This Week in Gaming #9

As the snows fall and the weather gets all that colder we’re here to warm you up with a slice of hot gaming news. We have a busy week ahead of us in terms of games released and there are a few you might have been waiting for since the start of the year.

There’s no time to waste, with Black Friday on the horizon and a boatload of news to get through, let’s look at the hottest news to come out of the gaming world this week.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Added as Injustice 2 DLC

Just when we thought Injustice 2 couldn’t get any better the developers add another piece of my childhood to this fantastic jigsaw. All four of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been added as DLC to the game. The four beloved characters are to be accompanied by Atom and Enchantress, but after hearing my first “Cowabunga!” they seem slightly overshadowed.

It’s still unclear how the Turtles will work as in the trailer we hear Leonardo say “We fight as a team” which could suggest they come as one unit, meaning 3 DLC characters instead of 6. I think this would be an underwhelming addition, but Injustice 2 has yet to put a foot wrong, so a degree of trust is allowed.

The new fighters will hit the game on November 14th for consoles and December 12th for PC users and you can buy them individually or as a pack. Nothing says Christmas like a bunch of Mutant Turtles beating on Batman.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Is Your New Pokémon GO

Every Harry Potter fan’s dream seems like its just around the corner. Harry Potter Wizards Unite is the latest game to be released by Pokémon GO developers Niantic. We don’t have many details on the game yet, but with the success of Pokémon GO we can be this title will enjoy a similar reach an audience.

Harry Potter is one of the biggest franchises in the world. The success of the movies only cements and confirms that. Any fans of the series are bound to have a lot of fun becoming the Wizard they always wanted to be.

The great news for Pokémon GO players is that Niantic has promised that this new game will not affect the development of Pokémon GO and they will continue to support and update the title.

Speaking about keeping Pokémon GO players happy Niantic said “We are 100% committed to creating an ever-changing and growing game. We’re actively expanding the Pokémon GO development team to build much more amazing features in 2018.” - I’m sure there will be some happy trainers after reading that.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Looks to Have Microtransactions

Finally, we have a little more news on the eagerly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2. The bad thing is that it’s probably not the news everybody was hoping for.

Rockstars sister company Take-Two have revealed that the game is very likely to feature some form of microtransactions. We don’t know what capacity that will be in, but for someone like me who’s not overly fond of microtransactions, this isn’t the announcement we wanted.

Speaking about the possibility of microtransactions Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said “With regard to your question on Red Dead, though I have a strong point of view, which is look, entertainment competes with every activity and no activity”, Zelnick explains.

“And to the extent that we are competitive, we compete with all of our own titles and everyone else’s titles too.

“So, I don’t think the launch of any new title specifically has a direct effect on an existing title any more than someone else launching a competitive title would affect for example how one of our titles is doing.

“If we have something great in the market and we continue to support it with great content, people will continue to show up. That’s historically the case and certainly, that’s our aim. So, we think Red Dead stands alone.

“Naturally we’re incredibly excited. I think the whole market is. And, but it will stand alone and succeed on its own merits.”

Without it all seeming a bit gloomy, we do have some good news in the way of Red Dead Redemption 2 in that the game looks to be featuring much more online content than previously thought. Anybody who played GTA V Online knows how much fun it could be. Now picture that, but with Cowboys. Need I say more?

No Witcher 4 as Such, But CD Projekt Red Will Return to its World

Geralt’s story may be over, but that won’t stop CD Projekt Red returning to its world. In a recent interview with Polish site Strefa Inwestorow, Adam Kiciński chief executive of CD Projekt stated that the company “probably” would make another Witcher Game. We may not get another Gearlt story, but I’d happily explore the world as Ciri or another character. I hope you’re listening CD Projekt Red.

Adam Kicińsk also spoke a little about the next title for CD Projekt Red Cyberpunk 2077, stating that the game will be much bigger than The Witcher 3. We will be following this game closely and any updates we get, you can be sure you’ll hear about them here.

Game Releases This Week

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