Dream Daddy... a Daddy Dating Simulator

Dream Daddy a daddy dating simulator is the topic of the day here. That’s right I said Daddy dating, as in dating dads. Now you may be thinking of a simulator where I date very capable men that have shown great fathering skills. That’s not the case as I am transforming into a dad that dates other dads. I even have my own child to take care of while I’m doing this! If this doesn’t have you excited to check out this game then don’t worry. I’ve already played through it and I am here to tell everything you need to know about how to score with a dad!

The premise

You and your daughter Amanda have just moved across town to a nice little neighborhood. Your daughter being the sweetheart that she encourages you to try and make some new friends. This is how you eventually end up meeting all the other dads. As it turns out the neighborhood you just moved to is full of other men with kids. Hooray! This means there are untapped romance options around just about every turn for you to unlock. That’s right, every other dad in the neighborhood is actually totally dateable.

On the more serious note, you’re a dad who lost your partner a while ago. You are now living with your only daughter and trying your best to raise her right. It’s now her senior year of high school and she’s applying to colleges across the country. The loneliness of losing your daughter to the ways of the world is slowly starting to step in. On top of that, you’re having to figure out how to keep her out of trouble during her last year of high school.

Not only are you trying to fit in with your new neighbors, but you are having to be an actual dad. Amanda is more than just a little mischievous making you have to keep on her. On top of that, it seems that there’s something interfering with her life that she won’t open up to you about. If only you could convince your little girl to stay at home and watch funny movies with you all day, right? Also, depending on your choices you can be the most stay at home dad possible making it even more difficult to make new friends. The game is all about making a life for yourself and learning to let your child grow up.

The Gameplay Options

First off, you will need to build your dad. To do this you can choose from a few preset bodies that go from extremely fat to the classic dad gut. You also have the options of several different hairstyles and clothing options to make your dad a real catch. Don’t forget to give him a strong manly name at the end of the process to assure your dates can remember you. Of course, you have to ways to make your dad. Seriously, or hilariously it all depends on how you think you can take this game.

Next, the game will mainly focus on giving you dialog options. Like any dating sim, the choices you make will affect the other feelings towards you. This means that you will have to carefully select how you want to word things to impress your lover. If you literally don’t care what happens though don’t worry you can pick the funny option. I’m not quite sure how the scoring system works, but there seems to be an ok, bad, and good choice each time. For the most part, it’s pretty blatant which choice is the bad one in most situations.

If you manage to get the best choice though the game will let you know. It does this by displaying eggplant and water drop emojis exploding from behind the other dad. This is just as awkward as it sounds. The emojis do mean what you are thinking as well. This game literally doesn’t care about being subtle and it can be hilarious at the time. Don’t worry those this isn’t going to be like Witcher where you can sleep with all the dads. In fact, you can only sleep with one right off the bat! isn’t that just great!?

Now, of course, this does mean that the game will contain multiple routes. The best way to get through this without backtracking is to create multiple saves at key points. For me, I maxed out all the dads to two hearts and then saved so I could go back and see each ending. If you’re like me though you might just close the game out of embarrassment from just watching the first ending. This game is kind of cringy at times, so be warned if you want to go download it now for whatever reason.

The Characters


Robert is the mysterious choice that you can meet at the local pub. He is secretive and most people seem to know nothing about him. On top of that, he’s a dad, but you’ve never even seen his kid before. What could possibly be up with this mysterious man that only wants you at night? Is he really as scummy as he seems or is there more hidden below the surface that we can’t even see? This is the daddy you want to date if you like dangerous men and have a sense of adventure instilled into you, just don’t rush things.


Brian is the overly competitive annoying dad choice. He likes to one-up everyone around him at literally everything. He also has child bragging syndrome, this means hanging out with him means you will hear about how great his daughter is at all times. If you can stand all that though Brian would love to take you fishing on his boat. According to him, he is even one of the best fisherman you will ever see in your life. Brian does show you that he can be humbly defeated though so at least he has that going for him.


Hugo is your standard hot for teacher option. He is your daughter’s English teacher who has a troubled teen of his own. This dad is troubled by his son’s outrageous behavior and just wishes he would be a little calmer. He loves literature and seems to just want to lead a quiet life with his chosen lover. While he may not be the most exciting choice on the list he will make a great daddy to come home too. Just make sure you are prepared for all the trouble his son can bring to him.


