up your game. The set generally runs between 449.99 or 499.99 making this pricing for this week a complete steal!

Playstation 1TB

If your giftee hasn’t jumped into current generation consoles or only has an Xbox One then now is your best chance to give them an upgrade. The PlayStation 4 has a 1TB system being sold for just 199.99 this holiday season. While it’s not as powerful as the PlayStation Pro it will play any game that Sony has put out with no problem. Pair this with the VR bundle above if you wish to give your giftee the ultimate experience possible on Christmas morning.

Be warned though the Playstation 4 does need a PlayStation Plus membership to play online. The membership is being discounted to only 39.99 a year $20 off of its regular price for the shopping holiday. Many games for the system are also going on sale. Be sure to note that this system can not play any PS3 games meaning you will have to buy your giftee something to play as well if you want a successful experience. The good news is that you won’t have to really worry about many extra accessories as the only thing you may be asked for is a pair of Turtle Beaches.

Zelda Edition 2DS

This is one of the best things we have offered for kids on this list. The Zelda Nintendo 2DS is a cheap alternative to the expensive 3DS. The 2DS systems are made to be extra durable and drop resistant. These systems are targeted primarily towards young gamers who are under 7 years old. This means that there are also plenty of age-appropriate games you can buy with the system as well. The bundle will cost you 79.99 literally one of the cheapest console bundles you can buy this holiday season.

The game that comes with it is Ocarina of Time. It is a Zelda title that is regarded as one of the best game ever made. While you may have to help your little one out during some parts of the game we can guarantee that adults will enjoy it too. The game also has a lot of reading in it which can persuade your children to learn some as they play. Make sure to check out our Pokemon Deal below to help build their library up, even more, this holiday season. If they have it also pick up Tomodachi Life a title that they can make their friends in and easily play if they’re below reading age.

Most New Games for %50 off

If you have been eyeing most of the new games that have launched this season then you’re in luck. Most of the triple-A titles that have been released so far are 29.99 making it a wonderful time to stock up on the titles. These games are all in new condition and ready to be taken home to play. Just make sure your giftee isn’t getting them for themselves as this is the first year in a while we have seen such a huge price drop in so many popular titles.

Some of these titles even include Assassin’s Creed Origins being sold for 29.99 at select retailers. Be sure to compare all the prices and know which site is selling the game for cheapest. If you’re like us you may find yourself online ordering from a few different stores to get the most savings. For example, Gamestop will have new games such as the Evil Within for just $25.00 more than half off its original price. Be sure to make a list of who’s having what. Also, you should also note that games from the Spring season are going to be even cheaper than the new releases!

Pokemon Buy 3 for $40

Ok, this deal is going to make the people buying the 2DS above squeal with a little bit of joy. Gamestop is putting 4 of its Pokemon titles on sale 3 for %40. That means you can get some of the most painfully expensive games on the 3DS system for a fraction of the cost. This is a great deal especially for households that need multiples of the same games for their kids. These do only count towards the pre-owned versions of these games though so be warned.

The Pokemon franchise has long been held as one of the most child-friendly entrees to gaming you can choose. With an addictive battle system that both adults and kids can get into. The story is simple and collecting Pokemon is one of the most addictive things you can do with your time. With Pokemon Alpha and Sapphire being on the list of games you can even help your kids learn about two of the most popular games in the series ever released. The other games available on the list are X and Y which was the series first jump to 3D graphics and a very popular region among players.

Xbox One S Halo Bundle

If you have missed out on getting an Xbox One up until now then here’s your chance. The bundle comes with an Xbox S model that has the Halo games in the box. This gives you a could platform to jump off of and get your giftee online and playing with their friends fast. If that’s not enough the bundle also lets you choose any other game for free and comes with Battlefront 2. That means you basically are getting close to $400 worth of stuff for just 299.99.

If you get this bundle is warned that you will need to pick up Xbox Live Gold. Like the PlayStation Plus, it will be on sale for cheaper than normal. Also be sure to grab some of the halves off game mentioned above to give you gamer the most out of their new console. If you want to make the deal even better check out the Cloud headset for a truly immersive experience for your giftee The Xbox One also features a lot of games that you can get on Steam not available on the PlayStation 4 platform.

Online Cards

If you literally have no idea what to get them grab some Steam Cards. The Steam platform always has sales going on no matter what time of year it is. Now that it’s close to the Winter season we will see all types of insane discounts pop up on the store to indulge in. Cards are the perfect go-to for gamers when you literally have no idea what to get them. Best of all we are more than happy to take them and you will never hear a complaint out of us. Pair it with a gift card for pizza delivery and we will love you forever.

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