How Does the AMD Vega FE Stack Up?

The jury is in for the AMD’s latest graphics processing unit the VEGA FE, and the first signs aren’t that great, to say the least. Running benchmark applications the VEGA performs as expected and just pips the Titan Xp. But it’s staggering $1000 price point has had given some gamers cause for concern.

It’s only fair that when you look at a graphics card, you compare it to others of a similar standard and price range. This way you get that piece of mind that our rig is truly a rig to be feared.

When looking into the hard facts surrounding AMDs VEGA FE, it’s plain to see it’s not the best card on the market for your money.

Comparing the VEGA FE to the GTX 1080 for games sees a loss of 13% of the unit’s speed. It’s also worth noting that both the GTX 1080 Ti and the Titan Xp draw less power at their respected stock speeds.

The VEGA FE however, is an upgrade on the R9 Fury X as one might expect. If you’re upgrading from the R9 you can expect to see anything from 25-45% better speeds.

Issues have also been raised with the VEGAs overclocking capabilities. Some users have had an issue, which resulted in the memory clock speed being cut in half. It’s fair to say that this card was only released last Friday however, and these issues will likely be resolved in the future when AMD release updated drivers. It all just screams a bit of a disappointment really.

The RX VEGA and the FE VEGA are both based on similar technology, these models both include 16GB of HMB2 memory and a GPU clock speed of 1600MHz. Impressive numbers that no one can argue with, but when comparing side by side with the GTX 1080, they still fall short of the mark.

The VEGA FE fits in somewhere between the GTX 1080 and the 1070. When Gamers Nexus benchmarked all three cards during a DOOM play through the VEGA still managed a respectful and decent 64.2 FPS average. Not bad right?

Well, compare that to the much lower priced GTX 1080, which managed 67.6 FPS. Again this doesn’t exactly scream good value for money from AMD.

The problem with the VEGA FE not only lies with its price point but the performance it packs. Yes, it’s cheaper than a Titan Xp, but the Titan is a GPU God, and for that high performance, you command a high price point. But on the other hand, it’s way more expensive that the GTX 1080.

Both of these cards perform better and ultimately give you more value. This isn’t likely to be an easy sell for the guys over at AMD and you can see why.

I have tried to find some really positive points when researching the VEGA FE, I really have. It’s a great card, but it’s not the best and it’s one of the more expensive models too. My conclusion is that if you were going to spend this much on a GPU in the first place, save yourself some money and get the 1080. Your computer will see the benefit in its performance.

The VEGA FE is a disappointment, and it’s not what I had personally hoped for. I’m putting my eggs in the VEGA RX basket and just hoping that this next unit can compete with Nvidia Titan, after all, competition is healthy.

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