The 5 Most Anticipated Upcoming PC Games

Even the good old PC is still relevant when it comes to gaming - most titles are multi-platform nowadays and also get PC releases, even if with some delay. And of course, there are many PC-exclusive games and genres too - three notable examples are MMORPGs (most of them are PC-only), Real-Time Strategy games and classic text-heavy RPGs. Let’s see what games we deem to be worth looking for in the near future!

Guild Wars 2’s 2nd Expansion - MMORPG

We don’t know much about the second upcoming expansion of Guild Wars 2, only that it will be released sometime in 2017, about 2-3 months later than the Episode 6 of Living World Season 3, which will be released on July 25th. So our guesses place this expansion in the October-November timeframe, with an announcement expected to happen sometime in August. The expansion will feature 9 new Elite specializations, just like Heart of Thorns did - one for each profession. According to some leaks circulating around the web, this expansion will take us to the Crystal Desert and Elona, two famous and beloved regions from the original Guild Wars. It will supposedly introduce 6 new, huge maps, on which we will also utilize mounts to travel around - raptors and camels are just two of these which should appear.

StarCraft Remastered - RTS

Originally released in 1998, Blizzard’s StarCraft has become an immensely popular RTS game with a cult following especially in South Korea, where it became a national e-sport. Almost 20 years later, on August 15, Blizzard will release the Remastered version, including both the original StarCraft and its expansion, Brood War. In addition, the game will feature updated graphics, native support for widescreen and higher resolutions than the original, and a new matchmaking system exclusive to the Remastered version. Meanwhile, the original StarCraft and Brood War were made free to download. Players of the two games will be able to play custom games with each other since content-wise the two versions will be identical. We also covered it in more detail here.

Age of Empires Definitive Edition - RTS

Yes, this is another remaster of a classic RTS game, but this time it will be a full remake of the original Age of Empires game, which was originally released in 1997. Much like Starcraft Remaster, the Age of Empires Definitive version will also include the expansion - Rise of Rome. AoE HD Remake will come with full-HD graphics - all units, buildings, effects, and graphics were fully remade with a new yet still familiar style. The same goes for the audio, music, and cinematics - these were also remastered to fit new audio hardware and the 4K resolution soon to be expected, making the game future-proof

Dauntless - Online Co-Op RPG

Currently, there aren’t any good Monster Hunter-like games on PC - while there were few similar games imported from Japan, such as Toukiden, they all were just weak clones or copies of the originals. Dauntless joins as a new Monster Hunter-like game, but with very good graphics, and it is multiplayer co-op focused from the ground up. It will be released as a free to play game sometime in 2017, and will surely satisfy Monster Hunter fans for a while - well, at least until the real Monster Hunter World arrives on PC sometime during 2018.

Total War WARHAMMER II - Turn-based and Real-Time Strategy

The second entry in the Total War: Warhammer trilogy will be released on September 28, 2017. It will feature the same formula of gameplay we all came to love from Total War games - pick a faction and lead it to victory in a mixture of turn-based overworld army+city management and real-time battles. This game will take us to the far West, with 4 distinct races: Lizardmen, Skaven, Dark Elves and High Elves. If you own the original game, then you will be able to play all of the races and factions on a seamlessly merged map, expanding the theater of war. All these mean that the first Warhammer game will also get updates to bring its races in line to the current Warhammer’s offering, so fans of the first game will still get a lot of playtime from it, even if they decide not to purchase this second entry in the trilogy.