How to Connect the PS4 to Your Wi-Fi

Connecting your new PS4 to the internet is very important, as it is required for online play, getting system updates, game patches, and digitally purchased games. We recommend that you use a regular Ethernet cable for the most stable connection, but if it isn’t possible for any reason, the PS4 is capable of handling Wi-Fi perfectly.

First, ensure that the signal is strong and that it isn’t obstructed by thick walls, as that might cause connection issues during online play.

  1. Press the PS button on your controller to bring up the menu if it is not open already.

  2. Navigate to Settings, Network, then Set Up Internet Connection. Select Use Wi-Fi.

Now, this is where it starts to get interesting. The PS4 will give you two options: Easy and Custom.

If you select Easy, then all you have to do is select your Wi-Fi network from the detected ones, enter the password (if applicable) then you’re good to go.

The Custom option is useful if your Wi-Fi network requires specific settings - for example, if the DHCP server is not operated by the router, or if it requires users to assign specific IP addresses manually. After selecting Custom, you will need to connect to your Wi-Fi network, plus set the following parameters:

  • IP Address: the IP to be used by PS4.

  • DHCP Host Name: needed if the DHCP server is different than the router’s IP.

  • DNS: Domain Name server, needed if the router does not provide it by default.

  • MTU: Maximum Traffic Unit, see your router’s documentation or network admin for any required values. Otherwise, leave it default.

  • Proxy: If the network is behind a proxy server, provide its address in this field.

Most home users don’t need Custom settings and are fine with just picking Easy, selecting their router and inputting the WPA / WEP key they use for their other devices.