PS4 VS Xbox One

It is what seems like an age-old war now. A war not only for your wallet but one for your fandom and everlasting defense. Well at least for some people it is. But when you strip away the glossy coat and lipstick, which console is better? Which one speaks to you most of all? I’m going to try and give you a hand in answering that very question as I compare the PS4 and the Xbox One.

This comparison will be based on the standard models, not the Xbox One S or the PS4 Pro, we will save that for another time. In the end, you’ll make your own mind up here, but hopefully, this will give some sort of guide to deciding what’s right for you.


The way a console looks is somewhat important. After all, you don’t want some ugly thing sitting on your shelf, spoiling the view. The design and which you prefer is all personal in my opinion. I personally prefer the way PS4 looks, as I find Xbox’s a little blocky and this corresponds with the size difference in the consoles.

The Xbox One is larger than the PS4 and it also weighs a lot more too, With the new Xbox weighing a heftier 3.56 kg vs PS4’s 2.75 kg.

I would say that Xbox does a better job with its ventilation, as there seem to be far more which cover a larger area. Now, I’ve never had a PS4 overheat on me, but sometimes it’s nice to feel safer and the Xbox One does that for me.

Both consoles have the required ports, and there’s not a noticeable difference in terms of the quality those ports output.

You might also be looking at the controller to make your mind up on which console to get. This is your choice, and which ever feels better in your hand. For PC gamers it’s a bonus to know your Xbox One controller will also work on your PC. For me, I grew up with PlayStation, that was always my controller of choice.


When comparing the CPUs is very closely matched, so closely matched that both CPUs are made by the same manufacturer and both have the same clock speed. AMD manufacture both chips in both consoles, both have 8-core CPUs and both clock in at 1.6GHz. However, the PS4s CPY architecture is x86 based, which may give it the slight edge here.

When it comes to graphics processing the PS4 comes out on top with a more powerful piece of hardware. A 1.84 teraflop GPU that’s based on AMD’s Radeon technology overshadows Xbox’s AMD Radeon GPU that comes in at 1.31 teraflops.

Both systems include similar 8GB RAM, but the difference here is that they allocate that memory differently. This depends on a number of things, and more shockingly, who developed the game you’re playing. No, I’m not joking. To elaborate, some of the RAM is reserved for the OS your console uses. The PS4 reserves 3.5GB of that 8GB and the Xbox reserve 3GB, with Xbox also guaranteeing 5GB of RAM for developers.

The difference between the RAM hers is that the PS4 uses DDR5 RAM, where as Xbox has opted for DDR3.


The way your games look and the details you see is a massive part of deciding which console is right for you. There are plenty of clips on Youtube that showcase the differences and its plain to see that the PS4 handles this much better.

The key is in the detail, and in terms of pixel details, it’s not that noticeable in all honesty. Not unless you really scope out the foliage and really start to analyze the two console differences. The real difference here is in the frame rates at higher resolutions.

PS4 games that are able to achieve a 1080p resolution will provide results of 30 or 60FPS. Its counterpart the Xbox one falls short of that hurdle when running at 720p or 900p it achieves 30 or 60FPS.

Some of you out there might not notice this a great deal, and the TV or monitor you play on will also impact this. But the PS4 wins this round, hands down.


Are you a Halo or a Last of Us fan? The games and exclusives are most likely the reason you’re interested in buying one of these consoles.

You can compare which games are better all day, but it’s really all down to your personal preference. Most games come out for both consoles, so unless you’re super hyped about a certain exclusive, then you turn to the specifications and how it’s going to look, right? Then, in that case, it’s the PS4 all the way.

Xbox seems to have more games available for online digital purchase that the PS4 does. With the PS4 there is really only the PlayStation Store that offers you a wide selection, whereas the Xbox has many stores, lots of genuine retailers and with some great prices too.


The online service that both consoles provide is also very similar; both in price and quality. An Xbox Live subscription will cost you ~$24.99 / £14.99 for 3 months and the PS4 is priced at the same. Both services have their faults like dropping connection amongst them, but they aren’t mutually exclusive.

The Xbox One has the Kinect 2 which is better than the PS4s motion camera, but neither really took off upon their release. The Kinect does have decent voice control functionality, and I found it very useful for things like recording game clips quickly.

For the standard consoles (not the Xbox One X or the PS4 pro) the PS4 has the ability for VR, and a very good affordable VR too. The Xbox doesn’t have many options yet, but the Xbox One X will be utilizing the Oculus Rift, so it will be interesting to see where this fight leads at a later date.

The Xbox One also has the ability for backward compatibility, which unfortunately the PS4 does not. Why Sony has taken this stance it is unknown, and with no future plans to change that, it’s also a great shame.

Xbox is in the process of gearing up to allow users to play Original Xbox games on their console, which is another massive selling point.


You will struggle to get a brand new standard Xbox One as most retailers are only selling the Xbox One S versions upwards, but you can find it online. At the time of this writing it’ll run you ~$260 USD.

The PS4 is about the same price. At the time of this writing, it’ll run you ~$260 USD. Seems the better choice of the two.


When you compare the standard PS4 to the Xbox One, you have to give it to the PS4. Even if you buy it someplace where it is more expensive than the Xbox One, the experience makes up for it in my opinion.

Games will run better on your PS4, they will look better and the gameplay is likely to be smoother and less choppy. The real meat and bones of which is better come down to the games you want to play in my opinion. As I said earlier, are you a fan of Halo or The Last of Us? That’s the real je ne sais quoi here.

If you’re getting one of the standard consoles, decide what games you want to play, and make your decision based on that. Unless you have the fund to purchase both, in that case, most will envy you.

Buy the Xbox One here or buy the PS4 here.

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