How to Connect the Xbox One to Your Wi-Fi

Most modern gaming consoles are Wi-Fi capable by default, enabling them to connect to most Wi-Fi networks commonly found in people’s homes. The Xbox One is just the same, and while we recommend using an Ethernet cable to ensure maximum stability, Wi-Fi is still fairly good for online play, provided the signal is strong enough. Here are the steps you need to take your Xbox One online via Wi-Fi.

  1. Open your Xbox Guide by pressing the Xbox button on your controller.

  2. Navigate to: Settings - All Settings - Network - Network Settings

Select Set Up Wireless Network, but note that if there is already a connection established, this option will erase it - unlike your phone, the Xbox One is not designed to switch between multiple stored Wi-Fi networks. So if you bring the console with yourself to multiple places, you will always have to set up Wi-Fi every time you want to connect.

Generally, connecting to a Wi-Fi network is easy - select Set Up Wireless Network, select your Wi-Fi from the ones the Xbox One detected, and enter your Wi-Fi’s password. This is it for most home users.

However, if you use the console at a more heavily secured place, you will need to contact a system administrator to help you get on. The Advanced Setup screen has the following options:

  • Static IP address

  • MAC spoofing

  • DNS server name

  • DHCP server name.

These are required only if your network requires manually assigning these addresses, which is not prevalent in home networks.

If you want to disconnect from your Wi-Fi for any reason, you can do so at the same place on the Network screen - just select Go Offline.