The Top 5 Sonic Games

26 years will pass you in the blink of an eye if you’re as fast as Sonic The Hedgehog. The legendary SEGA mascot was once the face of the company and became so many people’s gateway into gaming. What’s not to like about a super fast hedgehog that saves cute critters from an evil ginger?

Some may say that Sonic lived slightly in the shadows of Mario and Nintendo, but for others, he surpassed the plumber at lightning speeds. What’s clear is that these are two very different games. Yes, they are both platformers, but the offerings of both were so different it made them special in their own way.

Regardless of which game won your heart, you can’t deny that Sonic has had some amazing games over the years. In his life span we’ve explored countless worlds and found many secret passages, but which games are his best? We all have our favorites I’m sure, but here are our Top 5 Sonic Games.

Sonic The Hedgehog (1991 SEGA Master System)

Like with Super Mario Bros, it all started here with Sonic and friends. Sonic The Hedgehog released in 1991 and it sparked the imagination of kids everywhere.  The colorful and engaging level design was just the start of your addiction, after that came the unbeatable soundtrack what was to become famous.

Collecting rings and speeding through levels, never quite taking it all in was part of the fun of Sonic. This game made you feel fast, it made you feel like you had to be the quickest and you were. This would set the tone for all future Sonic games and every subsequent game would be compared to it.

It’s hard to put into words how truly iconic this game is and how big of an impact its had in the industry we love so much. Its cartridge may sit on many of shelves gathering dust now, but its effect on gaming will be forever present.

Sonic 3 & Knuckles (1994 SEGA Genesis)

Sonic 3 & Knuckles came later down the line in the history of Sonic games, but it did nothing to disappoint its loyal fanbase. Finally getting our hands on Knuckles, Sonic 3 & Knuckles offered a range of new gameplay elements and unique mechanics, whilst still keeping its charm.

I was personally a huge fan of Knuckles and having a new character and levels to explore in a world I loved was amazing. The smart and expert crafted levels were designed perfectly and played nicely into both Sonic and Knuckles’ hands. The great level design is one thing that all Sonic games seem to have in common.

This is the definitive way to play Sonic 3 and is arguably one of the best Sonic games ever. For that reason, it deserves a spot on our list. Sonic 3 & Knuckles may seem like a rehash with DLC, but it was far more than that for so many of us.

Sonic CD (1993 SEGA)

Sonic CD takes what’s good about Sonic games and turns up the heat. With more power-ups, a wider plot and looking better than ever (at the time) Sonic CD was a master class in a sea of classic Sonic titles.

This game had all the bonus stages you wanted and more. When I say more I obviously mean time travel. Sonic CD had endless replayability and you’ll still find a lot of people playing it today, some twenty years after its original release.

Building on the solid formula laid before it Sonic CD favored those who perfected each of its levels. Learning the layout of each level was vital and in doing so players could quite easily show off to their friends just how good they are at sonic. Sonic CD was likely the party game for many years and for those with a trick or two up your sleeve you were to be the talk of the said party.

Sonic Adventure (1998 Dreamcast)

So this game might look and feel quite today in today’s 3D standards, but who cares when it’s as good as Sonic Adventures? SEGA risked much when they took Sonic out of the comforts of 2D sprites to the unknowns of 3D polygons, but thankfully it paid off.

Sonic Adventures released during the pinnacle of the Dreamcast’s overly short lifespan and perhaps didn’t translate to 3D as well as the Mario of Zelda games, but it’s still one of the best Sonic games to date.

If you happened to play this game at the time of release you were sure to be wowed by its graphical upgrades. Finally, we get to see Sonic in 3D and finally we get to see the color world come to life. Sonic Adventure offered a different kind of Sonic experience and it’s the reason it’s made our list.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (1992 SEGA Genesis)

The title that is most commonly associated with our fast friend is Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and that’s because its widely considered the best Sonic game ever. With so many of the series most iconic levels, you’re never too far away from someone who’s played and love this game.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 would become the essential game for any SEGA owner and it seemed they finally had a game that could compete with Super Mario every step of the way. Rivalries aside Sonic stood on its own quick moving feet. With some of the best level designs every created you could speed your way through them at lightning pace and love every second.

Some of the most iconic and innovative power-ups were created in this game and its influence can be seen in so many games today. Secret passages and easter eggs are plentiful and who can forget Tails as the best sidekick through it all. Spinning and dashing would never be the same again.

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