List of PS4 Final Fantasy Games

Who doesn’t love Final Fantasy? I mean, it’s been around almost forever, and it’s on just about every console (and the PC) so there’s no shortage of ways to play it. But you just hooked yourself up with a PS4 and you want to know what Final Fantasy games are available for the PS4 so you can just let the real world go away for a while. No worries! Here they are:

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Release date: 4/14/14

Meta Critic Score: 86

This PS4 Final Fantasy title is an MMORPG that has taken the whole of the FF world by storm. The original Final Fantasy MMORPG flopped so Square Enix decided to put a whole team in charge of making it better. Hence, FFXIV: A Realm Reborn was created. It has done amazing ever since and has two large expansions, Heavensward (released in 2015), and Stormblood (release on June 20, 2017). You’ll find new dungeons and raids have been added with this latest expansion and the graphics and gameplay are still amazing.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Release date: 3/17/15

Meta Critic Score: 72

This PS4 Final Fantasy game is part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis subseries, which shares similarities with several other Final Fantasy games in the series, giving you control of characters in combat. You’ll also get to kick butt on some massive strategy battles on the world map as well as try to hand at multiplayer story missions.

World of Final Fantasy

Release date: 10/25/16

Meta Critic Score: 77

WoFF was released for PS4 in October 2016 and goes back to the more traditional FF titles with turn-based battles. It is set in Grymoire, where there are classic Final Fantasy characters and some from across the different games in the franchise out the rear. You have Reynn and Lann, the twins who somehow have amnesia yet can capture Mirages (monsters). You have to travel across the land to gain your memories back while you capture and fight monsters.

Final Fantasy XV

Release date: 11/29/16

Meta Critic Score: 81

Here is the PS4 Final Fantasy game for those of you RPG lovers who need that open world game to wander around. The 15^th^ (no, that isn’t a typo) game in the series is on Eos where you play as the crown prince of Lucis, Noctis Lucis Caelum, who is trying to save the world basically. His fiancée betrays him, but then helps him in the end, he has to avenge his assassinated father and put the kingdom back into shape by gathering up all of the ancestral relics that he’ll need to gain the power to win. *Phew! Easy cheese, right?

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Release date:7/11/17

Meta Critic Score: 86

This PS4 Final Fantasy game is a remake of 2006’s Final Fantasy XII and the graphics are gorgeous. The overall playability of the game has increased as well since they took out the old license board and put in better more streamlined job boards. You still get to save the kingdom of Dalmasca and help Vaan fight for his freedom.

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