Could We See Battlefield: Bad Company 3 in 2018?

Okay, EA is planning to release a new Battlefield game during 2018, and that’s sure as it can be. But what isn’t sure is which Battlefield game will see the light of day in 2018. While the return of Battlefield: Hardline is almost surely out of the question because the first game was a massive flop, we still don’t know will Dice give us a new Battlefield experience or will the studio grant gamers a sequel to the probably most fun Battlefield game ever.

Yup, if you ask Battlefield fans, most will answer that Bad Company 2 was the most fun Battlefield experience ever. Excellent multiplayer with cool modes, impressive graphical presentation, lots of gear to unlock and overall impressive experience along with the best Battlefield single player campaign ever made Battlefield: Bad Company one of the most cherished Battlefield title. And that’s a feat to be proud of since the series is filled with quality titles.

Now, Battlefield 1 is here, and the game offers boots to the ground World War I experience, raising chances for Bad Company 3 to come out next year since that would mean gamers will have a choice between the old-school gunfight and (relatively) modern battles with lots of vehicles and gadgets. When talking about the setting, the game should send us to Vietnam War era, with a couple of maps based on Cold War-era conflicts.

The game should offer a tried and proven plethora of multiplayer modes including Rush, Conquest, Domination, Operations, and Team Deathmatch. A new mode (well, not new, but one exclusive to Bad Company titles) featuring 5vs5 battles will also be a part of the upcoming game.

While this info is based on rumors, and while nothing is confirmed, this sounds credible. Firstly, this way EA will have two different multiplayer Battlefield experiences (modern era along with World War I), secondly Bad Company 2 was one of the best Battlefield games ever, and the sequel does sound logical. And finally, while Battlefield 1 still has a huge player base, Battlefield 4, which is a four-year-old game, has way more than 10,000 players on PS4 and PC during peak times, showing gamers still play Battlefield set in modern times.

A psychologist turned freelance writer and reviewer, Goran is a hardcore gamer with more than twenty years of experience, and interested in all kinds of technology. He also likes Sci Fi novels and basketball.