You literally meet this dude at a knock-off version of Hot Topic. He dresses like a Victorian vampire and has a cape. Ok, the cape is pretty cool, but he is pretty over the top most of the time. If you date Damien be prepared for some weird Victorian styled letters being delivered to your home. He is by far one of the most romantic characters in the game. His son though is an avid living example of teenage angst. The only catch is that Damien is scared of things like scary movies. Can you help Damien become a cooler dad in his son’s eyes and live an olden styled life with him?


Mat is the super cool choice. This guy is really into music and loves nothing more than going to music shows. In fact, the first thing he wants to do with you is to take you to a punk rock concert with him. Sound exciting, then you be surprised to know that Mat is the introverted daddy of the bunch. He may seem like he has it all together up front, but in reality, he has no idea how to handle people. Mat may just bring out a youthful side of you that you thought was lost. Can you break through to him and bring him out of his introverted shell?


Joseph is the only member out of the cast that is actually in a relationship and married. He is a pastor and very devoted to the Church. His wife Mary though is a raging alcoholic and can be found trying to get free drinks at the local pub. There four children seem just as strange with their twins having an affection for talking in unison and there oldest son being withdrawn. Can you step in and help the members of this family find a happy life again?


Craig is your friend from forever ago who now has a ton of children. He loves things like keeping in shape and working out. You guys originally met in college and he has moved back from California with his business. He now likes to do things like coaching his daughter’s softball teams. If you like fit sporty type guys then this is the route you will want to go. This choice will help your daddy rekindle the fun days from college and feel just a little bit younger.

My playthrough

My playthrough of Dream Daddy was honestly kind of boring. A lot of parts of the game just weren’t that funny to me. On top of that a lot of the dads had some of the most boring dates you could imagine. I understand the humor they are going for in this game, but it didn’t get me. I feel like maybe an actual dad could get a few chuckles out of it before moving along to another activity for the day. A lot of the comedy was sexual based or meant to be cringy. This made me feel like the game was trying too hard at times to ride on a “isn’t them being gay hilarious” type of theme.

I began my playthrough with a character I made look like Goku. I figure that maybe I could make a bad dad route and have a few laughs with my friends. This didn’t go too much of anywhere though as most of my parenting options throughout the game were pretty minimal. I went on dates with pretty much every dad though trying to expand the game in hopes I could learn more about Amanda. This still hasn’t worked, but I do have a few more paths to try.

The first date I went on was with Robert. I met him at the bar and immediately ended up sleeping with him. This was pretty awkward to see played out as I felt a little bit like I was reading a bad romance novel. After staying the night at his place he kicked me out though making me realize that this route was not going anywhere good. Afterwards, I met everybody else that I had mixed at a local Barbecue party and made a thing called a Dadbook. The Dadbook has a section you can feel out to help describe your character, but that really doesn’t matter all that much.

Each chapter you will be able to choose one of the dads to message I made my rounds and went on dates with each one. The dates with most dads minus Damien, Robert, and Mat felt pretty boring to me. The more dates I went on the more I kind of just wanted to stop playing the game. The bits of dialogue in between kind of bored me as well. The game was just trying too hard to make references to things they thought were funny. The Damien route especially was plagued with bad My Chemical Romance puns.

As my patience withered I decided to go with the Robert route in hopes something funny would happen. That of course just led to having more sex with him and no change in his attitude. In the end, my daughter went off to college and I was alone. I do plan on doing some other routes, but I can’t say there was anything that funny or interesting to pull me back in. That and I don’t really want to play a visual novel about boring everyday life things I can go out and suffer through on my own.

Final Thoughts

This game would be great to play drunk with a few friends, but playing it alone honestly wasn’t that fun. Too much of the dialogue felt dry to me making me just want to go watch Stranger Things. I did have a few laughs at first, but the same recycled jokes just kept coming at me. If you want to play a funny dating game I do recommend checking out things like Hatoful Boyfriend. This game will run you about $14.99 on Steam and was made by The Game Grumps. To each their own, but this one was a flop for my comedy tastes.

Jessica has been working with the gaming industry for about two years now. She enjoys playing quirky Japanese games and learning about the newest trivia in the industry. When not working with games you may find her chilling with her naked cat Prince Noko... he's pretty cool we guess.