The 5 Most Anticipated Upcoming PS4 Games

With the PS4 Pro version coming out in the near future, and the console itself is a mature platform, there is no shortage of exciting upcoming games for the platform. Here are 5 of the most anticipated games focusing on Sony’s PlayStation 4 console.

1. Monster Hunter World - Action RPG

This game is the newest entry in the Japanese Monster Hunter series, which is crazy popular in its home country. This new entry will be a huge technical upgrade over its predecessors since it will be released on PS4 and later PC. Zones will no longer be segmented into multiple small areas. Multiplayer will feature drop-in gameplay - in addition to gathering in outposts before accepting quests, players will also be able to drop flares on the map, where others can jump into their session and help them, similarly to how Dark Souls’ summoning works. Another new gameplay element is the ability to climb larger monsters, which will give players new ways to engage them. The release date of MH World is unknown right now - it is slated to hit shelves in early 2018.

2. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

The iconic and beloved crazy action-packed series of the PlayStation returns with a new entry. Following Uncharted 4, this release will focus on yet unseen aspects of the series’ story. It will be released on August 22, 2017, and will feature the cinematic action-packed adventures we came to love from the series. Players will control Chloe Frazer in this new chapter and embark on adventures covering the locations and stories of the previous games, only from a new perspective.

3. Days Gone - Open-world Zombie Apocalypse Survival

There are tons of zombie and undead-themes games already - what does Days Gone offer that makes it different from the rest? The protagonist is a motorcycle gang member, who has his trusty Harley Davidson-imitator bike to help him traverse the open world. An important gameplay element will be finding gasoline for the bike, and avoiding crashes, as you will also need to maintain it. From what we saw in press demos and releases, missions will have multiple outcomes and possibilities of completing, depending on the current weather and other factors. The zombies will truly be numerous, and Deacon, the gang member, will need to use the environment to overcome the otherwise mostly unbeatable hordes.

4. Kingdom Hearts III - Action-Adventure RPG

We’ve been waiting for it even more than for Final Fantasy XV, and it appears to be in a good shape, so release must not be that far. The Kingdom Hearts series is a crossover between Final Fantasy and Disney universes. Sora, the protagonist young boy has to adventure with his friends to save the world from various villains. Sora, Donald, and Goofy will be the three main heroes, and players will have to use all of their abilities, summons, and skills while exploring tons of different worlds.

5. Gran Turismo Sport - Racing

While it isn’t as big as the Forza series on Xbox, Gran Turismo is still a respectable and well-loved franchise in the racing genre, and it is exclusive to PlayStation consoles. GT Sport will be a bit more of a simulator than previous games in the series. It will feature 137 highly detailed cars, all with cockpit views, 19 locations and 37 racing tracks within those. The AI also gets an upgrade, with new personalities being introduced, similarly to Forza’s “divatars”. So players can expect more random events while playing, such as aggressive opponents and crashes. The game will be released in 2017, though the exact date is unknown yet.