The 5 Most Anticipated Upcoming Xbox Games

With 2017’s E3 behind us, game developer companies have unveiled a lot of highly anticipated video games for many gaming platforms, including the Xbox One console. With the new Xbox One X coming later this fall, many game developers seem to focus on 1080p / 60 FPS or even 4K compatibility, due to the added horsepower of the upgraded console. Even when we disregard graphics, there are quite a few interesting games to come out later in the year for the Xbox One. Here are five of our choices.

1. Forza Motorsport 7 - Racing

Microsoft seems to be really proud of Forza Motorsport 7, and with good reason. The iconic racing simulation game’s newest version will be a launch title for Xbox One X, where it is capable of outputting 4K in 60 FPS. Turn 10, the development team pushes the limits of what can be achieved both in terms of graphics and audio. The game will feature over 700 racing cars and 30 different locations to race on. Forza Motorsport 7 will, the first time in the series, will feature customizable and often represented driver avatars for the players. This will be the first true next-gen racing title, so anyone who loves cars should pick up this game alongside the new console.

2. Black Desert Online - MMORPG

There are already several MMORPGs on consoles - the most notable, and the only one available on Xbox is currently Elder Scrolls Online, but that game suffers from quite a bit of performance and stability issues on all platforms. Black Desert Online promises to deliver the exact same experience as the already existing PC version does. This means super high-quality, detailed graphics in 4K, and a vast open world to freely explore with possibly hundreds of players on-screen during huge siege events. The game isn’t slow-paced either, unlike the PS4-exclusive Final Fantasy online games - Black Desert features full action-combat. It is anticipated to be released in early 2018.

3. Middle-Earth: Shadow of War - Open-world Action RPG

The first game, Shadow of Mordor was a huge success in 2014. It featured tight action-packed battles against hordes of orcs deep inside Mordor, where Talion waged war against the leadership of Sauron’s orcish armies. Talion and Celebrimor will return and have to forge an army of orcs deep behind enemy lines to disrupt Sauron’s machinations. The game improves on every aspect of the first and will bring tactical sieges in addition to bringing down enemy overlords. Talion will be able to dominate Orc leaders and take their armies into battle as they siege heavily guarded strongholds. The Orc leaders will have more interesting personalities which will significantly affect how sieges and assaults play out. Shadow of War is scheduled to be released on 10th October 2017.

4. Anthem - Shared-world Looter Shooter

Instead of continuing Mass Effect or Dragon Age, BioWare has released a trailer for a new IP, titled Anthem. This game will be a cooperative shared-world RPG, similar to Destiny, but this one utilizes the full power of the Xbox One X, delivering stunning detail in 4K. Gameplay-wise, Anthem looks to be very fun to play, with fluid movement using jetpacks and flying-related abilities, so players aren’t tied to the ground. They will be able to explore even underwater locations. Thus air and underwater areas mean players will explore interesting locations rarely seen in similar games, and will face threats from everywhere as they explore Anthem’s world. Not much is known so far about the setting and story, but the gameplay itself already seems to be intriguing.

5. Ashen - Difficult Co-op Action RPG

Aurora44’s Ashen seems to be quite similar to Dark Souls, and it is true - the game was heavily influenced and inspired by it. But unlike the Souls series, Ashen will feature seamless and mostly invisible multiplayer. Instead of intentionally summoning each other or looking around in lobbies, players of Ashen will stumble upon each other as they explore the game’s world. There will be several locations which require two players to co-operate, and most of the game will be built to accommodate constant co-op gameplay. After such random co-op sessions with players, their characters’ representations will move into the game world, where they will remain as NPCs and will have interesting stories, similarly to how Dark Souls games handled their NPCs in the central hub. But instead of meeting the same old NPCs every playthrough, you will see the characters of other random players you encountered and played within the wilds.