Tekken World Tour Finals *SPOILERS*

This article contains spoilers from the event.

I’ve never been one for fighting games in the past but with the release of Tekken 7 has really hooked me and I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit playing it and following the e-sports scene around it.

That being said the TWT (Tekken World Tour) had it’s world finals tournament Sunday in San Francisco. 16 of the top players from around the globe based on the season points system faced off. It was hype!

I didn’t watch the group stage part of the finals as it was just too long but here is a breakdown.

If you want to watch the event it’s up on the official Tekken Twitch channel here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/200786708

Top 8 and announcements start at around 6hr 49min mark if you want to skip pools.

Group Pools

Make no mistake everyone on this list is a world-class player but there are few notable things to talk about.

  • Knee went 0-3. He lost a nail-biter to Mr. JimmyJTran (aka Mr. Naps).
  • Mr. JimmyJTran won 2 nail-biters, his second was vs Nobi.
  • Tissuemon exceeded most peoples expectations. Not sure anyone would have put him winning that group, but he had quite a few great matches.
  • Most of the 3-0 where expected. JDCR was considered probably the best in the world and the winner of this years EVO. Qudans is super good old school Devil Jin player who beat JDCR in the South East Asia Major in mid October. Saint is JDCRs teammate on Echo Fox and an exceptional player.

Top 8

In the first match of the night we saw the two of the very best go toe to toe. JDCR vs Qudans was off the hook hype fest. Qudans honestly looked fairly dominate.

Tissuemon vs Saint was up next and was rather one-sided. Saint played amazing defense and Tissuemon could not find a way in with Master Raven.

Joey Fury may be one of my new most favorite players. His match vs Speedkicks was full of ridiculous reads and execution. He pulled out a super unsafe Jack dive at the end of one of the rounds to clutch it up and the whole place went crazy! Speedkicks had a lot of trouble getting in vs Joey Furys Jack and was resorting to crazy flamingo mixups to no avail.

Noroma basically dominated JimmyJTran in their match. I don’t remember there being all that much to it.

In the winner’s semifinals we saw Qudans vs Saint. Saint played amazing keep out on Jack. Qudans just couldn’t get in on him to do what he wanted to do and Saint goes on to the grand finals.

In one of the best matches of the night we Tissuemons Master Raven up against Joey Furys Jack. After losing the first set, Joey pulled out the trump card and went to Paul! If you watched Dreamhack you saw Joey Fury pull out Gigas, and I’ve never seen him play Paul! It was a very exciting and close match which unfortunately the last USA representative Joey Fury was knocked out.

The next two matches where relatively pedestrian and I don’t have a ton of things to say about them. JDCR made quick work of Naroma and Tissuemon as I’ve seen him do many times this year.

The losers semifinals once again pitted JDCR vs Qudans. Like a broken record though Qudans put the hurt on JDCR in game 1 and 2. JDCRs Dragunov looked flat. It was straight up not working. During the stage select between rounds JDCR taunted the crowd with the possibility of selecting Heihachi. He’s done this in the past too. This time crowd cheered loudly and he picked Heihachi. JDCR put on a good show and took a game, but ultimately lost the set.

I wish there was a lot to say about the finals but it was mostly Qudans imposing his will on Saint and running it all the back to win the tournament. It was truly an impressive display from Qudans how he was suddenly able to just put it on cruise control and win. You could tell he was super pumped. However there was at least one huge clutch moment that made everyone go nuts:


Announcements & Geese

Harada announced they were working with Unreal to lower the input lag. He said they had already lowered the input lag by 2 frames (and no one noticed) and plan to lower it more. I have however seen a post by someone who tried out the current build on PS4 and it’s still 8 frames. So maybe they mean the next build they had on showcase that contains Geese?

Anyways, it’ll take a major update to the game to integrate the new changes from Unreal. They guessed (but not promised) that it would be done by years end. So next year all games on tour should have the same input lag on PS4 and PC, which I assume means the game will still be played on PS4 competitively.

Also announced was instant re-matching in player matches which has been a large request from much of player-base as it takes a long time to rematch.

There is some initial video floating out there of the new addition of Geese Howard that was announced at EVO, but no hard release date was given. It’s hard to tell much about him because the people playing it are just playing around. He looks interesting though!

In a turn not many people could have guessed, the big DLC character revel is Noctis from Final Fantasy! The place basically went nuts with the announcement. But like with many character announcements some love it, some hate it, some still crying some legacy character isn’t in the game. I’m not sure how this kind of character will translate as he has a sword, but in Harada I trust.

Overall it was a great event and look forward to it again next year!

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