Ark: Survival Evolved Launch Delayed

Ark: Survival Evolved
Ark: Survival Evolved

If you’ve been waiting impatiently for Ark: Survival Evolved to finally release, well, now you’re going to have to wait just a tad longer. Originally, Ark had been set to release on August 8th, which is about a week away, however, Wildcard announced that the full game launch will now happen on August 29th.

The open-world game has been in early access for over 2 full years and has built up a mass following of gamers all over the world. The developer said that this new delay is due to the game going gold and how the certification for this “took a little longer than expected.” Of course, millions of gamers cried slightly today as they realized that they’ll have to wait 3 more weeks.

Wildcard said in a statement: “We’re deeply apologetic for those who were negatively affected by the delay… It sucks, it wasn’t what we had wanted nor planned but [it’s] where we currently stand. We wanted to address this sooner but did not want to make any statements until we were completely sure of what was going to happen.”

The developer is promising to make things up to the gamers, touting that the development of the additional Ragnarok map (which will launch on consoles on August 29th) will be a “gigantic update, even bigger than we initially thought.” Wildcard says that the map will grow by a full quarter of its current size when the patch and release hit.

August 29th will also see a huge patch for the PC arena play for gamers who prefer the PvP aspect of this MMO game. Most of the gamers who love the PvP aspect cried foul when the company had stated that they would completely wipe the PvP servers before the full launch. Thankfully for PvP’ers, Wildcard has decided against that – but this means that those who have not been playing the early access for 2 years will already be at a huge disadvantage.

Wildcard also announced that they will be doing a lot of updating to the multiplayer content (yay for us MMO lovers) and focusing on PC updates and changes in the short future. However, they do make clear they aren’t leaving out console gamers, so don’t worry!

The price of Ark: Survival Evolved also has changed recently – doubling from the original amount. Wildcard did take a lot of flak for that decision, however, it looks as if they are using the money to reward the players with multiple updates and other goodies when the game launches.

You can check out the company’s plans for Ark: Survival Evolved here.

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