Doomfist Joins the Heroes of Overwatch

A new Developer Update just came out for Blizzard’s immensely popular Overwatch game, introducing a new hero, Doomfist. He is an actual Nigerian prince in the game’s world and a member of the very influential Talon group. His world-view is quite interesting: humankind would be stronger if they endured more conflicts, which directly opposes the views of the Overwatch group, who strive to attain world peace. And Doomfist has an ongoing conflict with Winston, one of the Overwatch members, who put him behind bars for a long time.

Doomfist in Overwatch

In terms of actual gameplay, Doomfist is an offensive hero. His signature ability is Rocket Punch, which has multiple uses and is a wind-up attack, which means as you hold down the button, it becomes more powerful when you release it. Rocket Punch is able to hit through barriers such as Winston’s bubble or Reinhardt’s shield. And it will do additional damage if you manage to knock an enemy into a wall. Another ability of him is Rising Uppercut, with which he jumps into the air and knocks up an enemy in melee range.

Seismic Slam is an ability which helps Doomfist in closing in on his enemies, as he jumps forward, slams into the ground and knocks enemies toward himself.

Doomfist’s basic attack is a simple short-range shotgun built into his left hand. This enables him to rapidly fire four bullets before having to reload. His passive ability is called The Best Defense, which gives him temporary shields every time his Rocket Punch attacks hit.

As for the ultimate ability, it is quite interesting and seems to be powerful. It is called Meteor Strike, and it makes Doomfist jump high into the air, where he gets a targeting reticle. The player controlling him then can mark a general spot where he wants to land, then he comes crashing down into the ground, doing some damage and stunning all enemies in the radius.

As we can see from his abilities, Doomfist will be a more tanky hero leaning a bit on the defensive side in the hands of a good player. He will be able to provide his team with powerful Crowd Control and disablers in addition to a good offensive setup.