Brexit Causes 20% Price Increase for League of Legends Players

League of Legends is a free to play 5vs5 MOBA which supports itself via microtransactions. Players can buy Riot Points and spend them on new Champions and cosmetic skins for them. This just became more expensive for players in the United Kingdom, thanks to them leaving the European Union. According to the FAQ posted by Riot Games, the goal of this adjustment was to ensure every region spends roughly the same amount for RPs. According to some players on the LoL subreddit, until now UK players have been purchasing RP for about 15-20% cheaper than the rest of the world. This was calculated by taking the GBP’s relative value to the USD and comparing how much the various regions pay for RP packs.

The 20% increase and package changes will happen on 25th of July, until then British players will be able to purchase RP with the previous packages and costs. Champion, skin and chest costs will stay the same in RP, only the purchasable packages will be adjusted. The reason for increasing UK’s price is that the pound has fallen in value since Brexit happened last year, and Riot is just following suit like all the other overseas and continental marketplaces which increased prices to compensate for the pound’s lower value.

Here is the breakdown of cost changes, taken straight from the FAQ:

Price Point   Old        New
£5            975 RP     790 RP
£10           2075 RP    1650 RP
£15           New        2525 RP
£20           4200 RP    3350 RP
£35           7450 RP    5950 RP
£50           10700 RP   8600 RP

In addition to these adjustments, the currently available 2.5 GBP pack will go away, as according to Riot, very few people made use of it. The new £15 package was introduced with the goal of enabling UK players to buy enough RP for a legendary skin (costing around 1820 RPs), with just a little change left. Because it will be more expensive, we recommend UK players to stock up on RP before the 25th of July if they are planning to do so in the near future.